If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter Ch66 - I Like Them, Be It Ten Years Ago or Now.

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Chapter Ch66 - I Like Them, Be It Ten Years Ago or Now.

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Ye Chen continued to read. The writer’s talent really would be wasted in vain if they didn’t become a detective.

One could see this from their clear and logical a.n.a.lysis, perfectly elaborating on how sincere Movie King Ren was, his unconditional infatuation, and how clean-living and honest he had been since ten years ago until now…

Some comments could be seen under the article:

[How touching, I felt so moved I cried. Could anyone really like someone for that long?]

[That’s simply not a like, it’s a deep love, thank you!]

[That’s what I call a Prince Charming, my Jing is forever my Prince Charming!]

[Who is his fiancée? I’m so jealous QAQ!]

[No, I won’t accept this. This is not true. There’s no way my husband would like another woman!]

[I lost my love, lost, completely lost it… I’ll jump from a building first to calm myself down…]

Compared to other actors who panicked after such news broke, Ren Jing was completely peaceful. It was either because he was the ‘Long Live Prince Charming’, or because of the ‘heartfelt blessings’ by people or maybe, it was eventually due to the netizens’ comments being simply too funny, a bunch of ‘breaking news’ could make people laugh like fools.

Following that, Ye Chen laughed for a while, then thought that he had probably become a fool too.

He didn’t feel anything strange after reading those news because he knew very well that everything was simply an ‘arrangement’.

Right after the press conference of «Devotion» was finished, the top search of ‘Ren Jing + same-s.e.x themed movie’ was still in the first place. Coinciding with that, such news appeared, making the two occupied the headline news in minutes.

The enthusiasm was enough, the fact was adequate, and what was more serious was that it whitewashed Ren Jing.

After all, there would always be a problem of being accused as gay because he took part in a same-s.e.x themed movie. Once the news about his deep affection came out, Ren Jing was immediately ‘washed’ so clean that he became a Romeo, killing two birds with one stone. This strategy could be said to be going pretty well.

Death System said, “You really wouldn’t doubt him?”

Ye Chen replied, “What’s there for me to doubt? If Ren Jing really had this so-called ‘fiancée’, would he still be able to stay together with me for the whole day?”

Death System paused, then thought that it was true indeed.

Ye Chen continued, “Besides, it’s something from ten years ago. It’s been such a long time, it’s almost as far as the past life already.”

Death System took a look at the incomplete ‘being jealous’ mission and couldn’t help but admit that Ye Chen really didn’t think much about it…

But this k2018;transparency’ wasn’t entirely a good thing. Love was blind, so for someone to be able to keep their reason intact (in this situation) usually indicated that they weren’t falling deep enough.

It was not that Death System thought that Ye Chen didn’t love Ren Jing. It knew really well that Ye Chen liked Ren Jing and trusted him so much that he didn’t feel suspicious even after reading the news.

This actually showed a deeper affection, but Death System was afraid that Ren Jing wouldn’t understand it.

After all, in their romance, Ren Jing was always the one who was standing in an extremely vulnerable position.

Upon thinking about it for a while, Death System decided to give a tiny bit of push. “But this video doesn’t seem to be fake. Seems like Ren Jing really did say these.”

Ye Chen’s little brain was so nimble that it made people angry. “He had just debuted at that time, and he was still very young, what he said was probably recited from a script. It must be his manager who helped to make his image for the public.” A public persona of an infatuated young man was very popular no matter what time it might be.

The Death System went silent, but then persisted, “What about that ring? Ren Jing seems to always be wearing it.” There were some pictures showing Ren Jing wearing the ring on different occasions…

Ye Chen laughed and said, “Come on, rack your brain a bit, will you? Did you not clearly see the ring’s design? Anyone could tell in a glance that it’s an old wedding ring. Moreover, is it possible for a 17-year-old boy to wear a ring which he wants to give to his fiancée on his neck?”

Death System, “…”

Ye Chen said, “That ring…is probably his mother’s.” After all, Ren Jing’s mother had pa.s.sed away more than ten years ago. It was some kind of remembrance to wear something she left behind.

Death System was completely stupefied. Was this really the Stupid Chen he knew? Had his ‘public persona’ worn off!?

Ye Chen acted really very normally. He even played King’s Glory and made a Quadra Kill, being so thoroughly fierce that his opponent was beaten so badly they screamed ‘Father’.

After the Death System pondered about it for a moment, it suddenly snapped back to reality.

Something’s fishy, something’s really fishy here!

If Ye Chen felt that this was nothing out of the ordinary, now was the time for him to take the initiative to complain about the ‘being jealous’ mission, but Ye Chen didn’t even mention it.

When Death System was just about to remind him about the mission, Ye Chen’s cellphone rang.

Ren Jing’s name could be seen on the screen. If it was the usual Ye Chen, he would definitely answer the call as soon as possible. But now, he was looking at his phone for a while, pausing for no less than two seconds.

Sure enough, there was something unusual with Ye Chen. Death System’s heart tightened.

Ye Chen answered the phone, his voice was really calm, “h.e.l.lo…”

Ren Jing from the other side paused for a few before asking him, “Are you at home?”

Ye Chen replied, “I am.”

Ren Jing, “I’ll be right there in a minute.”

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Ye Chen smiled as he said, “Just do your work first if you’re busy.”

Ye Chen’s heart felt like it had been smashed by a heavy hammer. It was dripping with blood in an instant. He forced himself to smile. “What do you mean?”

Ren Jing said, “I like them, be it ten years ago or now.”

Ye Chen’s hand which was holding the phone trembled in response. He opened his mouth, but was unable to say anything.

What should I do? What should I even do? It was like he was shaken awake from a sweet dream. The reality of being in h.e.l.l made him feel a great despair.

Ye Chen really couldn’t say anything. His throat felt like it was densely packed with thorns. Even moving it a little bit made him feel a sharp pain as if his blood had frozen.

What is Ren Jing talking about? What is he trying to say?

Ren Jing already had someone he liked, he didn’t even forget about them even though ten years had pa.s.sed. Then, what were they? What were they all this while?

The memories from the past month felt as long as a lifetime. Countless sweet scenes which had piled up and became a castle were now shaking, on the verge of collapsing…

What on earth are we after we went through all that?

If it was all an act, it’s too awful.

Ye Chen’s face looked pale, his head was buzzing. It seemed he had thought a lot, but seemed that there was nothing in his thoughts either.

Blank, his mind was completely blank.

It wasn’t until Ren Jing’s voice reverberated (in his ear) again that Ye Chen came back into his senses. Ren Jing’s low and deep voice pulled him out of the cold and wet abyss.

“I don’t know if you would believe it, but I’ve truly loved you for more than ten years.”

Ye Chen didn’t respond for a long time.

Ren Jing said, “Could you open the door for me? I’m outside.”

Ye Chen replied while still being dumbstruck, “Ten years? Me?”

Ren Jing said softly, “Do you still remember the little ‘girl’ you saved 14 years ago?”

Ye Chen, “…………”

The author has something to say:

Ye Chen: I never expected that the beautiful, pet.i.te, and delicate ‘little girl’ from that time would actually grow so, very, extremely, incredibly tall like this!

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