If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter Ch75 - Brother Chen is So Fair-Skinned.

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Chapter Ch75 - Brother Chen is So Fair-Skinned.

Note: Slight NSFW implied at the start, please proceed carefully!

Editor: Amaris

Ren Jing didn’t open his eyes. He simply pulled the person who had stolen a kiss from him closer to his arms, hugging him tightly.

Ye Chen immediately sensed a certain ‘big thing’.

Ren Jing’s voice sounded on the top of Ye Chen’s head, “Give me a hand?”

Ye Chen replied as he stammered, “S…sure.”

They were going to shoot the movie again today, and it was such an ‘important’ scene too. Doing this in advance might be able to help the two to give full play to their acting skills later.

When they came out of the bathroom, Ye Chen’s legs were trembling slightly. Ren Jing wanted to carry Ye Chen but he held himself back, not daring to do so. If he did, the fire which had just been extinguished would be rekindled.

They went to the dining room together. On their way, they ran across Director Li in the elevator. Director Li was completely unaware of the difference in the atmosphere between the two of them. He greeted them with all smiles, “How’s your practice yesterday? Did it go well?”

Yes, it went so well that it felt so good.

Ye Chen didn’t dare to lift his head.

Just a moment before they got out of the elevator, something crossed Director Li’s mind, thus he asked, “You didn’t practice for the whole night, right? Why are you together?”

Ye Chen’s heart jumped up, it felt like it got stuck in his throat.

Ren Jing smiled. “Ye Chen stayed on the 37th floor. When he came down, I happened to come out, too.”

Director Li was immediately convinced. “It’s so coincidental that the three of us ended up in the same elevator to go downstairs.”

Ye Chen’s -100 acting skills were completely exposed at this moment. He forced out a smile so strained and fake that he couldn’t bear to look straight at Director Li’s eyes.

However, Director Li was blind, he didn’t notice at all.

Breakfast was self-service. The crew was sitting together in one place, Ren Jing and Ye Chen were sitting together in another. Ren Jing’s a.s.sistants were supposed to sit near him too, but they knew better, didn’t they? They absolutely wouldn’t want to be third wheels, so they distanced themselves from the couple.

The only person who just casually sat down (and disturbed them) was no other but Director Li. He, in an unfortunate coincidence, sat next to Ye Chen.

An uproar started again in ‘Big Brother Yang and His Young Aides’ group.

“Let’s do crowdfunding, crowdfunding!”

“Let’s pool money to let Director Li see an ophthalmologist!”

“I’m contributing one yuan, can’t give more than that.”

“Five yuans!”

“Ten yuans!”

“Haha, I’m afraid that Director Li’s eye disease is incurable even if you pool a hundred million yuans for it.”

Director Li was feeling really ecstatic as he sat down. He told Ye Chen earnestly, “No need to be nervous, just relax. Try your best to finish everything in one take!”

Ye Chen, “…Yes.” He wasn’t nervous, he was more worried for Ren Jing.

Director Li also told Ren Jing, “You have to overcome the psychological barrier. You’re an actor, so you should be able to adapt to all kinds of scenarios. A Chen is really charming, there’s no way you can’t bring yourself to kiss him, right?”

The young aides were screeching by the side: Who even told you that he can’t bring himself to kiss him? It’s so obvious that he won’t be able to get up once he kisses him, alright?! Oblivious Li!

Oblivious Li…uh no…I mean, Director Li thought that he had cracked a joke. He said cheerfully, “Work hard, Ren Jing.”

Ren Jing, “…”

Director Li said these words without thinking, but they were the truth. Ren Jing indeed had to show his professionalism.

But now wasn’t the time to think about that. He wanted to have a nice meal with Ye Chen.

Ren Jing got up and said, “I’m done eating.”

Director Li was surprised. “Eh? You’re already done?”

RenJing took a quick glance at Ye Chen, then softly answered, “Yes.”

Ye Chen had an immediate tacit understanding. He also promptly got up as he said, “I’m also done with my meal!”

Director Li blinked. “A Chen, you don’t look like you’re finished yet, though?”

Ye Chen said, “Really, I’m already full!”

Looking at the two who were about to leave, Director Li made an Erkang Hand gesture. “Eat some more, would you…”

It was Yang Sen who helped to broker a compromise. He put down his plate and said, “Actors have to do their best to maintain their figures.”

Director Li pondered a little and felt that it was indeed true… He shook his head, then said, “These kids have it hard.”

Yang Sen puckered his lips. He felt that it would be useless for them to do crowdfunding for Director Li to see an ophthalmologist. They probably had to take Director Li to check his brain…

Ren Jing took Ye Chen to have another small meal. They ate sweetly and heartily, the meal was as pleasing as it could be.

After they were full, it was time to go to the ‘battlefield’.

