If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter Ch73 - We're Really Just Practicing!

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Chapter Ch73 - We’re Really Just Practicing!

Editor: Amaris

What does he mean by ‘in the future’?We’re already dating, alright?! And we’ll continue doing so until the far future, of course!

They naturally went back earlier so that they could ‘practice’ the scene.

It had gotten dark outside. When they had gotten to a place devoid of people, Ren Jing held Ye Chen’s hand, making Ye Chen feel really sweet inside his heart. He obediently let Ren Jing hold his hands and felt that his hand, heart, and head had warmed up.

They had been staying in a nearby hotel recently. It didn’t take long for them to arrive, take the elevator, and go upstairs.

Ren Jing stayed on the 36th floor, while Ye Chen stayed on the 37th, but only the 36th floor b.u.t.ton on the elevator lighted up.

Ye Chen held the room card and hesitated for a moment, but didn’t press the b.u.t.ton in the end. Ren Jing asked, “Should we go to my room?”

Ye Chen immediately replied, “Yes!” After saying so, he suddenly realized that he might be too eager? But he had agreed, it would be really awkward if he took back his words…

Ren Jing pursed his lips, then asked, “Do you want to eat some fruit?”

Ye Chen replied, “Sure… It’s pretty hot, anyway.”

Ren Jing asked again, “How about some ice cream?”

Ye Chen felt that he had to cool himself down, so he said, “Okay!”

Ren Jing, “You should go up first and wait for me, I’ll go and buy them.”

Ye Chen tugged at him. “…Let’s go together…”

Ren Jing said, “It’d be more eye-catching if we go together.”

Ye Chen thought about it and felt that it was indeed true… They were public figures, after all…

Ye Chen said, “Then I’ll go up first?”

Ren Jing a.s.sured him, “I’ll be back in a minute.” He didn’t want to trouble Yang Sen with such a trivial matter, so he could just go and buy them by himself.

Ye Chen took Ren Jing’s room card and went into Ren Jing’s room.

It was a hotel, so of course…their rooms’ layout was exactly the same. Even the position where the slippers were located at the entrance hall was identical.

But as soon as he opened the door, Ye Chen felt a huge difference.

He couldn’t tell what was different, but it just felt different everywhere.

Ye Chen sat on the sofa and felt a bit nervous.

The Death System asked, “Are you two not going to do some exercise tonight?”

Just when he was about to open his mouth, Ye Chen’s face turned red again. “Wh-what the h.e.l.l do you mean by exercise!?”

Death System stated, “Ye Shen, Ren Jing, a hotel… put them all together and we get to see them x.x.x-ing love!”

Ye Chen tried to say something, but was unexpectedly unable to refute at all.

Death System said, “You have to be more proactive, you know? It’s true that Ren Jing cherishes you, but you don’t have to be that timid, you know? Think about it, Ren Jing has liked you for 13-14 years already, but what about you? Shouldn’t you shower him with more affection?”

Ye Chen’s face reddened and his heart thumped wildly as he said, “H…how am I supposed to shower him with more affection?”

Death System promptly replied, “Seduce him.”

Ye Chen, “…”

Death System a.s.serted, “Think about it carefully. Have you seen how Ren Jing treats you? What about the way you treat him? To put it simply, he doesn’t want to do such things to you because he’s worried. He’s worried that you’re only temporarily impulsive and that the impulse would die down in two days, then you would dump him.”

Ye Chen suddenly felt upset upon hearing its words. “I won’t do that!”

Death System, “If you won’t, then climb on him now!”

Ye Chen, “…”

Death System thought of advising its silly son earnestly but decided to hold its tongue. Instead, it said, “Random mission: let Ren Jing feed you ice cream. The reward is one life point.”

Ye Chen’s ‘resistance’ towards the missions was already very high by now, but when he thought about how he would be fed ice cream in the dead of night in the hotel, he suddenly felt…

Death System added, “Friendly reminder, adding up this life point, you’ll be able to exchange them for Queen Mother to be in good health for twenty more years!”

Ye Chen’s eyes immediately brightened up. “I’ve saved enough?”

Death System, “It’s only enough for Queen Mother, you still have to save a lot more for your father.”

Father Ye didn’t take care of his health as much as Mother Ye did. Ye Chen wanted to exchange ten life points for him to be in good health for twenty years, too.

But Ye Chen decided to use it for his mother first and his father next. He should just take it easy and save more life points. His parents were still young and in good conditions, anyhow.

Once he planned it out, Ye Chen immediately felt that he had to get this life point into his hand as soon as possible!

It’s just being fed ice cream, right? It’s no big deal!

Ye Chen asked Death System, “Being fed a spoonful also counts, right?”

The Death System rolled its eyes: You’re letting him exploit the loophole again!

Not long after, Ren Jing came back with a box of Hӓagen-Dazs in his hand.

Ye Chen was instantly filled with joy when he saw it. “How did you know that I like vanilla flavor?”

Ren Jing simply smiled, not saying anything.

Ye Chen thought about it for a while and suddenly felt quite embarra.s.sed. His preferences…it seemed like Ren Jing knew them clearly.

Being secretly loved by someone for fourteen years is really such a wonderful thing!

Ye Chen opened the box and began to plan on how to make Ren Jing feed him the ice cream.

Saying it out was just too…shameless. He really couldn’t bring himself to do it.

