If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter Ch61.1 - Do You Need Some Spanking?

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Chapter Ch61.1 - Do You Need Some Spanking?

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Ye Chen thought inside his heart, It took forty minutes from the old house to get here. How could you just conveniently drop by with that traffic? qaq

Death System, “There was a muddled child in the house, Grandpa definitely had to come and check on them.”

Ye Chen, “…”

The Death System continued to drive a fake car. “If you just listened to me earlier and immediately hit the home run, you surely wouldn’t have triggered the special skill——Grandpa summoning.”

If it weren’t for Ye Chen being busy right now, he would definitely tear Death System apart using his bare hands.

Ye Chen invited Grandpa to go inside the house. Old Man Ye was actually a stern person, particularly when he was still young. Even his a.s.sistant who had served him for so many years didn’t dare to crack jokes with him.

But he naturally became very kind and gentle when it came to his precious grandchildren. Though he was still somewhat harsh, he would tone it down most of the time. Still, he usually would not be beaming with so much joy like now.

Ye Chen already knew (the answer) inside his heart, but he asked anyway, “Grandpa is in such a good mood, did anything good happen?”

Even though he was already old, his nature was actually somewhat childish. The old man’s eyes brightened up, then he said as he tugged his grandson’s arm, “It’s really weird. You came to see me a few days ago. After you left, my insomnia got better. I had the longest sleep in the past 30 years of my life. At that time, I thought I wouldn’t be able to sleep like always, but who would have imagined that the moment I woke up, my presbyopia had also gotten well, my head wasn’t dizzy anymore, and my legs and feet felt light!”

Ye Chen’s eyes felt sour even when he only listened to the first half of grandpa’s words. He was unable to restrain himself from smiling on the latter half——His expression looked much like those fake TV advertis.e.m.e.nts.

The old man added, “It also rained on that day, but my gout didn’t torture me. My waist didn’t hurt either. What’s more awesome is that my blood pressure and blood sugar level are also stable now.”

Old Man Ye suffered diabetes, so he hadn’t eaten anything sweet for almost 20 years already. He said with a voice filled with excitement, “Old Wu (his doctor) said that I don’t need to take any medicine or avoid certain foods anymore in this condition. I’ve almost forgotten what strawberry cake tastes like!”

Hearing these words, Ye Chen couldn’t bear it anymore. Soon, tears were welling up around his eyes. He felt really happy yet pained at the same time. Thinking about the illness grandpa had suffered over these years, about the haggard grandpa from not long ago, then he took a look at the hale and hearty grandpa right before his eyes… Ye Chen said, “Thank you.”

The Death System didn’t say anything.

“Death System!” said Ye Chen. “I’m saying that I’m grateful to you!”

Death System cleared its throat and said, “D-don’t try to trick me. Who cares about your thanks? If you have that much ability, you should…” It blaberred a lot of nonsense, but Ye Chen wasn’t angry at all.

He had to express his grat.i.tude to Death System. The Ye Chen from some time ago really wouldn’t have imagined that he would still be alive until today.

The old man said all of these in one breath. Once he was done, he asked Ye Chen, “Chen Chen, you wouldn’t think that grandpa is a dotard, right?” After all, he was talking like an old person who suffered from Alzheimer…Ye Chen shook his head, his gaze was very gentle when he said, “As long as grandpa is healthy, that means the world to me.”

Old Man Ye felt really moved. Ye Chen was indeed his precious and obedient grandson!

After the pair chatted for a while, the old man deserved to be called ‘the powerful business leader for ages’. His sharp eyes noticed a pair of shoes which was obviously not his grandson’s size. He asked, “Did your friend come to visit?”

Ye Chen ‘woke up’ from being moved, emotional, and excited in an instant, then became at a loss all of a sudden.

Old Man Ye looked at him.

Ye Chen wanted to say “There isn’t!”, but his voice wouldn’t come out.

Old Man Ye stated, “Did I disturb you two?”

Ye Chen hurriedly replied, “N-n-no, you didn’t!”

s.h.i.t, this is different from what I intended to say! He only wanted to say a single ‘no’, but he stumbled and it multiplied instead. Three ‘no’s made it sound like there was absolutely…something fishy going on.

Unexpectedly, Old Man Ye didn’t ask much. He said considerately, “Then grandpa will leave first?”

Ye Chen, “…”

Old Man Ye stated, “I just stopped by to see you, not to have dinner with you. After all, I don’t like Western food and prefer home-cooked dishes. You don’t have a cook here anyway, and you certainly can’t make any dishes. Moreover, you have a friend coming over, this old geezer won’t disturb you.”

