If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter Ch68 - I…I Was That Jealous, Yet the Mission is Still Not Completed?

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Chapter Ch68 - I…I Was That Jealous, Yet the Mission is Still Not Completed?

Editor: Amaris

It wasn’t necessary to keep mentioning the past. Moreover, that was such a b.l.o.o.d.y scar, there really wasn’t any need to uncover it.

Ye Chen didn’t want Ren Jing to suffer even more, so he changed the subject and ‘scolded’ him, “Why didn’t you tell me that you were a boy back then?”

Since he didn’t know, he kept on calling him ‘little girl’ and always treated him as a girl, giving him lollipops and little pink flowers… Recalling it made him feel really embarra.s.sed.

Ren Jing said, “I’m afraid you’ll feel disappointed.”

Ye Chen felt a throb in his heart.

Ren Jing said quietly, “If you know that I’m a boy, will you chase me--”

Ye Chen didn’t let him finish his words. He immediately covered Ren Jing’s mouth with his hand, then said, “That wouldn’t happen!”

Ren Jing smiled.

Ye Chen suddenly felt guilty. After all, he could be said to have ‘left without saying goodbye’ at that time…

Ye Chen hurriedly stated, “I was abducted by my father back then. He beat me until I couldn’t get out of bed. When I finally got my strength back and came to see you again, Grandpa said that you’ve left.”

Ren Jing responded, “I know.”

At that time, Ye Chen was the sole driftwood Ren Jing hung on to in the vast sea. He wanted to get closer to him, but after knowing Ye Chen’s ident.i.ty, he realized that his thin and weak hands wouldn’t be able to embrace Ye Chen for now.

This became Ren Jing’s source of motivation to keep on living earnestly. He wanted to make arduous efforts to live a better life so that he would be worthy enough for the treasure he had engraved in his heart.

Humans needed to have faith, especially when they were in hopeless situations where they were unable to see the future.

Once they had faith, they would also have their own conviction. Then they would be able to walk out of the shadow and forge ahead into the light.

Ye Chen was Ren Jing’s ‘faith’. This single ray of light had led him for the thirteen years of his life.

Ye Chen was still not reconciled to it at all. “You should have looked for me sooner!”

They had undoubtedly known each other since thirteen years ago, but they only got together now. It felt like they had missed billions of opportunities!

Ren Jing said, “Actually, you’ve always been by my side.”

Ye Chen opened his eyes wide and looked at him. “Eh?”

Ren Jing chuckled and said, “I once went to your high school to see you. I really liked how you looked while wearing a white shirt at the school’s opening ceremony, so I secretly took a lot of photos.”

Ye Chen’s face reddened, but he still wanted to hear more.

Ren Jing continued, “Later, when you were already attending college, I often went there to stroll around. Indeed…I had debuted at that time, I purposely went to your school to do some activities, but I didn’t get to see you.”

Ye Chen said, “At that time, I…” It seemed that he had started to ‘hate’ Ren Jing at the time. After all, his mother had become Ren Jing’s crazy fan… She began to buy piles of clothes similar to the ones ‘Ren Jing’ wore for her son.

Ren Jing added, “I felt really happy when you got into the entertainment circle. I’ve watched and collected all of the works you’ve acted in…”

Ye Chen thought about it for a while, then suddenly widened his eyes as he asked, “You’re ‘Sir 300 Bundles’!?”

Ren Jing admitted, “That’s right.”

Ye Chen immediately felt really sweet, yet aching at the same time!

‘Sir 300 Bundles’ was a nickname. It was because whenever Ye Chen’s movies were released, no matter how bad it was, there would be someone who would always buy 300 copies—contributing so much to the box office—he was a ‘hardcore collector’ of Ye Chen’s movies.

Ye Chen suspected a few people. He a.s.sumed that it might be his parents or grandparents. They spoiled him so much anyway, so when they knew that he was k2018;trying to make a living’, they wanted to encourage him.

But they all said the same thing: Bulk buying? What kind of thing is that?

Right, the older generations didn’t seem to be familiar with that term.

Later, he suspected that it might be Old Gu (Ye Chen was still on bad terms with Old Yu). To his surprise, Gu Xi gave him a supercilious look instead. “Encouraging you? I just want to strangle you! Your acting skill is cancerous for the entertainment industry!”

Ye Chen ran away while feeling dejected. Still, he was really curious about who this ‘Sir 300 Bundles’ might be.

Everything became clear now. It was actually Ren Jing.

Should he feel happy, very happy, or super happy?

Oh no, he felt so, very, incredibly happy!

Ye Chen held Ren Jing’s face with both his hands, then kissed him pa.s.sionately before repeating his words, “Why don’t you look for me sooner!?”

Ren Jing’s sight fell onto his lips. “Is it too late now?”

“It isn’t!” said Ye Chen elatedly. “It’s still not late.” He imprinted another kiss on Ren Jing’s lips again upon saying so.

