If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter Ch77 - Everything Would Be Full of Memories, Everything Would Be Full of Love.

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Chapter Ch77 - Everything Would Be Full of Memories, Everything Would Be Full of Love.

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When he saw Gu Xi approaching him at first glance, Ye Chen followed his instinct to take a step back.

Gu Xi raised his eyebrows. “What are you afraid of?”

Ye Chen, “…” I’m afraid you’ll be fierce towards me.

He did not need to say anything, Gu Xi already knew what was on his mind.

Ye Chen had shot two movies with full preparations. Gu Xi guided him through the whole process, which had extremely worn him out.

At first, he was very patient, explaining and teaching everything to him. Afterwards, he deeply realized that G.o.d was fair. There was an absolute principle that if he opened one door, another was bound to be closed.

A Chen was good at a lot of things, but his -100 acting skill was beyond saving.

Gu Xi kept on teaching him again and again without getting much result that his irascible temper came out. It was inevitable for him to scold Ye Chen.

In the past, this boy would definitely fight back upon being scolded. Still, he had always been dedicated to his work and he had known very well that he didn’t act well. What Gu Xi said was reasonable, thus he listened to him properly.

But when he put on such a pitiful look, Father Gu couldn’t help but soften. The second he softened…he began to spoil his child again.

With how things had gone on, yep, there would be something fishy if Ye Chen’s acting skills could improve.

Gu Xi swept his eyes over the script as he said, “Come, I’ll walk you through.”

Ye Chen thought inside his heart: I’d be fine if it’s with you, but when you left…

Gu Xi adjusted his feelings. He started to talk, “Who’s that? Introduce her to me, she’s so pretty.”

Ye Chen paused for a moment, he had yet to adjust to the mood. But the moment Gu Xi shot a meaningful glance at him, countless memories welled up in his mind with a swish. Without thinking much, he blurted out the lines, “She’s only a cla.s.smate, don’t jump into conclusions.”

Gu Xi bantered with him, “How did you know that I’m jumping into conclusions?” He used his arm to nudge Ye Chen. “Come on, isn’t there something else? I really can’t fathom it, you’re actually quite popular.”

Gu Xi’s tone and behavior instantly made Ye Chen feel a bit proud of himself. He spoke according to the script, “What about it? Am I not allowed to?” He naturally revealed the cheerfulness of a youngster as he joked around familiarly with a friend.

Director Li who was watching on the side immediately clapped his hands and cheered, “Perfect! That’s it! The feeling is just right!”

Gu Xi promptly stopped acting, then raised his eyebrows as he looked at Ye Chen. “You already know how you should act, right?”

Ye Chen, “…” Know what?

Movie King Ren was singing Ye Chen praises, “That was excellent, you’re doing wonderful.”

Ye Chen’s face reddened. Even though he had no idea how he had acted, being praised made him feel very happy.

Gu Xi took a glance at Ren Jing and felt that Ye Chen’s acting skills might really not improve anymore for his whole life.

Director Li urged him, “Since you’ve found the right feeling, we should immediately try shooting again.”

The teen idol got his makeup fixed and came back. Then he proceeded to repeat the lines he had memorized in his mind.

Ye Chen really didn’t want to make things difficult for this boy. It wasn’t easy to gather everyone in a crew like this, it was a kind of fate that had brought people together, he would love to perform properly with them.

But actually, this was the biggest problem. The more he thought that way, the more deliberately he acted, the more…

Director Li said, “Let’s call it a day. A Chen, you should take a rest.”

Director Li pondered for a while. Ye Chen was probably tired after shooting the movie continuously for several days, so he probably needed to adjust. In any case, he definitely wasn’t convinced that Ye Chen’s acting skills were at this level. Impossible, how could a promising young person like him who could even surpa.s.s a movie king be dominated by a teen idol? It didn’t make sense.

Ye Chen didn’t feel tired at all, but he knew that with his current condition, he wouldn’t be able to meet Director Li’s expectations no matter how he acted.

When he went back, Ren Jing consoled him, “It’s alright, I feel that you’ve performed very well.”

Ye Chen lifted his head to look at him.

Ren Jing’s face was so genuine that not even a 24K genuine gold could compare.

A chilly voice could be heard from the back, “If you call his performance well, everyone could probably get an Oscar already.”

Ye Chen heaved a long sigh.

Gu Xi approached them. “Get your feet moving, we’ll grab a meal.”

He came over to check on his son ‘in pa.s.sing’, and it happened to be mealtime, it would make sense to just have a meal together.

Ye Chen said, “Let’s go eat…”

Gu Xi couldn’t bear to see his crestfallen look. He said again, “If you didn’t perform well then so be it. It’s not like this is your first time.”

Ye Chen quietly took another glance at Gu Xi, then averted his gaze as he heaved another deep sigh.

Ren Jing was still comforting him. However, not even Ye Chen himself believed Ren Jing’s words. Even if Ren Jing might really feel that he had acted well, there was this saying: ‘To see someone with rose-tinted gla.s.ses’, thus he couldn’t believe Ren Jing’s words… Still, thinking back on it made Ye Chen feel quite happy.

Gu Xi said, “I’ve never seen you so serious before.” Ye Chen was an amateur in the s...o...b..z. At that time, Gu Xi thought that he was a pain in the a.s.s who had too much time on his hands, so he dragged him along to have fun. Ye Chen had never been serious (about the s...o...b..z), after all. If one wanted to become famous, even if their acting standard wasn’t very good, they would still be able to make it by relying on their looks and proper management.

