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Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter Ch71 - NG King——Movie King Ren.

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Chapter Ch71 - NG King——Movie King Ren.

Editor: Amaris

Although it was not a big mistake, Director Li was still worried. But Ren Jing was quite humble. After apologizing earnestly, he offered advice to Director Li, “There’s no need to start over again. We could shoot separately and use a close-up shot on me.”

The scene wasn’t a full-length shot, there was really no need to start over again. It would be acceptable to edit and put the shots together later.

This was a very common thing, but Director Li was quite worried now——he was never this worried before. After all, professionalism was indispensable for a professional actor. But now, he was really worried that ‘Movie King’ Ren would act even worse if he was unable to get himself into his character!

Ye Chen stated earnestly, “That’s alright, I could cooperate with you. It’s alright to retake again!” He unexpectedly felt that acting wasn’t so difficult!

Ren Jing stared at him and felt really moved. Then, he once again took a glance and admired his Ye Chen in a white shirt…

This was such a great temptation, it was practically his whole childhood dream… Movie King Ren was affected.

Fortunately, Yang Sen came to put the fire out. “Mr. Ye had performed really well just now. If you retake the scene, it’ll ruin the quality. Besides, it’s really hot today, Mr. Ye might feel uncomfortable if he keeps wearing a long-sleeved shirt.”

The latter half of his words caused a great effect. Ren Jing indeed wasn’t willing to have Ye Chen retake the scene again. He said, “I’ll do it myself.”

Ye Chen looked at him anxiously. “Are you sure you don’t need my help?”

If you keep looking at him like that, he won’t be able to restrain himself from kissing you! Yang Sen hurriedly suggested, “I just bought fruit tea, it’s really refreshing and will help chase the summer heat away. Mr. Ye, would you like to have some?”

Ye Chen shifted his gaze. He hurriedly replied, “Sure.” He felt quite thirsty because of the hot weather.

Yang Sen quietly took the ‘demon’ away and Ren Jing finally lived up to the t.i.tle of ‘Movie King’ again.

Ye Chen went to the shade then sat down to drink tea while Ren Jing did the shooting again.

Without needing to prepare or wait any longer, Ren Jing promptly got into his character when “action” was heard.

The camera was focused on Ren Jing’s face. His delicate features could be framed from any shot angle. Moreover, his expressions were also on point: smiling faintly—giving a feeling of estrangement—yet still keeping his manner. The aura of a scholar sprung up spontaneously, as if he had really been standing on the podium for six years.

The two only accidentally glanced at each other, yet the encounter seemed to have drawn out a picture of something which affected their whole life; a drop of ink stain which was enough to make one foresee a magnificent stirring epic of their future.

Looking at the camera, Director Li felt relieved in an instant: Not bad, not bad. The Movie King I have invited with all my might isn’t fake!

Seeing that the two had found the mood, Director Li eagerly wanted to continue the shooting. In the end, he looked up and caught sight of the two leading actors huddled together enjoying tea.

Ye Chen offered a cup and urged Ren Jing, “Try it now, it’s very tasty. It’s cold and sweet.”

Ren Jing said under his breath, “Very sweet?”

Ye Chen solemnly nodded. “It’s very sweet.”

Looking at Ye Chen’s current appearance, even if he gave Movie King Ren a cup of bitter melon juice, the latter would believe that it was sweet.

When he realized that Li Fu had been looking at them, Ye Chen said enthusiastically, “Director Li, you should also come and have a drink! It’s very sweet!”

Director Li inexplicably felt that he had a toothache. He somehow sensed that the tea was definitely going to be so, very sweet.

Ye Chen offered him a cup. Li Fu liked Ye Chen a lot now and didn’t want him to lose face, so he took the cup and drank the tea…

The fruit tea was indeed very tasty. He was about to tell Ye Chen “not bad, not bad at all”, but before he got to say them, Director Li lifted his head up and noticed that Ye Chen was gone. He looked around and found out that the young man who had just offered him fruit tea had run into Ren Jing’s side again…

Looking at Ren Jing and Ye Chen who were chatting as they drank tea, something came into Director Li’s mind.

