If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter Ch63 - After Marriage…

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Chapter Ch63 - After Marriage…

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After eating the sweets… No! It was medicine, Ye Chen thought that his temperature might have risen again.

He slowly realized, anxiously asking, “Will you get infected because of me?”

Upon asking, he began to feel very worried. In fact, Ye Chen felt like he was being insincere now. When Ren Jing caught a cold, he wouldn’t tell Ye Chen because he was afraid that he would pa.s.s it to him. But when it came to Ye Chen, he asked Ren Jing to come even though he only had a fever. He also had tried his best to make Ren Jing stay because he had to complete the mission.

What should I do if Ren Jing also catches a cold because of me?

Ye Chen was fl.u.s.tered. Initially, he was so anxious that his eyes were looking very sultry. Now they looked even much more beautiful after being kissed that they became hazy.

Ren Jing felt an itch inside his heart. He couldn’t help but hold Ye Chen’s hand tighter, then quietly said, “I won’t.”

“This isn’t something which will not happen just because you said that it won’t. You’re certainly going to be infected. After all, you had just recovered from the cold. It’d be better for you to return now!”

The more Ye Chen thought about it, the more inappropriate it became. Ren Jing wasn’t him, he was very busy. Even though he didn’t particularly show up in public anymore lately, he still had a lot of work to do, so of course he got his hands full with his work. If Ren Jing caught a cold again…it would be such a torment.

How could Ren Jing leave? How could he put the cart before the horse when the reason Ren Jing had been working so hard was the man before his eyes?

He coaxed Ye Chen without much thinking, “You said that I had just recovered from the cold. You are aware that the human body could develop immunities, right? How could I just catch another cold right away?”

After pondering over it for a while, Ye Chen thought that it truly made sense indeed.

Ren Jing continued, “Perhaps you’ve been infected by me, but it has been the incubation period for the past few days and only emerged now. If it’s the same kind of virus, my body would certainly be immune since earlier. I won’t catch the same cold anymore.”

The more Ye Chen listened to him, the more he thought that it was very reasonable!

He didn’t want Ren Jing to go, either. It was too boring being all alone at home, so it felt really nice to have Ren Jing around to accompany him. He could also earn life points in pa.s.sing.

Death System cursed silently: Fair enough, earning life points had become something ‘in pa.s.sing’ now!

Ye Chen felt sleepy after taking the medicine, he had to keep fighting to keep his eyelids open. He almost fell asleep as they were watching TV. Then, Ren Jing told him, “You should get some sleep, the cold will get better soon.”

Ye Chen yawned. “Then I’ll go to sleep, you…”

Ren Jing, “I’ll go to the study room to send some mails.”

Ye Chen, “…Alright.”

Ye Chen slowly walked back into the bedroom. But after he plunged himself into the bed and wrapped his body inside the blanket, he unexpectedly couldn’t bring himself to sleep. His eyes were wide open and he was wide awake.

The Death System stated, “Your husband is so ignorant, he didn’t know that he should come in and lull you to sleep.”

Ye Chen, “…”

Death System said, “You should just let go of such a husband, immediately dump him and get a new one.”

Ye Chen went silent. “You shouldn’t be called Death System.”

Death System, “Oh?”

Ye Chen dissed it. “You should be called the Drama Queen!”

The Death System was really angry, but it was unable to refute.

Ye Chen disregarded it. He was about to tuck in the blanket and go to sleep, but subsequently, someone knocked on the door.

The only one beside him inside the house was Ren Jing, thus he raised his voice, “The door isn’t locked.”

When Ren Jing went in, he saw his Big Darling was completely squeezed inside the blanket. All that could be seen were his pair of big eyes and unkempt hair.

Ren Jing’s heart felt soft in an instant, then he came over and said, “Are you cold?”

Ye Chen truly felt really cold. It was perhaps because of the fever which made the blanket feel too thin.

But there didn’t seem to be any thick blanket available in the house, so he had to brace himself to say, “I’m goodk2026;” As he said so, he sneezed.

Ren Jing said, “If it’s cold, shall I hug you until you sleep?”

What was in the tip of Ye Chen’s mouth was “Just turn on the air conditioner and it’d be fine”, but he swallowed them back.

“Aren’t you going to send mails?”

“I already sent them.” Ren Jing blinked as he said, “I have something more important to do today, so I asked Yang Sen for a leave.”

Ye Chen’s heart felt pleasantly sweet, but he still pretended to ask, “Are you going to loaf on your job?”

Ren Jing had already gone to the bed and hugged Ye Chen.

Ye Chen suddenly felt nice and warm. He nestled in Ren Jing’s arms as he said softly, “It’s alright to be lazy sometimes.”

Ren Jing rested his chin on Ye Chen’s forehead, then said gently, “You should sleep now. You’ll feel much better after getting some sleep.”