Ye Chen, “…”

Death System made a dumbfounded expression. “Could…you translate what he said, please?”

Ye Chen said calmly, “Grandpa wants to have a home-cooked meal with me.”

Death System, “…” As expected, the tsundere world could only be understood by their own kind!

Not sure what Ye Chen thought of, but he abruptly said, “Grandpa, please stay for a meal.”

“Is that alright?” Upon blurting these words out, the old man immediately cleared his throat, “I’m just dropping by, I still have some things to do.”

Ye Chen said, “It’s already this late, just leave it for tomorrow.”

The old man asked his a.s.sistant (about his business) properly. The a.s.sistant told him to take it easy. Old Man Ye said, “Then I’ll have a meal and leave after that.”

Following that, he added, “Have Old w.a.n.g go to the kitchen to prepare the meal.”

He said that he was just stopping by, but he even took along his personal cook with him… Old Man Ye asked Ye Chen again, “Your friend…”

Ye Chen had a headache when he thought about how he should explain the situation. At this moment, the bedroom door opened and Ren Jing came out neatly dressed. He greeted old man Ye with a smile, then explained, “k2026;Pardon my rudeness. Because I didn’t get to rest last night, I wasn’t in a good condition even though we had to practice our script together. Therefore, Ye Chen suggested for me to rest for a while first.”

This reason could be said to be perfect!

With Movie King Ren’s extraordinary acting skills, he successfully acted dispirited like he had suffered from lack of sleep, even though he was in high spirits before.

The old man was a ‘veteran’ insomniac, so after listening to Ren Jing’s words, he empathized with him. He even gave a piece of advice, “…Youngsters like you shouldn’t treat your body badly like this. Rest when it’s time to rest. Insomnia is treatable, so listen to my words! If you don’t get it treated for a long time, it’ll only become more severe.”

Hearing them conversing with each other, Ye Chen felt so nervous like he was a girl bringing her husband home to meet her parents——It was indeed true to a certain extent, though.

To his relief, Ren Jing was really great. He could actually hit it off with Old Man Ye.

This was actually very normal. Ren Jing had been secretly in love with Ye Chen for so many years, naturally he had done his homework on him. However, he shouldn’t be familiar with Old Man Ye’s proud and harsh personality, which was inherited from their ancestors… When he found out that Old Man Ye would stay for a meal and he even took his own cook, Ren Jing said with a soft voice, “What cuisine does Mr. Ye like (to eat)?”

The old man liked spicy dishes, thus he said, “Sichuan-Chongqing’s flavor.”

Ren Jing said, “I used to stay in city C for a short time and learned some of its specialty cuisine. I wonder if I could have Mr. Ye taste them?”

The old man smiled. “Sure.” He didn’t think too much about it. A lot of people had fawned on him for so many years, this one meant nothing to him.

Little did he know that there was actually a ‘little traitor’ from his side.

Ye Chen knew a lot about his grandpa’s preference in food. He stealthily kept Ren Jing informed about the necessary information, letting him ‘conveniently’ make the dishes (grandpa liked) that the old man was stuffed in no time (it was of course thanks to grandpa’s good health that the dishes tasted very delicious to him).

The old man said three times in a row as he ate, “Not bad, hm, not bad.”

This could be counted as the ultimate compliment. The moment Old w.a.n.g (grandpa’s personal cook) heard this, he would definitely feel ‘jealous’.

During the first half when Grandpa was having his meal, Ye Chen felt really nervous, but later on, he inexplicably felt super happy instead.

This kind of mood was wonderful. Ye Chen was filled with delight when he saw that the person he liked was able to get along well with his family.

Although Grandpa had not the slightest idea of Ye Chen’s relationship with Ren Jing and thought of him as his grandson’s friend, it should be fine this way. As long as Grandpa didn’t dislike Ren Jing, that was enough to make Ye Chen happy.

After finishing the meal, Old Man Ye went back to the old house in a grandiose manner. Ye Chen said, “I’ll go back to see grandpa in a few days.”

The old man asked, “Are you going to bring your friend along?”

Ye Chen’s heart suddenly tightened.

The old man said again as he smiled, “Little Ren is quite the good boy.”

After grandpa left, Ye Chen couldn’t help but inexplicably feel that Grandpa’s words were implying something.

I-it’s probably just me thinking too much about it, no?

Once Old Man Ye got into the car, he made a call. “Go investigate Ren Jing.”

One could know a man’s face, but not his heart. His precious grandson was very naive, he definitely couldn’t let anyone take advantage of him.