But Ren Jing obviously wouldn’t just feed him out of the blue. His hands weren’t injured, after all.

What should I do to finish the mission flawlessly without feeling embarra.s.sed?

All of a sudden, an idea flashed through Ye Chen’s mind. After he ate a few spoonfuls, he asked Ren Jing, “Do you want to eat some?”

Ren Jing shook his head. “I seldom eat ice cream.”

“It’s very tasty.” Ye Chen tried his best to ‘recommend’ the ice cream to Ren Jing. “It’s cold and sweet, it’s very refreshing to eat this in the summer.”

Ren Jing, “I’ll try it next time.”

“Why must you wait until next time?” asked Ye Chen. “Try it now.”

Ren Jing went silent.

Ye Chen scooped up a big spoonful of ice cream then pa.s.sed it to the corner of Ren Jing’s mouth. “Have a taste.”

Ren Jing’s thin lips quivered slightly. Obviously, what he wanted to eat wasn’t the ice cream.

Ye Chen stared at him eagerly, waiting for him to eat it.

Ren Jing swallowed the ice cream. The ice-cold sensation was melted away by the burning heat in his chest and sweetness began to spread everywhere, filling his whole body.

“Is it delicious?”

Ren Jing replied, “It is.”

“Have one more.” Ye Chen scooped another big spoonful and pa.s.sed it to Ren Jing’s mouth again.

Ren Jing said, “No need to give me that much, you should eat too.”

Ye Chen said earnestly, “Open up now, else the ice cream will melt.”

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Ren Jing obediently ate it. Just when the ice cream had just ‘occupied’ his mouth, Ye Chen got up and kissed his lips.

Ren Jing said, “I’ll take a bath first…”

Ye Chen was puzzled as to why Ren Jing suddenly wanted to take a bath. Ye Chen then lowered his sight and noticed that big thing bulging up…

He immediately became speechless.

Ren Jing got up and was about to go into the bathroom when Ye Chen said, “…L-Let me help you?”

Ren Jing stood motionless in place.

Ye Chen summoned his courage and said, “Let’s…once first, then you’ll be able to do the artificial respiration normally later, right?”

What he said was very reasonable. Showering each other with kisses didn’t feel enough now, but if he got to ‘let it off’, Ren Jing might be able to have enough resistance. If that was the case, then he might be able to perform the rescue skill called artificial respiration normally after.

Ren Jing licked his lower lip. “Is that alright?”

Ye Chen nodded.

The two ‘waited’ upon Ren Jing’s big member earnestly. Once they were done, Ye Chen felt extremely tired and his hands were terribly sore.

Ren Jing had practically kissed Ye Chen all over, but fortunately his reasons were still intact so he didn’t leave any marks.

They cleaned up rapidly and prepared to continue the practice.

At this time, the doorbell rang.

Ye Chen felt extremely guilty. He was undoubtedly dressed properly, but he was stunned, as if they had been caught in an (adultery) act inside the room.

Standing outside was Director Li. He shouted, “I came to see how you’re doing with the practice.”

Ren Jing and Ye Chen, “…”

Well, it might not be a bad thing to have someone watching over them. Ren Jing had more misgivings, but it might work this time.

Besides, they had done it once, so it was unlikely that it’d become hard again, right?

After Director Li drank a bit of liquor, he went inside the room and said, “I’ve troubled you two, so I came to see how your practice is going. This is an important scene, you have to create a beautiful atmosphere. It’s not only about artificial respiration, it had to be romantic, aesthetically pleasing, and…have a tiny bit of charm.

Death System thought: These two would totally have no problem with other scenes apart from artificial respiration.

Director Li sat in a chair and said, “Come on, don’t be shy now. Try to act the scene out and let me see the result.”

To their surprise, Ren Jing successfully performed the artificial respiration.

They really had no idea if it was because they had done such a thing before, or because Director Li was keeping watch on them, that it worked. In short… Ren Jing only did artificial respiration this time.

Ye Chen’s face was filled with joy after he opened his eyes. His eyes conveyed, “It worked! We did it!”

Director Li was still as ‘blind’ as always, but he got even more blind now that he had drunk. He said, “Not bad at all, you’re pretty good. That’s the right feeling, Ye Chen performed the expression of being surprised and embarra.s.sed very well. Ren Jing, you should practice some more. You shouldn’t expose your feelings much, but you still had to express the feeling of being shocked…”

He rambled for a long time until he was very satisfied. Then, he asked with ease, “Do you want to practice for a little while longer?”

Ye Chen hurriedly got up and said. “It’s already getting late, I should go back.”

Director Li said, “It’d be better to practice some more. You performed really well today, but you have to get naked tomorrow. You’ll only be wearing swimming trunks, and the feeling isn’t the same with having clothes on.”

The insensitive director’s thought was that he was afraid Ren Jing would feel awkward. After all, performing artificial respiration to a man while he was neatly dressed up and when he was half-naked might feel different.

Obviously, the latter would make him feel more awkward.

Director Li consoled them, “You had to get accustomed to it. There will be a bit of a bed scene later. Even though it would be faked, you both still have to have some physical contact. In short, you have to get used to it.”

The author has something to say:

Does everyone want to pool money to let Director Li go check an ophthalmology? If this illness isn’t treated, it might be incurable anymore *stretches hands out*

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