If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter Ch69 - Ren Jing said, “Yes, I Like Them Very Much.”

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Chapter Ch69 - Ren Jing said, “Yes, I Like Them Very Much.”

Editor: Amaris

Ye Chen was surprised upon seeing the two. “Why are you two here together?”

Ever since they didn’t need to put up an act anymore, Old Gu and Old Yu had returned to ‘mutually’ dissing each other, so they were basically on different circ.u.mstances now. It was really surprising to see the two of them showing up together now.

Poor Ye Chen had long forgotten about the news. He even thought that the two agreed to come and freeload some meals together.

The truth was, when Gu Xi and Yu Xingzhe saw the news in the early morning, their mood turned from clear to cloudy in a minute; when they checked it through their respective circles, cloudy turned to overcast; when it was confirmed to be the truth, the overcast turned into rainstorm!

Their (work) efficiency was almost the same. Needless to say, Gu Xi was essentially a big shot in the entertainment circle. It didn’t take long for him to check out that news. On the other hand, even though Yu Xingzhe was more mixed with the circle abroad, his family’s influence was mostly circulated here, so he got whatever he wanted to know easily.

As soon as they were certain that it was ‘the truth’, the first thing they could recall in their mind was to check on their silly son.

If by any chance Ye Chen shut himself in his room to cry silently, that would be too miserable.

They rushed over after feeling the storm, only to see such a sight.

The ‘sc.u.mbag’ had come to whitewash himself and even made their little poor son cry, then the pitiful boy pushed the sc.u.m man out…

Could this even be tolerated?

Yu Xingzhe exploded first. “I already told you from a long time before that he is a swindler, he’s only teasing and playing with you, but you didn’t believe me. How about now? This f.u.c.king jerk!”

Gu Xi’s face turned really dark. “Movie King Ren, since you’ve already liked someone, why would you still need to bother A Chen!?”

Ye Chen was dumbfounded for a while before he reacted. f.u.c.k, they’re not here to have (free) meals, but to beat someone up!

Shoot, they knew nothing about what happened in the past. If this really turned into a fight, it’s going to be too freaking awkward!

When he noticed that Yu Xingzhe was about to raise his fist, Ye Chen promptly covered Ren Jing by standing in front of him. He shouted, “Hold on!”

Old Yu was enraged, but still kept his att.i.tude of resignation and indifference. “You’re still defending him? That video is real, it’s not staged. The things he said there were his true words!”

Ye Chen hurriedly stated, “I know, I know!”

Yu Xingzhe was about to explode. “You already knew, yet you’re still defending him?”

Ye Chen said, “Calm down, calm down, hear me out first.”

Yu Xingzhe was unable to calm himself down. He felt that Ye Chen was too obsessed with Ren Jing. Ye Chen had most likely been swayed by Ren Jing’s sweet words!

Gu Xi was quite calm, but he was on Yu Xingzhe’s side. He said, “Feelings aren’t something which one could just let go easily. In Movie King Ren’s case, you certainly had to pay the cost after saying such a thing at that time, right?”

Ye Chen wanted to say something, but Gu Xi raised his hand and stopped him from doing so. He continued, “A young newcomer who had just gotten popular suddenly declared that he has someone he likes on a TV program, and that he can’t do without them. During that time, these words wouldn’t get him more fans, but would cause a huge trouble for him instead.”

Ren Jing took a glance at Ye Chen, then slowly said, “That’s right. Afterwards, my popularity plummeted. They also changed my role for a play even though it had been finalized.”

Gu Xi stared at him, then continued to interrogate him. “Being able to confess your love to them at all costs could only mean that you like them very much.”

Ren Jing said, “Yes, I like them very much.”

Hearing these words, the tips of Ye Chen’s ears grew hot.

Gu Xi’s voice turned colder than ever when he asked, “So, have you let them go now?”

Before Ren Jing could answer, Ye Chen promptly interrupted, “D-don’t question him anymore!”

He was really, really embarra.s.sed, but his stammering words had a different ‘feel’ in Old Yu and Old Gu’s ears. They thought that Ye Chen was trying to hide from the truth!

Thinking about how Ye Chen loved Ren Jing so much he was unable to face the truth, they felt really stricken to the heart.

Being hurt by love was too painful. Both of them had experienced it, so they really didn’t want to see their close friend go through that.

They could not be sympathetic. It would be better to just get the pain over with. Rather than prolonging the agony, it would be better to realize the truth. To walk out of it earlier could help him recover faster, too.

Gu Xi continued to question Ren Jing intensely. “Do you still love them now?”

Ye Chen would really like to cover his ears. He struggled while saying, “I…I already told you not to question him anymore…”

Old Gu felt distressed for his son, but he still stared at Ren Jing fiercely.

Ren Jing looked really gentle and his voice was also really pleasant to hear as he said, “I’ve loved him all this time. Even death wouldn’t be able to take this feeling away from me.”

Ye Chen’s heart thumped wildly. Now he really had no idea whether he should cover his ears or his throbbing chest!

Yu Xingzhe was driven mad. “Ren Jing, you’re already going too far!”

Ye Chen found it too embarra.s.sing to say anything, but since the situation had turned this bad, there was no way he could just stand still.

He lowered his head, then said as he blushed, “Uhm…You know…The person Ren Jing mentioned in the video is me.” I’ve said it! The level of shame was off the charts, he felt that he could already compete in a Guinness World Record of shamelessness!

Gu Xi and Yu Xingzhe were left bewildered.

Ren Jing held Ye Chen’s hand, then confessed to them, “Please rest a.s.sured, the only one I ever love in my life is Ye Chen, be it in the past or in the future.”

Ye Chen would really like to find a seam to squeeze himself into!

Old Gu and Old Yu felt like they had experienced car sickness because of all these ‘overwhelming turn of events’. What in the world is the situation!?

Ren Jing said, “Let’s talk inside?”

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Before they noticed, they had been standing and jamming the doorway all along. It was a good thing that Ye Chen’s house was big enough, otherwise the doorway would have burst open due to being clogged by these grown men (not really).

Ye Chen replied joyfully, “That’s right.”

Ye Chen tried his best to refrain from smiling, but he couldn’t restrain himself at all. Thinking about it made him feel incredibly sweet and very happy. He couldn’t hold his lips down at all even though he had desperately tried to control it!

Seeing his son behaving like that, Gu Xi was rendered completely speechless.

What could he say?

What else could he say!?

They had left behind their work and rushed over from a great distance with the intention to kill the sc.u.mbag with their own hands, but they swallowed a mouthful of dog food in the end!

If they had known earlier that this would be the truth, they would have just kept their anger inside without saying a thing when that door was opened.

Whatever, they had already been ‘burnt to death’ first before they could say anything earlier. That part still felt much better than being totally stuffed with dog food like now, though!

Ye Chen was still smiling innocently. “Isn’t that really amazing?”

Amazing, yeah, it’s really amazing. Where the h.e.l.l is the torch, please!!


Changing the p.r.o.nouns where Gu Xi asked Ren Jing a bunch of questions to “them” (hence the chapter’s t.i.tle), because the original is Gu Xi using “her” while Ren Jing replied using “him”, until the part where Ren Jing “confessed” about loving him (Ye Chen) all this time. That part is really heartfelt for me, so we decided to keep the original on that one. Honestly I don’t think this needs to be mentioned, but just in case.

Anyway, they’ll get back to acting again in the next chapter! Expect lots of NG cuts from our greatest movie king~ Also our best dog food supplier couple will get more and more intimate as the story progressed!! They’re getting veeeerrrryyyy touchy by the end of the main story wuwuwuwuwuwuuuuuu

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