If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter Ch64 - Getting Married——Something That Seemed Like a Faraway Dream, How Could He Dare to Wish For It?

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Chapter Ch64 - Getting Married——Something That Seemed Like a Faraway Dream, How Could He Dare to Wish For It?

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Death System promptly stated, “It’s not my fault!”

Ye Chen thought inside his heart: ‘Even if i blamed you, what good would that do? It’s not like you could explain the whole story about this matter clearly to Ren Jing even if I blamed you!’

It was obviously impossible.

Ren Jing stared at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen stammered for a while, but still couldn’t come up with a proper sentence. “Uhm…I…am…”

f.u.c.k, what am I supposed to say!?

Ren Jing once again showed perfect consideration. He said, “Take the medicine for now.”

He immediately changed the topic!

Ye Chen breathed out a huge sigh, then hurriedly said, “Right, right, right, I should take the medicine first.”

The Death System retracted its lips. “You should take one to cure your stupidity.”

Ye Chen was afraid that he would run his own mouth again, so he didn’t want to squabble recklessly with Death System anymore.

He held the bowl of medicine, stared at it for a while, then stopped.

The mission isn’t complete yet…

It was too awkward. He had to ask Ren Jing to feed him in this situation. Wasn’t this too…too inappropriate to do?

But he needed to take the medicine three times a day. If he missed this chance, could it be that he had to take the medicine one more time tomorrow morning?

There was enough time, but it would be too troublesome.

But if he had to be fed now, how on earth should he tell Ren Jing?

What he had just blurted out was quite baffling. Not wanting to get married? Whom did he not want to get married to?

If it was the past him, he would just treat it as a joke. But currently, it happened right after Ren Jing had a heart-to-heart talk with him.

Ye Chen wasn’t stupid, either. He understood the meaning behind Ren Jing’s words.

Ren Jing felt that they had just gotten familiar (with each other) for about twenty days. Even though they were stuck together with each other everyday, showed affection to each other, and even went to that extent, the time was simply too short.

Such a short amount of time was when people usually acted the most impulsively and were unable to consider things carefully.

Be it like, love, or even solemn pledges of love, all of them were not enough as proofs.

Because humans were sentimental beings, they could even entrust their lives to each other when they were pa.s.sionately in love, but these might not be able to survive the ordeal of time.

Ren Jing was afraid that Ye Chen was only seized by a momentary impulse and that he would regret it when that impulse was gone.

And time itself was the most reliable thing to determine whether or not it was only an impulse.

Therefore, Ren Jing wished to wait more, just a bit more until the impulse had subsided. By then, they would be able to make decisions with rational reasonings.

Thinking about these made Ye Chen feel really moved. Ren Jing had considered so many things, which proved that he wanted to get along with him in a mature and serious way. From the very beginning, Ren Jing wanted their relationship to be everlasting.

Ye Chen’s reply to him should be given when he had decided he would stay by Ren Jing’s side, rather than a momentary desire.

To put it simply, the explanation of Ren Jing’s words was: I hope I could become your lover with the purpose of marriage.

Ye Chen understood his words, yet he uttered, “Who wants to get married!”

Could one imagine what Ren Jing was feeling?

Was he thinking that Ye Chen was only ‘playing’ with him? Or that Ye Chen hadn’t thought that far? Or to go deeper into it, was he predicting that a breakup was about to happen?

After all, one wanted to ‘get married’, the other simply wanted to just date. When they revealed their feelings to each other, it would be followed by a breakup.


Ye Chen felt a stab in his heart and was anxious in an instant.

He couldn’t avoid this issue, and he definitely couldn’t just deviate the topic like this!

Ye Chen gritted his teeth as he tried to mention the topic again, “What I wanted to say just now was…”

Ren Jing interrupted him, “It’s alright, I understand.”

Understand? What do you understand? No matter how he looked at it, Ye Chen felt that Ren Jing didn’t understand at all!

Big Darling Ye’s instinct was really terrific. Even though he didn’t exactly know what Ren Jing was thinking about, his intuition was really on point. He opened his mouth and said, “I didn’t mean I don’t want to marry you, what I meant was… We have to wait a bit before getting married. We have to meet each other’s parents first…” Wait, did I say too much!?

Ye Chen felt quite nervous. He lifted his head to look at Ren Jing and suddenly felt startled.

Ren Jing was staring at him attentively. The man who could handle everything skillfully and easily could unexpectedly be flurried like a child at this moment. His black eyes were twinkling softly, filled with disbelief.

In fact, Ye Chen was only saying these words nonchalantly, but Ren Jing thought that it was very reasonable.

He felt that he had definitely frightened Ye Chen. He had suddenly talked about the faraway future, Ye Chen had to have been scared, right? Ye Chen had probably kept thinking about it in his heart and mind, which was why he said that unconsciously.

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Ren Jing had nothing to be sad about. After all, this was as expected.

Ye Chen, “…” You’re probably thinking too much, brother.

After the two ‘talked about marriage’ for a long time, Ren Jing eventually recovered first. “The medicine has turned cold.”

That’s right! I haven’t taken the medicine!

Ye Chen kept on pondering about how to make Ren Jing feed him. Meanwhile, Ren Jing got up to prepare the medicine again.

The medicine was quite bitter at first, now that it had turned cold, it was definitely much more bitter. Ren Jing knew that Ye Chen was afraid of the bitterness, so he made a new one.

Ye Chen felt really delightful inside his heart that he was unable to hold down his lips (from smiling).

When Ren Jing came back, he said, “The temperature is just right. You should take it now.”

Ye Chen took a look at the medicine, then stared some more before raising his head to look at Ren Jing anxiously.

Ren Jing said, “Be obedient, you won’t feel uncomfortable anymore after taking the medicine.”

Ye Chen mumbled, “Could you…”


Ye Chen shamelessly conveyed it out, even though his voice was as soft as a humming mosquito, “Could you feed me…”

Ren Jing blinked his eyes.

Ye Chen was so embarra.s.sed he wished he could find a seam to squeeze himself into. His temperature would have risen to 40 degrees now, probably 400 degrees even!

Ren Jing’s voice was filled with the glimmer of a smile when he said, “Like how I did it in the morning?”


Ye Chen wanted to say, “No, no need to do it like that, just use a spoon,” but Ren Jing was really ‘considerate’ and had already kissed him when he lifted his head.

Whatever, let’s just leave it at that. This medicine…yeah…is really sweet.

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