Ye Chen took a look at Ren Jing, then said in a low voice, “It’s different this time.”

Gu Xi inexplicably felt he had a toothache. He said, “Why is it different?”

Ye Chen looked at Ren Jing again. Ren Jing slightly pursed his lips in response. The look of the two who were keeping their little secret to themselves made Gu Xi’s tooth ached even more.

He had been in love too, but why hadn’t he experienced this? Could it be that he and Shen Jiaze’s relationship weren’t true love?

Shen Jiaze who was ‘thrown’ into the car outside inexplicably sneezed, he suddenly felt a bit chilly.

When they arrived at the restaurant, Yang Sen came over and said a few words to Ren Jing. Ren Jing said, “You should go in first, I’ll go make a call.”

Ye Chen said, “Go ahead. I’ll order for you, I know what you like to eat.”

Ren Jing smiled. “Mn.”

Gu Xi sneered. “Goodness, you’ve only been familiar with each other for a month, yet you know what he likes to eat? I’ve known you for more than twenty years, but you don’t seem to know what I like to eat?”

Ye Chen grinned. “That’s what Shen Jiaze should know. I need not worry about that.”

Gu Xi rolled his eyes.

Ye Chen was feeling curious, thus he asked, “How are things with you and him?”

Gu Xi had already taken his seat. He grabbed the menu and looked at it seriously.

Ye Chen poked him. “I’m asking you.”

Gu Xi knitted his brows. His expression was saying that he couldn’t care less as he said, “What else could it be?”

Ye Chen, “He has always liked you, you also like him. You…”

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Gu Xi laughed grimly. “So what? Just because I like a fool, I have to be together with him?”

Gu Xi believed that Ye Chen would strive his best and that he really wanted to act well. Unfortunately, not everything in this world could be accomplished even though one had tried their best and wished to do it well.

Some flaws were inborn, such as Ye Chen’s acting skills.

Not long after, Ren Jing came over. The three had a light meal.

Actually, Ye Chen and Ren Jing really didn’t mean to make a public display of affection on purpose, but their unconscious gestures made people feel the immense hint of love.

Everyone could see the surging love between them, so thick it had seeped deep into their bones from the expressions in their eyes, their movements, and some other minor details they inadvertently did.

How nice.

Surprisingly, Gu Xi had a delicious meal.

He still didn’t believe in love, but when he witnessed other people’s love, it felt as if he could give himself some bits of confidence, too.

Looking at Ye Chen who was wearing such a sweet expression, Gu Xi wanted to fulfill his wish.

He was antic.i.p.ating, antic.i.p.ating the time when Ren Jing and Ye Chen had turned old, sitting on the sofa, looking at each other’s appearances while they were still young.

Everything would be full of memories, everything would be full of love.

It would be really nice.

After he went back, Gu Xi gave Li Fu a call.

Li Fu answered nervously, “You, what do you need?” One never went to the temple for no reason. They were sworn enemies, after all!

Gu Xi said, “Director Li, are you currently short of a supporting actor?”

Li Fu, “Eh?”

Gu Xi added, “I’ll settle the accounts with Song Zhen (the teen idol who acted as Ye Chen’s best friend), pay him three times more, and arrange for a more suitable role for him. So, could you hand over that role to me?”

Li Fu was in a daze for a while before he asked, “Who are you going to give the role to?”

Gu Xi said cheerily, “What about me?”

Li Fu was so shocked he nearly threw his cellphone away!

The author has something to say:

Director Li: My movie…my movie is… QAQ!

T/N: Hi. I know the update is very late, I deeply apologize for that. A lot of things happened, and I’m still too shocked to process everything properly. It’s very chaotic here at the moment, so I need a moment. I’m so sorry once again, I’ll try my best to update on time next time.

Meanwhile, enjoy the slight angst (and foreshadowing?) of Gu Xi’s past mmmmm. I could a.s.sure you that Shen Jiaze is not a sc.u.m, it’s just…communication issue, I think. They’re still young too at that time, so…yeah. Rash and impulsive, among other things. You know the deal. More details will be included in the side stories, so please look forward to them~

Also, hope you’ll look forward to the return of the “chaotic trio” and Director Li being on verge of collapsing because of the chaos caused by them LOL! Until then, see you.


TW// mentions of death and some depressing things, please don’t read if you’re not comfortable with these.

okay…so. so many things are happening at once they’re too much for me to swallow. i never really told anything about my personal life i guess, but just for this once.

my uncle got COVID-19 and pa.s.sed away yesterday. it’s the truth, but i still can’t believe it had happened. it’s too sudden. i swear. he was quarantined in the hospital and had been doing well last week. he could even make video calls and do everyday things properly… is this even real? i’m not even sure anymore. the situation here is in so much disarray. none of my fam could eat or do ch.o.r.es properly. i know i can’t do much, but yeah, i need to fill in the ch.o.r.es for them, while still feeling dispirited myself. i need to help my sibling and nephew with their studies. i myself also have those annoying cloud meetings i have to attend ksksksksksk. i don’t mind doing all of these really, im just trying my best to get a handle on them and not to overthink or overwhelm myself in this situation. not to mention, i kinda snapped as a result of me bottling up my feelings all this time urk. i wanted to tell my parents i need to see a therapist but boyyyy the timing is just gahhhhh with all of this thing happening. so, yeah. i’m so sorry, but i might need to take a break here… i need to calm myself down for now. i’m so sorry you had to read all of these, and thank you for keeping up with my s.h.i.ts. just this once, i promise.

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