If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter Ch78 - This Movie…Has Become Lively.

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Chapter Ch78 - This Movie…Has Become Lively.

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Gu Xi wanted to become a supporting actor, who would play a—essentially—supporting role without any support, future, or highlight, which only a popular teen idol would dare to accept?

Director Li felt that he should have had misheard. What Gu Xi said was definitely this: I’ll direct this movie, so you could just go home, wash yourself clean, then go to sleep!

Indeed, there definitely was something wrong with his cellphone’s receiver, which led to him hearing voices. Let alone Song Zhen as a supporting role, if Gu Xi could shoot that scene, it would turn into The Arabian Nights this instant!

Gu Xi on the other side had hung up the call. “That’s all. See you tomorrow.”

Director Li: I don’t want to see you! Laozi will never give in to the evil forces. I’ll never hand my work to you on a silver platter!

However, on the next day, Gu Xi had swiftly settled everything with drive.

Seeing the number of zeros on his bank card, Song Zhen was so elated he wanted to fly up to Heaven and down to Hades. He was just trying something new and had unexpectedly gotten a year’s worth of good meals! Please let this kind of happy occasion happen more often, alright!? Moreover, there were still several scripts for him to choose any role he wanted to play… Song Zhen felt that his popularity would go up by leaps and bounds soon!

As he followed Gu Xi from behind, Director Li was asking 108 questions to him, “You’re changing your profession into an actor? You really want to act? You’re not here to s.n.a.t.c.h my job?”

Gu Xi gave him a contemptuous look, then threatened, “I have no intention to do so at first, but if you keep nagging me, then I can’t say for sure.”

Li Fu hurriedly zipped his lips. Afterwards, he said repeatedly, “You can choose any other role you want to act other than the leading actor!”

Gu Xi stared at him. “Director Li, aren’t you misunderstanding something?”

Li Fu couldn’t even utter a word and only thought: “I’m not misunderstanding anything. What’s there for me to misunderstand? As if no one knows that you’re a director who has a strong background, experienced and vicious, and even has extraordinary talent like a Demon Lord!”

Ye Chen had hardly gotten a blink of sleep last night. He spent most of the night mulling over the movie. He kept memorizing his lines exhaustively, then tried his best to be familiar with Song Zhen’s face. He even tried to regard Song Zhen as his buddy.

He didn’t know whether it would work, but he had tried his best. The next day, Ren Jing noticed that Ye Chen seemed to be under the weather, thus he asked anxiously, “Did you not sleep well?”

Ye Chen didn’t want to let Ren Jing know that he had tossed about in bed for the whole night just because of that simple scene——that was too embarra.s.sing. Hence, he kept his spirit up as he said, “I slept very well!”

As he said so, he slowly leaned towards Ren Jing, getting ready to do the daily mission.

Today’s mission was to sleep on Ren Jing’s lap. This…was a bit shameful, but Brother Chen had endured countless violent storms and waves, this was nothing to him.

The car was s.p.a.cious enough because the seats in the back row could be opened to entirely recline. Ye Chen avoided the small side table and sat by Ren Jing’s side.

Ren Jing touched his forehead, then asked again, “Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere?”

Ye Chen shook his head. “I’m not.” Upon finishing his words, he leaned closer to Ren Jing.

Ren Jing had habitually extended his arms and managed to hug Ye Chen who had completely leaned against him in time.

Ren Jing planted a kiss on Ye Chen’s forehead. “Would you like to get some sleep?”

“I’m not sleepy…” Ye Chen forced himself to pretend to be in good spirits. But the moment he rested his head on Ren Jing’s lap, he began to feel drowsy.

Sure enough, he was sleepy.

Ye Chen fought to keep his eyelids open. Ren Jing patted his back as he said softly, “You should sleep, I’ll wake you up when we’ve arrived.”

Ye Chen said, “I’ll just rest my eyes for a bit, I won’t sleep.” Afterwards, he slept very soundly.

After catching some sleep in the car, Ye Chen felt much more spirited. He became much more confident and felt that he definitely wouldn’t k2018;bully’ Song Zhen anymore today!

He hurriedly went to the shooting site and eventually saw Gu Xi at a glance.

“Why are you here again?”

“I’ll come here whenever I want to!” Gu Xi quietly cursed inside his heart: “This little b.a.s.t.a.r.d who forgot his father when he’s in love.”

Ye Chen was about to continue to speak when the a.s.sistant director came to explain the situation. Specifically, Song Zhen wasn’t feeling well and had already left the crew. Gu Xi would take over his role.

Once he heard everything, Ye Chen’s eyes were filled with strangeness. “Fatty Gu, you want to act?”

Gu Xi, “Little Ye Chen, do you need a spanking!?”

Ye Chen waved goodbye to the a.s.sistant director, dragged Gu Xi to the side, then asked, “What’s going on?”

Gu Xi answered, “I’m just a pain in the a.s.s who has too much time on my hands. Am I not even allowed to act?”

Ye Chen had ‘you’re kidding me’ written all over his face. “Even you could have too much time on your hands?”

Gu Xi replied, “I could!”

