If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter Ch72 - Little Bear's Head: I'm Suffering Great Injustice

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Chapter Ch72 - Little Bear’s Head: I’m Suffering Great Injustice

Editor: Amaris

Why does he suddenly not want to shoot the movie anymore?

Ye Chen hadn’t played…uh, played his role enough!

Still, he respected Ren Jing’s suggestion, thus he asked, “What’s wrong? Is there something else you have to do?” Does Ren Jing have work he has to finish?

Ren Jing, “That’s not it.”

Ye Chen still thought about it seriously, he asked again, “Could it be that you’re not feeling well?” Now he began to feel terribly worried.

Looking at his Big Darling being like this, Ren Jing somewhat felt that he definitely wasn’t feeling well—especially at a certain unmentionable spot.

Noticing that he kept quiet, Ye Chen became even more anxious. “Don’t just keep everything to yourself. Please tell me what you’re feeling uncomfortable with, I…”

“Chen Chen.” Ren Jing hugged him tightly, then let out a sigh. “I can’t act in this movie anymore.”

Ye Chen blinked. “Why?”

Ren Jing admitted, “As Yan Han, I have to keep on turning you down, but I…can’t do it at all.”

Ye Chen finally understood. After being in daze for a while, his heart felt so sweet that it turned into royal jelly and his face turned red like an apple.

Ren Jing continued his confession. “At first, I asked you to act in this movie so that we could have the chance to get closer to each other. I wanted to interact with you more during the filming…”

Ye Chen pondered for a while and felt that he also thought the same way… Even though what he had in mind at that time was to make it easier for him to do the missions…

Ren Jing kept on talking, “But now… Shooting this movie is getting in the way of our time together.”

Ye Chen’s ears turned soft upon hearing his words. He actually kind of approved what Ren Jing had said: Anyway, now he wasn’t really worried about doing the mission. So, they didn’t need to shoot the movie anymore.

The Great Director Li Fu inexplicably sneezed outside. He sneezed so hard he nearly got blown into the sky.

His a.s.sistant director hurriedly spoke, “How about wearing one more layer of clothes? Please be careful not to catch a cold.”

Director Li brushed his nose. “It’s not a cold, I am having an extremely bad premonition.”

It was indeed really bad. Two of the leading actors were about to go on strike and elope, it wouldn’t be a good thing for him.

Fortunately, Ye Chen still had a conscience. This was the first time in his life that he met a director who acknowledged him. He really couldn’t bear to let Director Li cry all over the Pacific Ocean, thus he said, “I want to continue to shoot the movie.”

Ren Jing was still going on about k2018;selling an idea’ to Ye Chen as he said, “That’s alright. We have just begun shooting, so it shouldn’t be difficult to change the actors for the roles.” He was the k2018;contributor’, anyway.

Ye Chen stated again, “I…I want the two of us to star in a movie together.”

Ren Jing’s heart trembled in an instant.

Ye Chen said again softly, “When we get older, we could sit on the sofa together and watch…mn…”

Not waiting for him to finish his words, Ren Jing had kissed Ye Chen pa.s.sionately.

How could he even dare to continue to listen to what Ye Chen had to say? Ye Chen’s words were completely filled with honey that he wouldn’t be able endure anymore if he heard more.

——When they get older, they would sit on the sofa together and watch the movie they shot when they were still young.

Thinking about such a glorious future almost made Ren Jing lose his reason.

They stayed inside the restroom for a long time. Once they got out, Ye Chen had to get his lips’ color fixed so that it became lighter.

Director Li himself was unaware that he had slipped away from the wire ropes. He persuaded Ren Jing patiently, “Don’t stare at the bear’s head anymore this time. You simply need to cast a glance at Ye Chen, act shocked, then immediately shift your gaze. This scene cannot be edited, the two of you had to be seen together in the camera!”

Ren Jing hesitated for a moment before he proposed, “Could you let Ye Chen change clothes again?”

Director Li, “…” What kind of obsession do you have with that bear!?

“Alright, alright, alright.” Director Li gave in. “Immediately find clothes without a little bear’s head on it!”

Ren Jing sent a signal to Yang Sen by winking at him. Yang Sen was up to snuff and immediately understood tacitly. He swiftly went to find clothes with a tight collar which wouldn’t reveal anything even if Ye Chen bent down while wearing it.

Ye Chen felt really diffident (he was afraid that someone would notice his red lips), so he did whatever he was told to, being particularly obedient.

Once he was done changing, they continued to shoot the scene.

Everything was going smoothly at first, until it was Ren Jing’s turn and he got stuck in the same scene.

Director Li stared at Ren Jing as he scowled miserably.

Ren Jing’s Adam’s apple bobbed, then he asked, “Could you not make Ye Chen run outside anymore?” His bright red cheeks and slightly sweaty look is really…

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Director Li exploded. “Negative! How could he show his sincerity if he isn’t sweating!?”

Director Li said, “The seaside part is a very important scene. Most of all, the artificial respiration scene…” He looked at Ren Jing as he said, “You know how to do artificial respiration, right?”

Ren Jing, “…”

Ye Chen’s face reddened. “I only need to lie down, right?”

Director Li answered, “You only need to lie down at first, but then you had to open your eyes and get embarra.s.sed. After that, you’ll have to quietly close your eyes again.”

Ye Chen, “…”

Director Li knew that this was the difficult part in this movie, so he said patiently, “No need to be shy. There will be a lot of scenes like this later on. This is just the beginning, so you have to get used to each other. Although it’s not that the two of you would fall in love for real, you have to create the atmosphere. Do you understand?”

The onlookers who knew the truth thought: Does that atmosphere even need to be created? Well, it’s probably because you’re a straight director directing a gay movie that you can’t notice the ‘atmosphere’ between the two…

Director Li felt that he had to ‘enlighten’ Ye Chen a lot more—Ye Chen was a new actor, after all. Even though he performed pretty well recently, he would definitely have a psychological barrier when he had to kiss someone of the same s.e.x, which was why Director Li had to ease his anxiety patiently. Hence, he dragged Ye Chen to the side and explained for a while, “You see, Ren Jing is really good looking, too. You could just treat him as a woman.”

Ye Chen, “!”

Director Li, “Do you have a girl you like? Just stick her face on Ren Jing and it’s all good!”

Ye Chen, “!!”

Director Li continued, “You don’t need to take the initiative in this scene. You just need to show a tiny bit of happiness.”

Ye Chen: What should I do if I’m really happy instead?

After Director Li explained for a long time, Ren Jing came over and said, “No worries, we’ll practice in private.”

Director Li clapped his hands together. “That’s right! You should practice properly tonight. Don’t be shy and just relax. It’ll be alright after you get used to it.”

Hearing his words, Ye Chen could barely lift his head!

The crew dined together in the evening. When it was drawing to an end, Director Li urged his two lead actors, “You two should go back first to practice. That scene is very important, you mustn’t be awkward while acting. You’re going to date in the near future!”

The author has something to say:

Practice? Ehehe, they’re going to practice a lot, indeed.

T/N: Prepare for lots of NGs from Ren Jing in a few chapters forward thanks to the ?????????? ???????????… (ง ื▿ ื)ว

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