If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter Ch76 - Director Li: My Chen is a Promising Young Actor in the Moviedom! Gu Xi: I See.

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Chapter Ch76 - Director Li: My Chen is a Promising Young Actor in the Moviedom! Gu Xi: I See.

Note: Slight NSFW at a part, please proceed carefully~

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It was pretty good.

Director Li felt that he had such discerning eyes to actually pick two lead actors with ‘CP feeling’, he really was worthy of his work! He had long forgotten the picky him who refused to have Ye Chen in the crew with all his might…

“Alright!” Director Li raised his voice and said, “Very good, that’s the feeling. You must keep it up.”

Director Li stepped forward, praising Ye Chen energetically, “Wonderful! It’s flawless! If someone said that your acting wasn’t good when the movie was screened, I would hang them outside the window of my house!”

Ye Chen, “…” All of a sudden, he really didn’t know whom he should feel more sorry for; the deceived Director Li or others who had known the truth…

Director Li was still a bit dissatisfied with Ren Jing. He said, “We should retake the final scene again. You had to express the throbbing (heart), but not too obvious. After all, your role is quite pa.s.sive and restrained in the whole movie.”

Ren Jing nodded, then began to talk, “I’ll change my clothes first.” Because he rescued someone, his body was also wet. Thus, this reason was understandable.

DIrector Li waved his hands. “Go ahead.”

Before leaving, Ren Jing also said softly, “You should put on your clothes, you’re getting sunburned.” He told that to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was basked in too much sunshine that his whole body had turned slightly red, so his bashful blush wasn’t exposed.

Director Li now felt distressed for Big Darling. He promptly said, “You should go too. There would be a few more scenes after this, so you should hurriedly do immediate recovery. Especially your face!”

What he meant was that the shot they would do next would have their faces focused on a lot, so the complexion was very important. Yet, Ye Chen felt really diffident because he thought that he blushed too much that Director Li had to specifically tell him that!

He left at lightning speed, then went to the lounge to have a bath. When he came out, he got pinned to the wall by someone before he had the chance to wipe himself dry.

Ye Chen’s eyes widened. He felt somewhat sweet yet very embarra.s.sed. Then he called his name out in a whisper, “Ren Jing…”

Ren Jing couldn’t endure it any longer. He didn’t say a word, but he simply kissed his partner everywhere, especially where it was wet. It could be said that he was satisfying his own fantasy.

Who could endure being kissed like this? Ye Chen groaned, then said as he panted, “I…want to…”

Ren Jing took a look at the ‘little thing’ which was perking up. Without thinking much, he sucked it.

Ye Chen could only feel his scalp tingling uncontrollably in response. It felt so pleasurable that his toes trembled.

Even though they took a while, they were dressed properly when they came out.

Director Li was sipping a beverage as he said, “Is applying face mask useless after all?”

Ye Chen had confusion written all over his face. He didn’t get why Director Li asked that question.

Yang Sen promptly answered, “It’s probably because Mr. Ye’s skin is quite delicate.”

Director Li said, “How about more rest?” He asked Ye Chen.

It took Ye Chen a long time before he thought over Director Li’s words. He a.s.sumed that it was because he and Ren Jing had stayed in the lobby for a long time that Yang Sen used ‘applying a mask’ as an excuse.

All in all, Ye Chen’s face was sunburned, it wouldn’t look well on the camera. Applying face mask to recover the skin color could be a first aid treatment.

Ye Chen was thoroughly convinced, convinced of Yang Sen’s coping capacity…

Once he figured things out, Ye Chen replied, “I should be alright after a little break. My face won’t be that red anymore once I drink some iced water.”

Director Li said, “Good idea.”

They could just proceed with others’ scenes first. This way, the progress wouldn’t be delayed.

Ye Chen gulped down a drink and felt calmer a few moments later. His complexion had returned to normal, a soft and delicate look without the need of any makeup.

Ren Jing took a few glances and indeed felt a little regret…

The next few scenes were quite ordinary. Most of them were parts of the two’s early stage of getting to know each other, so there were a lot of dialogues. But as long as Ye Chen was together with Ren Jing, nothing felt too difficult.

Both of them acted pretty well that Director Li was blissfully happy. He felt as if he would be able to finish shooting this movie in a day.

There wasn’t any trouble for the next few days. Ren Jing had endured many hardships, thus he could face ‘ordinary’ scenes normally. He wouldn’t get ‘heated up’ just because he was enticed.

Ye Chen kept relying on his instinct all the way. He simply needed to hide his love for Ren Jing with all his might and the result was exactly what Director Li wanted. It was quite easy for him.

After several successful scenes, Ye Chen eventually encountered the biggest problem.

Although this was a pure romance movie, there were some supporting roles, too. For instance, Ye Chen had some sworn brothers in the movie, so there were a lot of co-stars.

According to the schedule, today’s focus would be Ye Chen. They would mainly shoot some scenes of him with his best friend.

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Director Li didn’t take it seriously at all. That was because this scene would be very easy to take with his A Chen’s ‘hard power’. Hence, he felt so calm that it wasn’t worth mentioning!

Brother Chen is formidable, I surrender. Where did Li Fu find such courage to hire him with that acting skill of his? Is it from Liang Jingru!?

The director shouted ‘cut’. Ye Chen ran over in dismay, looking dull with helplessness and pitifulness.

Ren Jing poured tea and brought it over for him, kept praising Ye Chen as he thought uneasily: Would it be better to change the script by cutting out the insignificant plot?

The scriptwriter might cry until he pa.s.sed out in the restroom later.

Gu Xi greeted Li Fu first. The moment Ye Chen saw him, he looked even more pitiful right away.

Gu Xi felt resentful towards Ye Chen for failing to meet expectations. Gu Xi was impatient to see improvement, so he gave Ye Chen a piece of his mind with a tone which was worse than Director Li’s. Certainly, his scoldings were reasonable, with every single sentence he gave Ye Chen a clear picture of his -100 acting skills.

Ye Chen had really tried his best to understand, but as soon as he saw the ‘unknown’ sworn brother, he became uneasy all over.

All in all…he wasn’t acquainted with that teen idol at all!

After he got stuck in the same part again, Gu Xi said, “Let me handle this!”

“What?” Director Li defended his director chair to death, thinking that this guy was about to s.n.a.t.c.h his job.

Gu Xi rolled his eyes. Then he told the teen idol, “Are you tired? You should take a rest for now. I’ll practice with A Chen for a bit and help him understand the feeling.”

The teen idol nearly got tired to the point of dropping. If it were not for Ye Chen’s good att.i.tude, he would have thought that Ye Chen was deliberately giving him a hard time.

The author has something to say:

This is really a truly memorable work~

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