Ye Chen could only say earnestly, “You’re not afraid your father will beat you to death?” Uncle Gu wasn’t Gu Xi’s real father. He was someone who was very concerned about his reputation and had strongly opposed Gu Xi being a director. If he knew that Gu Xi was showing his face in public by becoming an ‘actor’, he would probably erupt.

Gu Xi said, “Alright, you know the situation, I know what I’m doing.”

Ye Chen was worried sick. “Are you hiding something from me?”

Gu Xi, “I’ll only act this one role and won’t accept any in the future. Don’t worry, my father won’t know.”

“Then, why on earth do you want to act this role?”

Gu Xi didn’t want to speak the truth at first, but seeing that his silly son was really worried about him, he said, “I…want to disgust you.”

Ye Chen had still yet to respond.

Gu Xi dropped another sentence. “When you’re old, watching this movie together with Ren Jing, won’t it be more amusing to see me who is much more handsome than the two of you?”

Ye Chen was in a daze for a long while before finally coming to a realization.

His eyes slowly widened…

Gu Xi wanted to fulfill Ye Chen’s wish, and he even went as far as to do his bit to help him!

…Ye Chen felt really moved he almost jumped up high!

Gu Xi had returned to the crowd. Ye Chen quietly followed him as he said in a low voice, “Thank you!”

Gu Xi rolled his eyes. “Thank you, my s.h.i.t!”

Ye Chen felt so delighted he was going to burst. He hurriedly went to find Ren Jing, wanting to share the joy with him.

Seeing Ye Chen being happy, Ren Jing felt happy, too. He said, “It’s nice to have a friend like Director Gu.”

“That’s right, that’s right! Old Gu is really a good brother, he’s excellent!” Ye Chen was over the moon that he couldn’t help but hug Ren Jing and imprint a kiss upon his lips. “I wish I could tell everyone that this movie is…” The words were already on the corner of his lips, but he found it embarra.s.sing to say them in the end.

Ren Jing asked, “What’s the matter with this movie?”

Eventually, Ye Chen said it out, “In this movie, my best friend is my best friend, and my lover is also my lover…”

Ren Jing immediately felt sweetened by his words until the bottom of his heart.

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With Director Gu joining the crew, Ye Chen’s acting skills were restored to its ‘peak’ condition.

Gu Xi, “…” Where has the Stupid Chen who had firmly believed that Ren Jing is a straight man vanished to!?

“Then what would you do if he got married to a man?”

After thinking for a bit, Ye Chen couldn’t help but laugh. “Whom might it be?”

Gu Xi randomly took a glance, then pointed at someone as he said, “That guy.”

Out of nowhere, he had pointed precisely at Yang Sen.

Ye Chen chuckled. “Don’t tease me! Yang Sen’s wife will chop him to death.”

Gu Xi, “…” Who is actually f.u.c.king teasing whom!?

While they were still busy trying to get the right feeling, a man who shouldn’t have been here was making his grand appearance.

Yu Xingzhe’s appearance was truly eye-catching. After all, he was a part of the fashion industry. Wherever he went, his attire seemed like it was adorned with spotlights. He was so stylish all over that one could only describe him as ‘devilishly handsome’.

He had always been the type who wouldn’t be low-profile. He only came to visit the set, yet was dressed up like he was going to fashion week, taking the reins.

Certainly, all of his loftiness was gone with the wind as soon as he saw Ye Chen and Gu Xi.

He took off his sungla.s.ses, then glared at Gu Xi. “Why are you here?”

Gu Xi opened his mouth almost at the same time when Yu Xingzhe spoke, “What are you doing here?”

Ye Chen was afraid that the two would quarrel, so he habitually did the peacemaking. “Brother Xi is practicing with me!”

“Practicing?” Yu Xingzhe knitted his brows. “If I remember correctly, the movie director is surnamed Li, right?”

Ye Chen said, “That’s right, Director Li is Li Fu. He’s a very nice person.”

Yu Xingzhe didn’t quite get it. “Then what is Gu Xi doing here?”

Ye Chen replied, “Brother Xi accepted a supporting role as my sworn brother. We’re practicing how to act out the next scene.”

Yu Xingzhe suddenly felt that something was fishy. “Fatty Gu is going to act? Aren’t you a pain in the a.s.s who has too much time on your hands?”

Gu Xi, “…” I want to beat someone up.

Ye Chen was in a good mood that he couldn’t restrain himself from showing off when he met someone. He said, “Brother Xi is supporting me. I want to shoot a movie together with Ren Jing as a keepsake. I thought of watching it in the future when I’m free. But you do know my acting skills, things would always go wrong whenever I act with others. Therefore, Brother Xi took on this role for my sake.”

Yu Xingzhe was stunned for a while, then said, “So you’re saying that I’ll see the three of you together in the same frame when I go to the cinema later?”

Ye Chen responded joyfully, “Yes! Isn’t it wonderful? Me, Ren Jing, and Brother Xi,” He continued to say bashfully, “It’s like a doc.u.mentary…”

Yu Xingzhe snickered. “In any case, I’m not included, right?”

Ye Chen was dumbfounded.

Gu Xi asked straightforwardly, “Why would we need you?”

At first, Yu Xingzhe wanted to turn around, leave, and fall out with them; but when he heard Gu Xi’s words, he was exasperated. “I also want to act!”

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