If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 61.2

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Chapter 61.2

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After Ren Jing left, Ye Chen was finally free, thus he decided to slip out of the house.

Even though he had been dawdling for quite a while, the time wasn’t that late yet. Xiao Liu arrived just in time to pick him up.

They went to Yu Xingzhe’s residence. Yu Xingzhe was nagging him, “Come in now, you really took your time.”

Ye Chen felt too embarra.s.sed to lift his head, he feared that Old Yu will notice some things he wasn’t supposed to see, such as his lips which were somehow swollen…He followed Yu Xingzhe to the house and saw the figure of someone slouching on the sofa while playing games under the dim light.

His legs were really long, thin and straight as he slouched down on the slightly compact sofa. Ye Chen unexpectedly felt a bit distressed as if he was wronged by those long legs.

But the owner himself was immensely enjoying his time. He kept his head low, having a great time playing his game.

The moment Ye Chen went inside, he immediately said, “Little Chen, wait for a moment, okay?”

Ye Chen greeted him. “Brother Xinghai.” Then he added, “It’s alright, take your time.”

Not long after, Yu Xinghai put down his cellphone and raised his head to look at Ye Chen.

He looked a bit similar to Yu Xingzhe. Both of their facial features were really delicate, but their temperaments were as different as night and day.

Yu Xingzhe had a very eye-catching appearance. On top of that, he was a big shot in the fashion circle, so he always paid great attention to what he wore. It was as if Yu Xingzhe was always in a spotlight no matter where he was, being particularly flashy.

But Yu Xinghai wasn’t like that. He looked like an ordinary man instead. He undoubtedly had a good looking face, but in contrast to Yu Xingzhe, he had an amiable and innocuous bearing.

Still, Ye Chen knew very well that a beast which hid its claws was actually the most deadly. Yu Xinghai’s world wasn’t something that ordinary people could imagine.

Yu Xinghai said, “Little Chen has grown more and more handsome.”

Ye Chen felt kind of embarra.s.sed.

Yu Xinghai patted the free seat beside him as he said, “Come sit here.”

As soon as he heard Yu Xinghai speak, Ye Chen felt like he was back in his childhood. Yu Xinghai had taken good care of them since long ago, he was a very reliable big brother.

They made small talks, but since the time wasn’t early anymore, he didn’t want to waste more time. Yu Xinghai came straight to the point, “I’ve investigated what you asked me to check. The information is all here, you should take a look at it yourself.”

As he said so, he handed over a (paper) file to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded and began to read it.

What he guessed was right. Those dusty secrets hadn’t been weathered by time. They were still standing right where they were, quietly waiting for someone to uncover them.

Ye Lan who had just left Ye Family’s house at that time had lived a very miserable life.

His father was incapable. After he left the house, he became a good-for-nothing. He only knew how to drink and be drunk all day long.

His mother was also ‘all take and no give’. All that she pursued her whole life was to get married into a rich and powerful family, but now that the child was born, her dream of becoming rich was broken into pieces.

She couldn’t believe that Old Man Ye would be that heartless and didn’t care about his own son at all.

But then, two years had pa.s.sed and their lives became more stringent in budgets. Those whom they owed a debt to came knocking on the door, and the Ye Family still treated them indifferently.

Ye Lan’s mother was really truly unresigned to it, but she didn’t dare to argue with Ye Qingnian, hence she could only flung even more severe abuse on Ye Lan.

Ye Lan hated her, hated Ye Qingnian, and hated his life at that moment even more.

Although he was given the cold shoulders when he was at the Ye Family’s house, he didn’t lack any food or drink and had received the best of things. But now, he lived in a cold house with an empty stomach. He even had to face countless frigid irony and scorching satire as his mother vented her anger on him… His originally unsound mind became all the more twisted. Ye Lan wanted to go back to Ye Family’s house. He wanted to live the life that a young master of Ye Family should deserve.

But as long as his mother was still here, he wouldn’t be able to go back!

What to do? Well, if only his mother disappeared, then that would do.

Ye Lan created a scene of his mother ‘commiting suicide’.

In fact, it was not difficult for him to do so because his mother wouldn’t set up any defenses against him. She was pushed down by someone while she was hanging up clothes on the open-air balcony… In the end, the police could only identify it as a suicide.

No one suspected Ye Lan. No one suspected that a skinny boy would be able to commit the crime of murdering his own mother.

After reading the files, Ye Chen closed his eyes.

Yu Xinghai asked, “Did he also think of killing you?”

Ye Chen suddenly opened his eyes wide and turned around to look at him.

