If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter Ch65 - Weekly Mission: Be Jealous for Ren Jing.

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Chapter Ch65 - Weekly Mission: Be Jealous for Ren Jing.

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After he ‘took the medicine’, Ye Chen had a guilty conscience and asked, “I really won’t infect you?”

Ren Jing held his smile as he said, “You won’t.” It was alright even if he got infected, he would be willing to catch a cold for the rest of his life.

Ye Chen could only pray that Ren Jing was healthy enough so that he wouldn’t get infected by him.

Noon came, Ren Jing’s cellphone rang and he answered. When the person on the phone hadn’t finished talking, Ren Jing made a gesture towards Ye Chen, then went to the balcony to continue answering the call.

He spent more than twenty minutes talking on the phone.

Ye Chen himself knew that Ren Jing had to be really busy. The call is most likely about his delayed work today…

He felt really guilty. Ye Chen felt really sorry for inconveniencing Ren Jing.

When Ren Jing hung up the phone and returned, Ye Chen told him, “If you’re busy…you should just go.”

There was a hint of unwillingness within Ye Chen’s voice… It couldn’t be helped, he was worried. After Ren Jing left, what would he do about taking the medicine tonight? But he couldn’t keep on ‘monopolizing’ Ren Jing like this.

Ren Jing asked, “Could you manage by yourself after I go?”

He’s really going to leave… Ye Chen’s eyes were filled with disappointment, but he tried to make himself look like he wasn’t bothered. He said, “It’s okay, I’m already an adult. Moreover, I’ve already felt much better after taking the medicine, so I’d be alright after I sleep!”

Ren Jing looked at him. “Really?”

Ye Chen felt really wronged inside his heart, but he insisted and said, “Really!”

Mission, mission, his mission, why was it so difficult to complete?

Ren Jing, “Then I’ll leave?”

Ye Chen forced a smile and nodded, “Mm-hmm!”

Ren Jing raised the corner of his mouth. “You won’t miss me?”

Ye Chen, “Eh…”

Ren Jing couldn’t endure it anymore. His eyes were filled with glimmers of smiles. He brought Ye Chen into his embrace and kissed his lips. “I don’t want to leave.”

Ye Chen was stupefied.

Ren Jing kissed Ye Chen on his lips again, then said, “Even if you’re alright with me leaving, I’m not. Even if you won’t miss me, I’ll always keep thinking about you.”

Ye Chen’s face turned completely red. His head was in a complete mess that he became more honest with his words, “Who…who even said that I won’t miss you?”

He could not even lift his head anymore upon blurting these words. It was so embarra.s.sing he was about to burst!

Ren Jing called his name with an absolutely sweet voice, “Chen Chen…”

After Ren Jing called his names three times, Ye Chen felt his innermost heart turning soft. He asked under his breath, “Wh-what is it?”

Ren Jing, “Nothing, I simply wanted to call your name.” Then he leaned closer to Ye Chen’s ear and called his name again.

Ye Chen’s heart felt so soft like there were ants crawling through, making it very itchy.

Ren Jing still had a lot of lover’s prattles to say, and he wasn’t finished yet. “Your name is really wonderful.”

Ye Chen could almost guess what he was going to say.

As expected, Ren Jing said, “Chen Chenk2014;k2014;treasure, my treasure.”

The Death System couldn’t continue watching them anymore. “Climb on him, baby. Quickly climb on this man now!”

Ye Chen was afraid that he would commit a slip of the tongue, so he didn’t dare to say anything.

Fortunately, the cellphone rang again.

It was Ren Jing’s cellphone——it seemed that he was really busy today.

However, Great Movie King Ren⁠—who was well-known for being a workaholic and very dedicated to his work that he might die young⁠—was doomed to earn the t.i.tle of ‘incapable ruler’ today.

He immediately switched his phone off!

Ye Chen, “…”

Ren Jing hugged him and said, “How about we sleep together for a while?”

Ye Chen said, “Your cellphone…”

“Just ignore it.”

Ye Chen thought for a while, then felt that it should be alright for Ren Jing to slow down sometimes. He had been tiring himself out too much.

Ye Chen curved his eyes and said, “Let’s sleep together?”

Ren Jing replied, “Alright.”

They snuggled into the blanket, then hugged each other and fell asleep.

Death System was really angry. It was so angry that it wanted to strip these two naked and lock them inside a small, dark room. It wouldn’t let them out unless they had a baby!

