If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 58

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Shen Jiaze was looking for Ye Chen.

When he woke up, Gu Xi had disappeared. Thinking about the deeds he had done last night, Shen Jiaze felt ashamed to meet Gu Xi.

And of course… Gu Xi wouldn't want to meet him, either.

Shen Jiaze sent a message to Gu Xi but didn't get a reply… He wanted to meet Gu Xi, but if he couldn't, he would still like to at least say sorry to him.

Since he could not think of anyone else, he went to find Ye Chen.

He wanted Ye Chen to help him pa.s.s on the message.

But he never expected that the one to open the door for him would be Ren Jing.

They've already started living together…

Shen Jiaze felt like he was starting to not understand these people anymore.

Shen Jiaze tried his best to remain calm. He asked, "Is… Is Ye Chen here?"

Ren Jing raised his eyebrow. "I thought you came here to look for Director Gu?"

Shen Jiaze, "!!!"

Even though Ye Chen had told Ren Jing what happened with Gu Xi and Shen Jiaze beforehand, Ye Chen hadn't mentioned that Gu Xi and him had faked being a couple in front of Shen Jiaze (that was too complicated, Darling Chen didn't dare to mention it at all). Therefore, Ren Jing really didn't know that he was Shen Jiaze's ex-boyfriend's ex-boyfriend's cheating partner (in Shen Jiaze's eyes).

Shen Jiaze's mind went blank for a long time before he asked, "Is, is Gu Xi here?"

Ren Jing had a good heart. He figured that he should help them out, so he said, "He should be awake by now. How about you come in first?"

Shen Jiaze's mind was still stuffed with inconceivable things. "Can I really go in?"

Ren Jing went silent for awhile, then stated, "Why can't you?"

Shen Jiaze, "…"

What a mess, his mind was in a mess, everything was in a mess.

Why would Gu Xi look for Ye Chen? Even if he and Ye Chen had parted on good terms, they had been together for so many years. How could he accept Ye Chen and Ren Jing so calmly?

This world….. what had happened to it?

Unfortunately, this was still the beginning. Shen Jiaze stepped into the house while still at loss before b.u.mping into Yu Xingzhe, who was even more bewildered.

Shen Jiaze, "……………………"

Why is Gu Xi's current boyfriend also here! What in the world is happening here!?

Ye Chen went into the room to call Gu Xi. Gu Xi was holding the kitten while sleeping soundly.

The moment Ye Chen stepped in, Qu Qu meowed, trying to beg for food.

It jumped up and woke Gu Xi up. He frowned and asked, "What's up?"

Ye Chen caught the kitten, then scratched its chin as he said, "You should have a meal first, you could sleep again later."

Gu Xi said, "I'm not hungry."

Ye Chen, "Even if you're not hungry, you still have to eat a bit."

Gu Xi turned his body over. "I'm not eating!"

Ye Chen scolded him, "Ren Jing had worked so hard to make the dishes, yet you don't want to eat! Hurry up and get up. Don't dawdle if you don't want father to hit you."

Gu Xi: "…."

What his hearing focused on was this part——dishes made by Ren Jing.

He already felt full even though he hadn’t eaten anything.

He asked, "Why did Ren Jing come over?"

Ye Chen said in a low, gentle voice, "He's afraid that we would starve to death."

Gu Xi thought, I'm afraid that 'we' is unnecessary.

Now, Gu Xi felt too embarra.s.sed to educate his son. After all, looking at it from every angle, Ye Chen seemed to have become more reliable than him.

Ye Chen waited for Gu Xi to wash his face before pushing him out of the door. Following that, the two saw Shen Jiaze.

Shen Jiaze and Gu Xi, Gu Xi and Ye Chen, Gu Xi and Yu Xingzhe, Ye Chen and Ren Jing…

Their relationships, tsk tsk, most people would've gotten their minds in a mess figuring it out.

Yu Xingzhe who had finally come back to his senses after a while caught the sight of Shen Jiaze in a glace. He instinctively rushed to Gu Xi, bear-hugging him and said with a voice filled with lingering gentleness, "Xi Xi, you're awake?"

Everyone on the spot, "…"

Gu Xi used one of his hands to slap him away. He said ignorantly, " You still haven't sobered up?"

Yu Xingzhe made an inconceivable expression. He didn't understand why his 'boyfriend' suddenly became so indifferent!

Gu Xi looked at Shen Jiaze. Shen Jiaze was drooping his eyes low and said silently, "I'm sorry, I have disturbed you. I… I'm going back."

Ye Chen felt quite anxious. Old Yu didn't know about Gu Xi and Shen Jiaze's problems so he played his part by acting his best, but Ye Chen already knew. He felt that Shen Jiaze was pitiful, and didn't want him to continue misunderstood the situation.

Ren Jing pulled Ye Chen’s sleeve, but Ye Chen still didn't say anything.

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After all… Gu Xi was here. When it came to explaining, it was best to leave it to Gu Xi himself.

Ye Chen was bubbling with happiness all over. Still, he modestly said, "It's quite good. It's almost the same as a three Michelin star chef."

It was indeed 'quite good'.

Ren Jing felt amused by Ye Chen. He ruffled his hair and said, "As long as you like to eat them, then it's fine."

Ye Chen looked at him and said, "I really like to eat them. I will like anything you make."

Could the gaze these two used to look at each other not be that sweet, please…

Yu Xingzhe felt that he should have more pride in his duty. As Gu Xi's fake boyfriend, he should be a bit more proactive.

"Try this." Yu Xingzhe picked up a piece of roasted fish for Gu Xi. He even said affectionately, "I know you like to eat this."

He actually didn't know jack s.h.i.t, but it didn't matter since they were both partners in crime. For the sake of acting, even if Gu Xi didn't like to eat fish, he would still pretend that he liked to eat it. And then, he'll act lovey-dovey together with him.

For specific details (of how to act all lovey-dovey), they could refer to Silly Chen and the Slick Man.

Yu Xingzhe felt that his plan was flawless, but he really didn't expect his partner to tear down his stage again.

Gu Xi, "I never eat fish, particularly this kind of fish."

Yu Xingzhe: "…"

Gu Xi threw the fish away. He just showed what it meant by loathing something very much.

Yu Xingzhe asked him patiently and gently, "Then, what would you like to eat?"

Gu Xi looked at the dishes before Shen Jiaze. "Mantis shrimp."

Yu Xingzhe paused for a while before he said, "I’ll help you peel."

But Gu Xi's reply didn't cooperate at all. "You know how to?"

Old Yu was ready to explode. His gaze directed towards Gu Xi was full of hidden knives.

Gu Xi quietly said a sentence, "Shen Jiaze, I want to eat Mantis shrimp."

Shen Jiaze's hands were obviously trembling and his back was perfectly straight.

When they attended university, Gu Xi liked to eat these kinds of food, but it was troublesome to eat. Young master Shen Jiaze also did not understand how to peel these things properly. But after he specially searched up on Baidu to learn, he unexpectedly became a professional at peeling prawn's sh.e.l.ls.

Later on, he would peel for Gu Xi to eat.

Shen Jiaze peeled the prawns happily, and Gu Xi also ate the peeled prawns happily.

How long ago had that been? After he broke up with Gu Xi, he had never touched these sort of things anymore. And now, he didn't even know if he still knew how to peel the prawn.

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