Yu Xinghai smiled. There was a kind of power in his eyes which could appease people when he said, “Why did you suspect him?”

Ye Chen knitted his brows as he recalled the last conversation he had with Ye Lan twenty days ago.

At that time, it was his aunt’s death anniversary. Even though Ye Lan wasn’t her biological son, he would still come to pay his respect to her every year.

Ye Lan kept his gentle and cultivated appearance and handled matters thoroughly and comprehensively. When he met Ye Chen, he would always have a small talk with him.

Over these years, Ye Chen had never guarded himself against Ye Lan. He even tried to get closer to him for the sake of Grandpa.

Most of all, when he was a child, Ye Lan had just come back to Ye Family’s house. The seven-or-eight-year-old Ye Chen, who was the first person of the entire Ye Family to accept him, cried out ‘Brother Lan’ in a tearful voice and shared all of his things with Ye Lan.

Ye Lan was smart. He knew that he had to get closer with Ye Chen, thus he played with him all day long. But the more he did so, the more he suffered.

They were both the children of Ye Family, but why was the disparity between him and Ye Chen so big?

One had suffered all kinds of hardships, yet the other was coddled since childhood. He was definitely much better than Ye Chen in many aspects, but now he had no choice but to curry favor and please him considerately.

Ye Lan couldn’t control himself from thinking that way. As a result, he disliked Ye Chen. On the outside, he treated Ye Chen well, but he always showed a gloomy face filled with resentment in secret.

Ye Chen was still young at that time, but he wasn’t stupid. He soon realized that Ye Lan didn’t like playing with him, so he didn’t bother him anymore. As time pa.s.sed, they were nothing more but cousins with good relationships.

When it was the memorial day again, they casually discussed the news about a mother who threw her own child down from a height.

Ye Chen said without much thought, “How could a mother have the heart to kill her own flesh and blood?”

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At that moment, Ye Lan’s body tensed up.

This question was truly like a knife stabbing into Old Yu’s heart. He said while feeling distressed, “He has resigned.”

Yu Xinghai, who was about to step outside, suddenly halted his steps. “…Resigned?”

Yu Xingzhe felt really upset inside his heart when he said, “Yeah. He wouldn’t stay no matter how I persuaded him.”

He thought that his big brother would stand by his side, but never thought that Yu Xinghai’s eyes would brighten up instead. He stated, “That block-headed brain of yours had just finally figured it out?”

Yu Xingzhe, “…”

Yu Xinghai said excitedly, “I’ll ask him whether he wanted to return to the ranks.”

“Return to…what ranks?” Yu Xingzhe tried to figure out what his brother meant.

Yu Xinghai waved his hand. “It has nothing to do with you. You don’t like him anyway. That’s good, you two are not suitable either. Don’t let that demon waste any more time by staying at your side!”

Yu Xingzhe, “…”

After returning home, Ye Chen could finally sleep soundly and peacefully. The issue which haunted him with fear for such a long time had eventually almost drawn to an end.

Yu Xinghai always handled matters efficiently and quickly. He also had a special approach to solve problems, so he should’ve gotten Ye Lan’s matter under control now.

The definitive judgment should be announced after enough evidence was found. In due time, he would be at Grandpa’s side to accompany him in facing the truth together.

Perhaps it was because the tension had finally loosened, added up with how he opened the car window and let the cool breeze in on his way home yesterday—In short, when Ye Chen woke up the next day, he sneezed.

He tucked himself inside the blanket as he thought of searching for a thermometer.

The Death System told him, “Your temperature is 38.8 degrees. You have a fever, no need to measure it anymore.”

Ye Chen, “…”

Death System added, “Do you want to use one life point to help you recover?”

Ye Chen promptly replied, “No!”

Death System retracted its mouth. “Stingy.”

Ye Chen still had the strength to argue with it. “You’re clearly the stingy one. Four life points equals a life already. But in the end, you want me to spend one life point just to cure a mild cold!”

Death System, “What do you mean by a mild cold? You better not underestimate a simple cold, alright? I have the ability to get you to never catch a cold anymore in your whole life!”

Ye Chen’s voice was filled with doubt when he said, “Are you telling me that a single life point could make me not suffer any cold anymore from now on?”

Death System, “In your dreams.”

Ye Chen, “…Get out of here!”

The Death System rolled away before rolling back. It gloated over Ye Chen as it released a mission, “Weekly mission: Be jealous for Ren Jing, the reward is one life point.”

Ye Chen went silent: This system is freaking bullying a sick person!

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