After he took the medicine, Ye Chen felt so sleepy that he soon became lethargic and fell asleep not long after.

Ren Jing also closed his eyes but only slept for fifteen minutes. When he saw that Ye Chen was soundly asleep, he got up gently, grabbed his cellphone, then went outside.

He had to get his work done as soon as possible so that he could have more time together with Ye Chen. Bearing that in his mind, Ren Jing’s work efficiency grew more than double what it was.

When Ye Chen woke up, his side felt nice and warm. He snuggled closer and nuzzled against that warm body, then pursed his lips up unbearably.

How nice, Ren Jing didn’t leave.

Ren Jing asked, “Do you want water?”

Ye Chen replied, “Yes.”

Ren Jing, “I’ll get it for you.”

The moment Ren Jing left, Ye Chen got up and sat cross-legged. He felt really happy that he actually shamelessly thought that the cold should last for a few more days.

After eating the meal, it was time to take the medicine again. This time, Ren Jing kissed him right away without Ye Chen hinting it.

Taking the medicine had turned to this now. It could be said to be remarkable.

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Death System coldly snorted. “Congratulations, you’ve completed the daily mission. You got the reward of one life point.”

Ren Jing: [Take the medicine for a few more days until your condition stabilized.]

Ye Chen licked his lips. [For how many days?]

Ren Jing said earnestly: [Three more days.]

Ye Chen’s mind was filled with this: I had to be kissed for nine more times…

The Death System felt that it had become a useless system! It didn’t have any chance to release more missions!

Ye Chen was in such a good mood that he took the medicine on time. After all, it was only a mild cold, his body should be able to fight it. So in short, it wasn’t quite possible for Brother Chen’s body to not recover even if he wished it wouldn’t.

Three days later, Ye Chen was very much alive and kicking. It was best not to mention the daily missions for these three days. It was either kissing, hugging, or more hugs and kisses. For the current Brother Chen, these were all just bonus missions. Death System didn’t want to release any more missions because it was simply a disgrace for its dignity as a ‘troublemaker’ system!

After being joyful for a few days, Ye Chen felt somewhat anxious. He said to the Death System while feeling distressed, “How could I be jealous?” He was still concerned about the weekly mission.

Ye Chen continued to be ‘worried’ and said, “Ren Jing doesn’t have any s.e.x scandals at all, he’s not intimate with others either. Moreover, he’s really nice to me. When would I even get the chance to be jealous?”

Death System felt that its teeth were aching!

Ye Chen was seriously worried for a while, then he said earnestly, “I don’t think I could finish this mission. The reward is only one life point, anyway… Even though it’s such a pity to lose a life point, I can’t do anything about it.”

Death System, “…” Am I allowed to beat my host? Am I allowed to beat him to death?

The next day, the opening ceremony for «Devotion» was held. The filming was officially scheduled to begin this Friday, which was the day after tomorrow.

Because of the movie’s theme, the producer didn’t hype it up. They only quietly released the promotional video and the main actors’ posters which were made before.

Even so, the news quickly popped up on the top search in a minute. It couldn’t be helped, Ren Jing was really popular. Now that he had taken part in this movie with its controversial theme, it was really impossible for the internet to not blow up.

Even the unpopular Brother Chen also drew some popularity. His Weibo’s followers immediately grew by millions.

He didn’t concern himself with it, but he was still afraid that his mom would beat him up when she found out.

But then, luck was on his side. His father and mother had gone abroad a day earlier and wouldn’t be back for at least ten days to half a month.

This made Ye Chen very delighted. Although his cellphone being ‘bombarded’ was inevitable, nevertheless, the ‘injury’ he had to bear was nothing like the one he would experience were it to be face to face.

He would certainly ‘die’ when Queen Mother came back, but he already had a safeguard measure so it should be much easier to deal with later.

Just when Brother Chen thought that he wouldn’t be able to finish the weekly mission, some news appeared on the home page of every major news media. Three pieces of news popped up on Ye Chen’s cellphone consecutively which had the same content.

[Movie King Ren has a fiancee, and the two have actually been in love with each other for ten years!]

Ye Chen was in a daze for a while. When he clicked on the article and read the content, he found out that there was a ‘smoking gun’.

There was an article about Ren Jing when he had just debuted ten years ago. He said that he had someone he loved. He wanted n.o.body but them. Then, the camera snapped a picture of Ren Jing with a ring on a necklace around his neck…

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