After sending Grandpa off, Ye Chen was about to go back to the house when his cellphone rang.

It was a call from Yu Xingzhe.

Ye Chen answered the call. Yu Xingzhe immediately asked, “Where are you?”

His voice sounded a bit panicked. Ye Chen replied, “At XX yard.”

Yu Xingzhe, “I’ll go find you. My brother has returned.”

Brother Xinghai is back!

Ye Chen’s heart thumped, then he asked, “How is it? About that thing…”

“Let’s talk about it when we see each other.” said Yu Xingzhe.

Ye Chen was about to agree when he immediately remembered that Ren Jing was still at his house. Thus, he hurriedly stated, “Wait a minute, I’ll go to find you.”

Yu Xingzhe, “Just sit quietly at home, me and my brother could go to see you.”

Ye Chen said in a low voice, “Ren Jing is at my house right now…”

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Yu Xingzhe rolled his eyes. “…Fine.” In the end, he added, “You better hurry up and come here quick!”

Ren Jing’s voice was much gentler than the shades of night when he said, “Alright.”

Ye Chen’s thin lips quivered. His voice was rather soft when he said, “…Are you going to leave just like this?”

Ren Jing was startled for a moment before he reacted. He realized that his heart had been sweetened so much and the sweetness had already turned into a waterfall of syrup and cascading down all over his body.

“Good night.”

A simple ‘good night’ was not enough. Ye Chen felt somewhat panicked. Just when he was about to raise his head, Ren Jing seized the opportunity to lower his head and planted a kiss on Ye Chen’s lips.

Ye Chen’s heart thumped loudly and he felt really nervous, but he still closed his eyes ‘obediently’.

After kissing for a while, Ren Jing let go of him. Ye Chen’s lips had turned dark red.

He quietly asked Death System, “Has the time been long enough?”

The Death System responded, “It’s only one life point.”

Ye Chen, “…You’re trying to trick me again, aren’t you!”

Death System, “Do you think that I am such a spicy chicken system which would trick someone as it pleases?”

Ye Chen thought inside his heart: You are! You just said so yourself!

Ren Jing held Ye Chen’s hand as he asked, “Am I allowed to leave now?”

Ye Chen promptly collected his thoughts. There are still two life points yet to be obtained! Don’t run away!

He panicked and immediately pouted. “I still want to…” In the end, he didn’t say everything out and could only complete the rest of the word in his mind.

Ren Jing chuckled. “Chen Chen.”

Ye Chen really couldn’t endure it when Ren Jing spoke in this tone of voice. It felt like it seeped through his bone and made him soft all over.

Ren Jing held Ye Chen’s waist as he whispered, “If you do this, I really would…”

Ye Chen couldn’t bear to listen to the rest of what he was going to say. He stood on tiptoe and took the initiative to kiss Ren Jing again.

Ye Chen was scheming this: after they’re done kissing, he’d immediately step back. But then, as soon as their lips parted, Ren Jing naturally came after him again. Then, he embraced Ye Chen and continued to kiss him inside out.

Ye Chen hurriedly closed his eyes.

He actually wanted to count the time, but if his brain was that impressive, then he wasn’t Ye Chen anymore.

While they were still busy kissing, Ren Jing was afraid that Ye Chen wouldn’t be able to take a breath and wanted to let go of him. But Ye Chen feared that the time was still not enough, so he promptly pressed himself onto Ren Jing again.

This kind of thing… Who would be able to endure?

When they were done, Ye Chen was nearly ‘suffocated to death’.

The Death System announced right on time, “Congratulations, you’ve completed the random mission. You got the reward of three life points.”

Hearing its words, the Ye Chen who kept Ren Jing wrapped around his fingers like a little siren from a moment ago suddenly turned hostile and stopped acting like a cutie anymore. He pushed Ren Jing away and said, “Y-y-you should go now!”

Ren Jing, “…”

Ye Chen was still concerned about his proper business, so he might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb. He immediately hid inside the house and closed the door.

Great Movie King Ren was in a daze for quite some time before he finally collected his thoughts. He slowly shook his head and smiled helplessly with a hint of indulgence.

The fire had been set ablaze, yet the only person who could extinguish it had run away.

What could he do, then? Maybe he would calm down after being blasted by the cold air.

Ye Chen who was hiding inside the house felt quite ashamed and uneasy. “Do you think I deserve a spanking for being like this?”

Death System, “No, you don’t.”

Ye Chen felt slightly relieved.

Death System continued, “You obviously deserve to be f.u.c.ked.”

Ye Chen, “…”

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