Being kissed twice in a row, Movie King Ren really couldn’t hold it anymore. He held the back of Ye Chen’s head, then deepened the shallow kiss.

Ye Chen obediently let Ren Jing do as he wished. He had been such a cutie at first, now that he was this obedient, it really made Ren Jing unable to control himself.

Truth be told, Ren Jing himself really had no idea how he was able to hold himself back that much…

Certainly, he could still control his lower half, but his upper body wouldn’t stop kissing the love of his life before his eyes.

Seeing that this couple was being so sickeningly sweet that they were filled with honey soon, Death System faintly reminded Ye Chen, “Your mission hasn’t been completed.”

Ye Chen didn’t hear it at first, so Death System repeated quietly, “The ‘being jealous’ mission hasn’t been completed.”

Ye Chen was startled. He wanted to make sure that he didn’t hear it wrongly, thus he said, “I…I was that jealous, yet the mission is still not completed?”

Our Brother Chen had indeed been very jealous in the previous chapter. He had been so jealous that his tears fell and the pain pierced through his heart and it became dark all around, yet…

The Death System loosened its grip and said, “At any rate, the mission hasn’t been completed.”

Ye Chen refused to comply. “There must be something wrong with spicy chicken system like you!”

Death System became angry. “It’s obviously you who couldn’t complete the mission, yet you still put the blame on me.”

Ye Chen, “I was definitely jealous for Ren Jing, so why is the mission still not completed? You only want to deduct my life point, don’t you?”

Death System was actually a bit puzzled, too. It could sense some bits of Ye Chen’s change of mood, so it was very certain that Ye Chen was jealous.

But there wasn’t any notice that the mission was completed, so it hadn’t been completed.

What might be the problem? Suddenly, something flashed through Death System’s mind and it realized something. It reminded Ye Chen, “You have to be jealous in front of Ren Jing!”

Ye Chen, “…” What kind of freaking requirement is that?

Death System stated, “Ren Jing didn’t get to see you being jealous, so that couldn’t be considered as you getting jealous.”

So the criteria of finishing this mission actually lies on Ren Jing?

Ye Chen said irritably, “How am I supposed to get jealous again now?”

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His heart was completely filled with sweet bubbles right now. Sure, he could drink some more honey, but vinegar? That was bullying him too much.

“Do you want the life point or not?”

Ye Chen, “…Want.”

Death System, “Then what are you still mulling around for!?”

Ye Chen’s face had completely turned red. He opened his mouth, but could only manage to say these words out after a while, “Wh…Who would even get jealous of themselves!?”

Even though he didn’t admit it directly, his words were equal to him admitting that he was jealous.

Ren Jing’s eyes were in a curve, completely filled with smiles. He kissed Ye Chen a few times and said, “Chen Chen, you’re so, very adorable.”

This time, even Ye Chen felt that his Husband Filter was a bit too thick that it could pierce through the universe.

His image right now was obviously him being unreasonably troublesome, yet his husband still thought that he was cute? Cute my s.h.i.t, just drag me out of this and chop me to death, please!

The Death System said merrily, “Congratulations, you’ve completed the daily mission, you are rewarded one life point.”

The mission had really been completed… Ye Chen’s little heart which had been ‘hammered’ into pieces before was revived.

Ren Jing suddenly recalled and pondered over something. He asked Ye Chen again, “Before I arrived…were you quietly crying?”

“!!!” Ye Chen felt diffident in an instant.

Ren Jing continued, “You a.s.sumed that I liked someone else, so…”

Recalling himself who had tears streaming down his cheeks when he opened the door, he really couldn’t bear the shame anymore. Ye Chen was ashamed to anger then exclaimed, “I’m not! I definitely didn’t cry! I totally didn’t!”

The more he said it this way, the more obvious it was that he did get jealous and cry. It made Ren Jing’s heart softened even more.

Ye Chen was jealous because of him. Ye Chen cried for him. Although he felt really distressed, these were so, unreasonably sweet. This kind of happiness was really marvelous.

Ren Jing knew that Ye Chen was shy, so he didn’t want to tease him anymore, but he was unable to restrain the smile on his lips.

Ye Chen felt that if this went on, he would be so embarra.s.sed that he would explode right here.

He pushed Ren Jing and said, “Go, go, go, you’re not allowed to stay here. You should hurry to work now!”

Ye Chen didn’t want to see Ren Jing today.

Ren Jing had been pushed out by him. It just so happened that when the two had just arrived at the door, they saw the two ‘fathers’ wearing gloomy faces standing outside the door.

Ye Chen had just said, “I don’t want to see you, I…” Ye Chen blinked as he caught the sight of Old Gu and Old Yu outside.

The author has something to say:

Making an ‘imitation small theater’ for a bit:

Two fathers were getting furious. “We’ll beat this heartless rat to death!”

Big Darling was so shocked he became furious, “Why are you beating my husband!!”

The onlookers, “As long as everyone’s happy, it’s all good.” [smile]


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