If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter Ch79 - I'm a Little Scared.

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Chapter Ch79 - I’m a Little Scared.

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Ye Chen was delighted. “Brother Zhe, what are you going to play as?”

Once he said those words, Yu Xingzhe began to regret it. That was so childish, it truly wasn’t in line with his reserved persona.

But who would have thought that Ye Chen would take it seriously and said, “I’ll ask Director Li and see if there are any suitable roles for you!”

Gu Xi, “…”

Yu Xingzhe, “…”

Ye Chen had taken his leave. Yu Xingzhe opened his mouth, thinking of calling him to return, but Gu Xi said, “He told me that after he finished shooting this movie, he won’t accept any more roles.”

Yu Xingzhe was bewildered.

Gu Xi said, “I hope that we won’t have any regret when we watch this movie in the next few decades.”

——That Ye Chen wouldn’t regret that he had chosen Ren Jing, and that they wouldn’t regret having entrusted Ye Chen to Ren Jing.

After Yu Xingzhe pondered over Gu Xi’s words for a while, he thought that he would feel sour like he just drank vinegar, but actually, he felt very calm. He was even slightly looking forward to it.

Looking forward to witnessing Ye Chen’s fairytale love.

Director Li was sipping his tea when Ye Chen ran into and spoke to him. He nearly choked to death before saying, “T-T-That second young master of Yu Family??”

Ye Chen said, “Don’t worry, Director Li. Old Yu’s acting skills are much better than mine!”

Director Li wasn’t concerned about that. What gave him a headache was… With so many ‘famous people’ gathering here, it wouldn’t match with his low-profile, meaningful, and natural style.

It was his a.s.sistant director who had better foresight. This clearly showed that this movie was going to be popular!

Movie King Ren——a guarantee that the movie would go to the box office in no time!

Director Gu——a well-known figure in the circle!

Yu Xingzhe——G.o.d-level figure who collaborated with them!

Even though they might lose some audience when Ye Chen’s poster was released (there were always those who didn’t want to die of second-hand embarra.s.sment), as long as the movie was screened and the audience saw Ye Chen’s acting skills, they would certainly pa.s.s it on by word of mouth. When that moment came…

Goodness, Old Li is about to make a bundle of money!

The a.s.sistant director immediately agreed. “No sweat! It so happens that there is a suitable role for him!” Doesn’t f.u.c.king matter if there is or there isn’t, we have to make him stay first. It’s good if there is one, but if there isn’t, we could just make one up!

Director Li was reluctant at first, but the moment Yu Xingzhe showed up, he readily agreed.

Since Director Li was a ‘face judger’, he must seize the opportunity to shoot the movie with this demon-rank figure!

Ye Chen became even happier and found himself unable to act out k2018;losing his wits’ anymore.

Gu Xi was so furious his stomach was aching when he said, “If you keep on smiling, I won’t act anymore.”

Ye Chen struggled to keep the corner of his lips down. “I won’t, I won’t, I certainly won’t smile anymore!” That was what he said, but his eyes were still in a curve.

Gu Xi told Ren Jing, “You should be more indifferent to him. That way, he’d be able to bring out the emotion more.”

Ren Jing nodded responsibly. “I’ll be more indifferent.” That was what he said, but his pupils which were filled with infatuation almost had ‘Chen Chen’ written all over.

Gu Xi nearly got drowned by all the pink bubbles they were creating!

Yu Xingzhe watched over them for a moment and suddenly didn’t feel like signing the contract anymore. Would he be shooting a movie after joining the crew? He would probably be swallowing lots of dog food instead!

They would delay too many hours if they went on like this. In the end, it was Death System who offered to help Ye Chen.

Death System, “Come, come, come, I’ll help you find the right emotion.”

Ye Chen asked, “How?”

Death System only uttered a sentence, but it was enough to stab right at Ye Chen’s gut. “What if everything was a dream?”

Ye Chen suddenly felt that his chest was engulfed with a slight chill.

Death System continued, “Have you really been revived? Does Death System truly exist? Does Ren Jing truly love you? Such a happy life, is it only a pipe dream?”

Death System only casually said these few words, yet Ye Chen instantly lost his wits.

Everyone was quite astonished. They really had no idea how Ye Chen managed to find the (right) feeling.

Fortunately, they shot the scene perfectly. Ren Jing noticed that Ye Chen didn’t look well, thus he asked, “What’s wrong?”

Ye Chen replied, “I-It’s nothing.”

Death System said, “Alright, I was just teasing you, don’t take it seriously.”

Ye Chen knew that Death System was only teasing him, but when he contemplated on it for a bit, he couldn’t help but feel a chill on his back.

When everyone was having lunch at noon, Ye Chen tried his best to keep his spirit up, but he was still somewhat in a daze.

Ren Jing said, “Are you tired? You should return and have a rest in the afternoon. The crew had arranged to shoot other people’s scenes first.”

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Ye Chen asked, “Is that alright?”

“A dream?” Ren Jing was startled.

Ye Chen was very embarra.s.sed, but still said earnestly, “I’ve been feeling so happy all this while. Being together with you made me truly happy. I like you, and you also like me… You’ve always been so, so nice to me. Everything is wonderful, so wonderful it feels like a dream…”

Ren Jing abruptly tightened his grip on Ye Chen’s hand.

Ye Chen said as his cheeks reddened, “Am I too…”

Not waiting for Ye Chen to finish his words, Ren Jing spoke. His voice was very low and a bit hoa.r.s.e when he said, “This can’t be a dream.”

Ye Chen inexplicably felt his heart tightened.

Ren Jing buried himself into Ye Chen’s neck before he took a deep breath. “If this is a dream, then…”

He didn’t finish his words, yet Ye Chen could hear it clearly. He could keenly feel Ren Jing’s fear, so deep it went on the verge of despair.

Ren Jing was a lot more scared than he was.

This sentence plunged into Ye Chen’s mind and immediately sobered him up: I mustn’t give way to foolish fancies!

Ren Jing was real, he was real, everything was real!

Ye Chen also hugged him tightly. Upon feeling the warmth of Ren Jing’s body, he felt relieved right away. “Ren Jing.”

Ren Jing simply hugged him closely.

Ye Chen said under his breath, “I must be too deeply in love with you.”

Ren Jing’s body suddenly froze.

Ye Chen mustered his courage and continued to speak, “Because I love you so deeply, I’m worried about the gains and the losses.”

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