Ren Jing had made enough physical and mental preparation. Unless something unexpected happened, he should be able to fully display his professionalism.

The crew set off to the seaside. The sun was shining brightly the moment they got settled down (on site). The lighting was very suitable for the next scene.

In order to not miss the best timing, the crew were up and about, doing the preparation work in full blast.

Ren Jing went to get changed and had his makeup done. Ye Chen also did the same.

When he changed into the swimming trunks, the makeup artist gasped in admiration, “Brother Chen is so fair-skinned!”

Ye Chen smiled and said, “It’s inherited from my mother…but it isn’t something good. I can’t get exposed to the sun, else my skin will turn red.”

The makeup artist hurriedly stated, “I’ll apply some sunscreen on you to avoid getting sunburn.”

Ye Chen nodded repeatedly, indicating that it was necessary. It might not be of much use, though.

He spent a while getting prepared. When he came out, Ren Jing was already sitting under the beach umbrella.

Ye Chen was initially feeling very comfortable wearing only swimming trunks. When he was young, he always ran to the beach while wearing such attire, so he was completely used to it.

But surprisingly, when he was dressed like this in front of Ren Jing, he felt really embarra.s.sed and his whole head was in a mess.

Fortunately, he didn’t have any lines. He simply needed to pretend to have fainted.

Ren Jing felt an itch inside his heart, but fortunately he could control it. Still, he couldn’t help but feel a bit sour in his heart. It was probably because he didn’t want this many people to see his Big Darling dressed up like this.

Ye Chen simply wanted to finish the shooting as soon as possible, hence he asked Director Li, “Shall we start?”

Director Li replied, “Of course!”

Ye Chen closed his eyes and was about to lie down when he heard Director Li laughed. “This child…”

He got up and walked towards Ye Chen, then asked, “Could you swim?”

Ye Chen replied while still feeling confused, “I could.”

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Director Li said, “Go swim in the sea for two laps first.”

He couldn’t, he couldn’t act, he really couldn’t act anymore.

Director Li was dumbfounded. What’s happening? He’s doing pretty good until now. Why is he stuck on such an important moment?

Ye Chen got up and saw Ren Jing in the distance.

Ren Jing couldn’t bring himself to look at Ye Chen at all.

Ye Chen draped a towel over his shoulder. He trotted over to Ren Jing and said, “If you really can’t, then we won’t act anymore.”

Ren Jing stared at him.

Ye Chen said at a volume which only the two of them could hear, “If you really don’t want to, then we won’t shoot this movie anymore.”

Ren Jing’s thin lips moved and he said, “You said that you want both of us to star in the same movie.” You also said that you want to watch it together when we’re already old.

Ye Chen chuckled. “It doesn’t matter. I’ll be together with you everyday in the future, so every single day will become memories when we’re old.”

Ren Jing’s heartbeat quickened rapidly.

Not long after, Director Li rushed over. “What’s going on?”

Ren Jing stayed still for a while before he said, “It’s nothing. Let’s start over again. It would be alright this time.”

Ye Chen’s eyes brightened up. Even though he had said those words to Ren Jing, he still would really like to finish shooting the movie. He wanted to be a part of this work, which would be an unforgettable experience for him.

Ren Jing smiled as he looked at Ye Chen. Facing the sunshine, his eyes were completely filled with tenderness.

Director Li said, “Then we’ll start again immediately! But A Chen, you have to get soaked in water again.”

Ye Chen said, “No problem!” He took off the towel and went to the sea to make his body wet again.

Ren Jing closed his eyes. He eventually calmed himself down.

What Ye Chen wished to do was also what he wished to do.

Since Ye Chen wanted to be a part of this work, then Ren Jing would certainly give the best for Ye Chen.

After Ye Chen got ready by swimming one lap, the shooting started over again.

Director Li was still somewhat nervous. He wasn’t worried about Ye Chen, but he had always felt that Ren Jing’s condition was quite unstable.

Will trouble arise again?

Everything went well without a hitch. When Ren Jing bent down, a lot of people felt their hearts clench.

The young aides were really afraid that their Movie King would turn the artificial respiration into a pa.s.sionate kiss.

Director Li was really afraid that Ren Jing would burst out into an undue laughter.

But in fact, the shooting for the scene went absolutely well.

Under the bright sun, Zhan Chen nearly drowned. Yan Han was very nervous, but he still kept his cool and successfully performed artificial respiration (on him). When Zhan Chen regained his consciousness, his slightly trembling eyelashes, his moist eyes, and the happiness he couldn’t conceal were all performed perfectly.

Looking at the screen, Director Li suddenly felt that there were pink bubbles all over it…

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T/N: The a.s.sistants’ reactions will always be one of my favorites.

Also, it’ll be Ye Chen’s turn to NG soon! Please look forward to it LOL~

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