If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 7

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Chapter Seven

Only one…

Gu Xi was long gone when Ren Jing finally recovered.

The cold water he had poured into his chest all became hot and even started to bubble.

Did he have only one chocolate?

Did Ye Chen give him a hand-made chocolate?

A love chocolate…

Ren Jing thought about Ye Chen making chocolates with a serious face, his heart began to itch.

Want to hug him, want to kiss him…

Ren Jing dialed Ye Chen’s phone, but only a few rings and he hung up again.

He had to endure.

Ye Chen was so shy that he could no longer stimulate him.

Although he couldn’t hear the voice he wanted to hear, but Ren Jing’s good mood never diminished. He thought about the small appearance of Ye Chen all day long. There was only one sentence in his head: How could he be so cute?

The movie king tasted the sweetness and was happy, and on the other side, Ye Chen was also quite happy.

“Daddy’s trick!” It just slipped.

The death system silently uttered a voice: Emotional Quotient has been reached.

In fact, Ye Chen's EQ is not so impressive, what he did was well thought out; but he did not consider that in addition to Death System there is Gu Xi's pit.

The first day was kissing, the second day was hugging, and the third day was giving chocolate… This series of daily tasks were done. Ren Jing must have mistakenly thought he was in love with him.

In fact, he is not!

In order to avoid misunderstandings, Ye Chen has thought of attacking the enemy’s rear in order to compel him to give up his own attack…

He sent the chocolate but Ren Jing did not know it was his personally made, he does not know that he took a special trip to find him, and make him eat it, how logical!

To avoid misunderstandings and complete tasks, we must make persistent efforts in the future!

Ye Chen began to play happily, playing and playing, and then someone called.

It is the critical moment of the team battle, how can we pit teammates?

Ye Chen just wanted to collapse, and the result was to see the two characters “Ren Jing”

Why? What else does he want?

Ye Chen hesitated a moment, should pick it up? After all, it is a “long-term partner.” He also hopes that he will cooperate with him afterward. Should he pick it up?

Behold, when he was going to answer, the phone call actually hangs itself.

What the h.e.l.l?

Why do you suddenly hang up when you hit a few rings?

The screen switched back to 'the king of pesticides' and the short leg of the Ye Chen's Luban No. 7 had been lying on the ground, dead.

The phone call was not received, the team battle also lost, good mood!

Ye Chen persevered, and finally managed to turn the tide, and was about to push up the other side off the high ground, the result was another phone call came.

This time, it is not Ren Jing but Gu Xi.

Ye Chen didn’t even think about it, but he continued to ignore it! Gu Xi persevered and another phone call came.

Ye Chen declined it again, Gu Xi called again.

After three consecutive times, Luban No. 7 was mixed with West Heaven, and Ye Chen was blown up. After the call was connected, he said violently: “There is no end to you!”

Gu Xi knew more about him. When he thought about it, he knew what was going on. He smiled and said, “Don’t cry, this brother will take you to fly later.”

“Can f*cking flying be better?”

“Don’t covet my sister all day.”

Ye Chen: “…”

Gu Xi opened a small yellow car again: “Even if I really have a sister, can you fly?”

Ye Chen: “Get lost!”

Gu Xi laughed and said: “Say, your love chocolate did not let you fly to heaven?”

When Ye Chen heard him say that he did not get angry. He praised himself calmly: LaoZi really was sensible, and he could not let Gu Xi know anything. When this big mouth opened, the whole world would know.

Ye Chen replied: “You have something to say? If nothing then go away, don’t bother my road of becoming king.”

Gu Xi said: “Come to the play tomorrow, I’ll see how you are.”

Ye Chen said: “You can let the a.s.sistant contact you on this matter.”

Gu Xi said: “You are such a big shot, I do not personally contact, I do not seem very sincere?”

Oh, Ye Chen sneered, do not think he doesn't know, this guy just wants to set him, it is estimated that the chocolate’s whereabouts became his itch, a tickle, indomitable itching.

Ye Chen will not satisfy him. He said: “I know, hang up.”

Gu Xi: “Really not going to say something to me?”

Ye Chen wanted to hang up the phone and thought about it again. He said, “I’ll try the play tomorrow?”

Gu Xi: “There are several supporting actors."

"Is Ren Jing going?”

Gu Xi knew that he was annoyed with Ren Jing and quickly said, “Rest a.s.sured, I gave you separate scenes, you will not meet.”

Ye Chen: “…”

Gu Xi added: “Later on, except for the match play, I as far as possible will shift your time, you don't have to worry.

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Don’t worry about, what nonsense! He took this show in order to approach Ren Jing. As a result, the b.a.s.t.a.r.d actually arranged their time.

Ye Chen hurriedly said: “Since we started to cooperate, we must adapt to each other. We should not delay our time because of minor things.”

Du Ke Shi was very pleased. She said, “I'll ask Ren Jing about it. I don’t know how to arrange his time.”

Ye Chen can only agree: “Okay…”

What if Ren Jing is not free but busy? Ye Chen is worried.

Du Ke Shi called Ren Jing and mentioned this.

Ren Jing wants to say that he has no time.

Du Ke Shi’s next sentence came again: “I want to get it done in one day, Ye Chen will be there tomorrow.”

Ren Jing paused for a moment: “Ye Chen?”

Du Ke Shi said: “Yeah, he just called and told me that he was going to the play and asked if I was free. I said I was OK. He also suggested that I ask you about your time.”

Ren Jing's heart jumped a bit.

Du Ke Shi said: “Ye Chen's suggestion is also good. Everyone can practice the play in a day and they can find each other’s feelings.”

Said a lot, Du Ke Shi was also embarra.s.sed to give Ren Jing a hard time: “But it’s okay. If you're not free, I’ll have two days…”

When her words had just fallen, Ren Jing said, “I’m fine tomorrow.”

Du Ke Shi said: “That's good, see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah,” Ren Jing laughed. “See you tomorrow.”

Through the cell phone, Du Ke Shi slightly shivered. My mother! There's an electric discharge!

Du Ke Shi sent a message to Ye Chen: “It's fixed!”

Ye Chen looked at the two words and laughed with a happy smile.

He also has the mood to play games, and feels that the power of the body is full, as if he can now go from silver to glory King!

Of course, the imagination is good but the reality is cruel. After three consecutive games, Ye Chen decided to go through the script.

The whole day was pleasing, and Ye Chen woke up very early the next day. He felt that today's task no matter what, he feared nothing.

After all, Ren Jing will always be with him.

Ye Chen took a shower, picked up a very regular dress, and ate a rich breakfast, ready to go out.

He did not drive his own car recently. Xiao Liu had always picked him up.

Waiting for a while, Xiao Liu came, and the mission from the Death System came.

“Daily task: be held high by Ren Jing and rewarding 1 life point after completion.”

Ye Chen’s good mood instantly encountered Waterloo.


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