Ye Chen didn’t feel cold anymore. Ren Jing’s body was very warm. His breath also smelled really good. Leaning close to him made Ye Chen feel at ease that he fell into a deep slumber not long after.

He slept for nearly four hours and didn’t have any dreams. When he woke up, he felt really hot that he was sweating all over.

This had to be the effect of the medicine he took. Although his body felt sticky because of the sweats, his head had sobered up a lot, making him feel refreshed. Just when he was about to get up, he sensed that something wasn’t quite right.

“Don’t move.” Ren Jing’s voice was so hoa.r.s.e that it made Ye Chen blush and his heart skipped a beat.

Ye Chen finally reacted. That super hard thing is…

Ren Jing forced a smile and said, “I’m sorry. You’ve been rubbing yourself in my arms all the time, so it became quite disobedient.”

Ye Chen’s face became completely flushed. He opened his mouth and said while stammering his words, “L…let me help you?”

“No worries.” said Ren Jing. “You still have a cold.”

Ye Chen said, “Then what about it…”

Ren Jing, “Just ignore it.”

Ye Chen tried to ignore it, but that thing was close to bursting! It was hot and hard, how could he just ignore it?

Ren Jing changed the subject, “Do you want to take a bath?”

Ye Chen would really like to take one, thus he said, “Then I’ll go first?”

Ren Jing said, “Go ahead.”

Ye Chen hurriedly got up and rushed straight to the bathroom to take a bath. In fact, he felt quite hot… Distracting himself by bathing in the hot water and bringing down the fever at the same time didn’t sound like a bad idea.

Ye Chen washed the sweat clean. He felt much more relaxed entirely. It was as if he had recovered from the cold and didn’t need to take any more medicine!

But the mission still needs to be done three times…so I can’t stop taking the medicine…

When he finished taking the bath, Ye Chen found a grave problem. Because he was in such a hurry, he forgot to grab a change of clothes.

The used clothes were wet all over because of sweat. Ye Chen was afraid that it would be stinky, so he already put them into the washing machine… Therefore, he was now up against a problem: either he went out wrapped in a bath towel to get the clothes or had Ren Jing get the clothes for him.

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Ye Chen felt somewhat terrified when he thought about Ren Jing’s super hard big member. Hence, he decided to select the first option of sneaking to the changing room, get himself dressed, then come out.

Ren Jing softly let out a sigh. “If there is an eternity, then I really am not in a hurry.”

Ren Jing had liked Ye Chen for so many years, but Ye Chen had liked Ren Jing for only twenty days.

Ren Jing wanted to give Ye Chen plenty of time, and gave himself enough time, too.

If Ye Chen left him after they had really been together, Ren Jing really didn’t know what he would do.

He would only want to taste the luscious ‘fruit’ later after he was certain he had Ye Chen all to himself. If not, he would only lose his reasons.

Ren Jing brought the clothes to Ye Chen. Ye Chen obediently dressed himself well.

They had lunch together. After that, it was time to take the medicine again.

Ye Chen pulled a long face. Ren Jing thought that he was afraid of taking the medicine because it was bitter, but Ye Chen was actually worried about the feeding process.

Just now, Ren Jing had just implied that he would ‘do it after marriage’, yet I am about to go against the rules. Isn’t that too shameless!?

But what about the life points? He had completed one third of the mission, he didn’t want to just give up.

Ren Jing coaxed him. “It’s alright, just close your eyes and take the medicine. I’ve prepared some candied fruits. You’ll be able to immediately eat one after you take the medicine. They’re very sweet.”

Ye Chen chewed the bread pudding as he looked at Ren Jing sulkily.

Great Movie King Ren was being captivated by Ye Chen’s cute expression. He caressed his hair and said, “Chen Chen is the best, no need to be afraid.”

The way he used his tone like he’s coaxing a child…

Ye Chen couldn’t complain about it. After all, what he was about to do wasn’t something that a child should do!

After they were finished with their meal, it was time to take the medicine.

Ren Jing had prepared the medicine. The amount was just right, and he also prepared some sweet candied fruits on the side.

Ren Jing could be said to be very considerate for preparing these. Even Ye Chen’s mother had never coaxed him like this when he was a child.

Ye Chen knew that he should be more ‘courageous’ and be as stoic as a warrior to face this problem.

But then…

Death System shouted, “Climb, climb, climb, quickly climb on him!”

Ye Chen, “Climb your f.u.c.king sister!”

Death System, “Don’t climb on my sister, climb on Ren Jing!”

Ye Chen, “Get lost!”

Death System rolled away before rolling back. “How about I release a mission for you two to get married tomorrow!?”

Ye Chen, “…”

The Death System said excitedly, “Really. If you two got married, you could kiss as much as you want to, hehe as much as you want to, and papapa as much as you want to.”

Ye Chen was really afraid that it would utter more nonsense, thus he opened his mouth and said, “Who…who even wants to get married?!”

Death System, “…”

Ye Chen opened his eyes wide. He realized that he seemed to have said it out loud.

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