——Do you think he’s finally been enlightened? Seriously, you’re too pure for this world!

Director Li said excitedly, “This is pretty good!”

He shouted loudly, shifting everyone’s attention to him. Director Li walked towards Ye Chen, then patted him on the shoulder. “Let’s add this scene! Yan Han had his hands full in the research group. Zhan Chen bought fruit tea and pa.s.sed it to Yan Han. Because Yan Han was focused on the (research) topic, he didn’t notice Zhan Chen. Zhan Chen pa.s.sed the straw to Yan Han, then drank the tea. The last scene will be when Yan Han finally responds. He raised his head in surprise and saw Zhan Chen standing there while blushing!”

Even though Director Li’s EQ was -100, he had unexpectedly created a scene filled with pink bubbles!

There shouldn’t be any problem for them to act in this scene. The scene perfectly suited the feelings of the two who were still confused and just got to know each other.

But there might be some predicaments too. It lied with Ye Chen. Although Ye Chen had performed pretty well up until now, Director Li was still quite worried. He told Ye Chen, “You should think about some embarra.s.sing or awkward moments. That would make it easier for you to blush.”

In fact, blushing wasn’t something which could be performed easily. Ye Chen had to bring the mood out mentally, only then would his body be able to execute the proper reaction. It was difficult to perform without any practice beforehand.

Director Li told Ye Chen a lot of tips, but he didn’t quite get them that confusion was written all over his face. He became quite nervous and thought: I didn’t understand at all, can I even act properly?

Once Director Li finished speaking, he patted Ye Chen on his shoulder and said, “No need to be nervous, we’ll only take a few more shots. This scene is really great, it’ll leave an impression after you finish the shoot.”

Ye Chen nodded absently. He felt that he could only rely on his instincts to act.

Director Li asked Ren Jing, “Is that alright with you?”

Ren Jing paused for a moment.

Director Li immediately added, “If there’s anything troubling you, let’s discuss it properly.”

Ren Jing cleared his throat and said, “Could we change Ye Chen’s clothes?”

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Director Li made an utterly confused face.

He was unable to shift his gaze away. Because Ye Chen was bending down, he saw something through the wide collar…

“Cut!” Director Li was furious. “Ren Jing, where are you looking at? Eyes! Look at his eyes! Don’t just stare at the little bear’s head on his clothes!”

Ren Jing paused for a moment before he raised his voice and said, “Sorry, I had to use the restroom for a bit.”

Director Li waved his hand. “Hurry up and go.” He didn’t expect to finish it in one take, anyway. The lighting didn’t work too well either, so it needed to be adjusted first.

Ren Jing turned around and asked Ye Chen, “Are you going?”

Ye Chen didn’t know why, but he turned red in an instant.

Death System’s voice slowly resounded, “Random mission, go to the restroom with Ren Jing. The reward is one life point.”

Ye Chen, “You’re toxic.”

Death System, “Thank you for the compliment.” I don’t get any lines for two chapters already, Laozi had to make some sense of presence!

Ren Jing was still waiting for him. Ye Chen felt too embarra.s.sed to say anything, but he still pushed Ren Jing lightly. Was he implying something?

Ren Jing went into the restroom first and Ye Chen followed him. It was a good thing that Director Li was busy discussing things with the lighting engineer, or else he would have found out that two of his lead actors had vanished from sight if he turned his head around!

The restroom had already been swept clean before. Right after Ye Chen came in, Ren Jing held his waist and kissed him.

Ye Chen leaned against the wall. He was kissed by Ren Jing until his face was completely flushed.

Ren Jing let him go a little, then softly said, “How about…we stop shooting this movie?”

The Author has something to say:

Ren Jing: I originally suggested that I shoot this movie to get closer with my wife. Now that he’s already in my arms, how could I even shoot the movie again?

Director Li: Motherf.u.c.ker, I have something I have to say to you!


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