If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter Ch74 - Would You Not Regret It For the Rest of Your Life?

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Chapter Ch74 - Would You Not Regret It For the Rest of Your Life?

Note: Slight NSFW at some parts, please proceed carefully!

Editor: Amaris

Let’s not mention the problematic SSS-level difficulty of this movie first. Doing the artificial respiration while wearing a swimsuit alone was already a great difficulty to deal with.

Both of them had apparently forgotten about what they were going to wear on site tomorrow.

Yan Han would be dressed as usual because he wasn’t going to swim, but Zhan Chen was going to be choking on water. How the h.e.l.l would he get choked by water if he wasn’t playing in the water? Therefore, it was only natural for him to only be wearing swimming trunks.

Ren Jing had let his imagination go wild even when Ye Chen was dressed properly, so if Ye Chen was naked…

Ren Jing’s forehead suddenly felt hot, he felt that everything they had practiced before was going to waste!

Ye Chen was somewhat worried. He was afraid that things might go wrong tomorrow. He had intended to go back and take a rest at first, but now he couldn’t help but say, “How about…we practice once again?”

Looking at his rosy lips, Ren Jing’s Adam’s apple bobbed.

Our Big Darling Ye was quite dedicated to his work. He said, “I’ll take my clothes off first? Even though I am not wearing swimming trunks, the effect should be more or less the same.”

At this time, Ren Jing truly experienced what it meant by ‘being in a great dilemma’.

Should he practice or should he not? This was really such a sweet torment for him.

Ye Chen was sincerely being considerate for Ren Jing, thus he said, “Let’s get used to it more, it’s still quite early after all.”

Ren Jing spoke with a slightly hoa.r.s.e voice, “Alright.”

Ye Chen braced himself up and said, “Wait for me!”

He ran into the room to undress himself, but suddenly felt that he was a fool after. Why on earth did he need to get inside the room to undress? Wouldn’t it be the same if he did so outside? It somehow felt kind of…kind of…weird now that he had gone inside!

Stop it! I mustn’t think too much! We’re going to properly practice right now!

Ye Chen slapped his face, then took off his T-shirt.

He had done this countless times for more than twenty years, but it somehow felt different today. If he had to say what was different, then he could only say that it just felt different from head to toe!

Ye Chen hung around the door for a while before he finally came out. He didn’t dare to lift his head at all. ‘Exposing’ his body before Ren Jing’s sight made him so nervous he almost exploded.

Ren Jing didn’t make a sound. He simply fixed his gaze at Ye Chen as if he would be able to not stare at Ye Chen anymore once he gazed enough (just his wishful thinking).

Ye Chen spoke out first, “Let’s try practicing?”

Ren Jing could only utter a word, “Okay.”

Ye Chen lay down on the carpet, trying his best to act out someone who had almost drowned. But as soon as he closed his eyes, all that he could hear was his own loud heartbeats.

Why is it beating so fast? Does it want to jump out of my chest!?

After waiting for a while, he was still not kissedk2026; No, no, no, it was artificial respiration. Ye Chen couldn’t help but open his eyes again. The moment he took a glance, his pulse quickened.

Ren Jing’s sight…felt as if it was carrying a blazing heat. His sight was so scalding hot that it made Ye Chen turn soft all over.

Ye Chen whispered his name, “Ren Jing.” His gentle voice was practically a seduction.

The ‘string of reason’ inside Ren Jing’s head had completely snapped off. He bent down and sucked the trembling and erect thing on Ye Chen’s chest instead of performing an artificial respiration…

Ye Chen suddenly opened his eyes wide.

Death System felt very excited, eager, and delighted. It covered its eyes and began to open the ‘shielding’. It joyfully felt that they were certainly going to hit the home run this time!

Let alone Death System, even Ye Chen thought that he was going to be done this time.

But when they reached the important point, Ren Jing paused again.

Ye Chen’s eyes had completely turned watery, but he summoned up his courage and softly asked, “Let’s do it?”

Ren Jing suddenly exerted more strength in the hand which was currently holding Ye Chen’s waist. He was clearly enduring a great temptation.

Ye Chen declared, “Ren Jing, I like you. I definitely won’t regret it.”

Ren Jing licked his dry lips, then asked in a low voice, “Would you not regret it for the rest of your life?”

Ye Chen’s eyes were gleaming as he nodded earnestly and said, “I’ll never be apart from you for the rest of my life.”

Ren Jing’s heart thumped uncontrollably. If there was a cliff in front of him, he would jump off without hesitation because Ye Chen was standing there.

Ye Chen was very embarra.s.sed, but he felt that what Death System said was right. Ren Jing had ‘given’ a lot of himself in their relationship, which was why he had been very gentle and cautious. Ye Chen had gotten so many things from him, so he should be more courageous and reliable to give Ren Jing more sense of security.

He wouldn’t regret it. Even if Death System didn’t exist, he would certainly still fall into Ren Jing’s love.

It was really wonderful. Being able to meet Ren Jing was really such a wonderful thing.

He got up and took the initiative to kiss Ren Jing, using a somewhat clumsy but pa.s.sionate gesture to ‘invite’ him.

Ren Jing returned Ye Chen’s kiss pa.s.sionately. After hiding his feelings for so many years, Ren Jing’s infatuation which was engraved deep in his heart had turned into essence at this moment. It flowed into Ye Chen’s heart as the two were embracing and touching each other.

It had come to this…but they still didn’t do it ‘till the end.

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After ‘letting it off’, Ye Chen’s whole body turned soft. Ren Jing kissed the tip of his nose as he said, “Next time.”

Death System refused to accept the fact. “You’ve gone that far, yet…”

Ye Chen lied. “We did it.” He knew that Death System had a shielding feature to block some scenes that were not suitable for children, which was why he lied to it.

Death System, “Done it my s.h.i.t!”

Ye Chen said, “Could it be that you don’t have the shielding?” This indecent system!

Death System said, “I have it. But if you had done it, over here, I would’ve…” Death System suddenly stopped its words halfway with a grunting sound.

Ye Chen blinked. “What would happen over there if we did it?”

Death System zipped its lips and didn’t continue its words.

Ye Chen was curious, thus he asked, “Is it possible that if me and Ren Jing did it, something special would happen to you over there?”

Death System rolled its eyes, then said to Ye Chen as it planned something on its mind, “Of course. It’s such an important moment, how could it pa.s.s just like that?”

Ye Chen wasn’t the Stupid Chen who could be easily tricked anymore. He retracted his lips and said, “Sure, just continue on with your tricks.”

Death System said, “Who’s tricking you? It’s you who didn’t work hard enough! Let me tell you, if you did it with Ren Jing, you’ll get ten thousand life points then!”

Ye Chen suddenly widened his eyes.

Death System thought inside its heart: Is ten thousand points too little to lure him? Should I trick him with a hundred thousand life points instead?

Ye Chen was indeed tempted, but he realized after thinking for a while, “You’re just blurting out whatever comes into your mind, right?”

Death System, “…”

Ye Chen said, “Up until now, you never knew what the next mission would be or how much the reward would be. On the basis of how the standard reward is one life point per mission, I’d be crazy to have believed your trick, Father!”

Death System was utterly discomfited, but still persisted, “Believe it or not, there would be a big surprise after you two have done it. A super, duper big one even!”

This time, Ye Chen believed its words. But actually, what else could be the surprise? He took a look at Ren Jing by his side and immediately felt that he had received an immeasurable amount of happiness.

He really couldn’t think of any greater surprise than having Ren Jing.

As he thought so, Ye Chen slowly kissed Ren Jing secretly.

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