If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 55

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Let's talk a bit about the problem here.

The parking lot was wide. Right outside of the elevator, there were pillars on both sides.

Shen Jiaze was standing on the left side of the pillar because he was waiting for his driver.

Yu Xingzhe and Mother Yu just got off the elevator. They couldn't see Shen Jiaze because they were in the middle of the two pillars.

With a 'ding', the elevator opened and Gu Xi came out of it. The first thing that he saw were Yu Xingzhe and Mother Yu, meanwhile, Shen Jiaze happened to be perfectly covered by the left pillar. Hence, President Shen really didn't mean to eavesdrop. It was more like the time was right (bulls.h.i.t), he couldn't help but listen to their conversations.

As for Brother Chen and Ren Jing, they were inside the car. The car was parked across from the elevator, so they could see the whole scene. Because it wasn't parked that far away, they could hear everything clearly.

What was more deadly was that unless the people standing outside had the intention (such as the trailing Shen Jiaze), they really wouldn't peek inside the car to see if the people inside were their acquaintances or not.

After all, Ren Jing wasn't driving an eye-catching car. Yu Xingzhe and Gu Xi didn't need to hitch a ride, either.

As a result, here was the situation now: Yu Xingzhe and Gu Xi didn't know that Shen Jiaze, Ren Jing, and Ye Chen were all on the scene!

Yu Xingzhe's eyes brightened up as soon as he saw Gu Xi coming, he was beaming with happiness as he said, "I was just talking to my mom about you, and you appeared."

Yu Xingzhe was so happy there was a hint of sweetness in his voice. Gu Xi couldn't help but shivered.

Gu Xi had been told about the situation from Yu Xingzhe by phone, so he certainly 'understood' the situation and greeted Mother Yu courteously.

Seeing as how the 'first play' was about to begin, Ye Chen became very anxious!

Shen Jiaze was beside them!

If Gu Xi returned Old Yu's heartfelt confession, th-then what about his current boyfriend??

How would they be able continue their act afterwards? This really made things too difficult for Big Darling Chen!

Ye Chen lowered his head and promptly gave Gu Xi a call, thinking of reminding him about the problem.

In the end, he was unable to make a call because the signal in the underground parking lot was really bad! QAQ

What was even more dreadful was that Ye Chen couldn't just jump out of the car. If Mother Yu wasn't here, then he could have rushed out and said, "You cheating couple are actually betraying me" (regardless of whether he acted well or not). But Mother Yu was here, he didn't dare to do any kind of act at all. He was afraid that Mother Yu would then become too upset and immediately fainted!

Yu Xingzhe had already started the 'play'. He said, "I've actually liked Gu Xi since long ago, but at that time I was still too childish and always like to bully him, making him upset. But after being separated for so many years, I finally understood that I can't do without him. So, I confessed right after I came back and he accepted me!"

Ye Chen: It's over, my Brother Xi is done for!

Gu Xi was absolutely disgusted by Yu Xingzhe's words. Fortunately, his acting skills were first-rate. Even though he might not be suitable to be a movie king, he was still kind of a director, so his acting was flawless. Gu Xi's voice was gentle like water when he said, "Auntie, A Zhe and I will be well together, please rest a.s.sured."

Mother Yu's face was filled with shock. "You… You're joking, right?"

Gu Xi and Yu Xingzhe said confidently, "I love A Zhe (A Xi). Please give us your blessings."

Ye Chen couldn't look at them anymore!

It was Ren Jing who was sharp enough to notice that they were acting just by a glance. Not only that, he could also see Shen Jiaze who almost flew up to heaven because he was so shocked.

If he remembered correctly, Shen Jiaze was Gu Xi's ex-boyfriend, right?

This situation was truly a hard one to explain in a few words.

Mother Yu received ten thousand tons of injury that she couldn't bear it anymore. Just then, her driver arrived.

She hurriedly got into the car. Yu Xingzhe still felt sorry for her, but this was better than prolonging the agony. He had to reveal this sooner or later, so Yu Xingzhe refrained from taking another step.

"Mom, you should go back first, I have a date with A Xi." Yu Xingzhe said as he gritted his teeth.

Mother Yu sobbed heaps and ran far away. She had just profoundly experienced what it meant by 'a grown boy can't be kept at home'!

As soon as Mother Yu left, Gu Xi shook Yu Xingzhe's hand ignorantly. Yu Xingzhe retracted his lips. When he was just about to mock Gu Xi, he noticed the sound of footsteps approaching them.

Old Yu tensed up and immediately embraced Gu Xi, doing what he was supposed to do.

What Shen Jiaze saw was two people who were pa.s.sionately holding one another after promising all of their lives to each other.

Because Old Yu was facing away from Shen Jiaze, he didn't know that it was him. Old Yu thought that his mother returned, thus he hugged Gu Xi. Then, he said with a clingy voice, "Xi Xi, I am very happy to be with you."

Gu Xi, "…"

He looked straight at Shen Jiaze. His gaze was very calm, but Shen Jiaze was wearing an expression which looked as if the sky had fallen and the earth had opened up.

Gu Xi deserved to be called 'a veteran man who has experienced a hundred battles'. He could rack his brain a lot within this short span of time.

He could use this as an opportunity. Little Ye Chen wasn't that reliable since his acting skills weren't good. Not to mention, he had no permanent schedule for the movie he was starring in yet. If Gu Xi wanted to ask Ye Chen to act as his lover, nine out of ten times, he was going to be especially busy being lovey-dovey with Ren Jing.

But Old Yu was different. This guy's acting skills weren’t too bad, Gu Xi just needed to demand a bit more. With the two of them cooperating, he could kill two birds with one stone, which was perfect.

Now that he happened to run into Shen Jiaze again, it would be better for him to immediately 'expel' Ye Chen and give the exclusive right to act with him as a 'couple' to bash the sc.u.mbag to Yu Xingzhe.

Gu Xi, who had just come round to this idea, looked very calm. He immediately greeted Shen Jiaze, "h.e.l.lo, President Shen."

Shen Jiaze looked at Gu Xi without blinking as he looked at the man who had let go of Gu Xi and stood beside him, their fingers interlocked.

Gu Xi said, "Since you've seen it… I hope you could keep it a secret for the time being."

Hearing Gu Xi's words, Shen Jiaze's eyes were filled with disbelief.

Gu Xi continued indifferently, "I haven't figured out how to tell Little Chen about this, so I want you to hold your tongue for now."

Shen Jiaze's voice was m.u.f.fled and hoa.r.s.e as if he had just drunk a cup of bitter melon juice when he asked Gu Xi, "So the one you really liked is Yu Xingzhe?"

Gu Xi held Yu Xingzhe's hand, then seriously said, "Yes."

Yu Xingzhe wasn't familiar with Shen Jiaze, but Gu Xi had helped him a lot so he was willing to cooperate with Gu Xi. Hence, Yu Xingzhe said, "President Shen, both Gu Xi and me have told our parents about our relationship. Don't you think it's too meaningless to ask about this?"

Shen Jiaze felt like the strength in his body had been pulled out entirely after hearing these words.

He felt like he himself was a big joke.

Be it ten years ago or even now.

He never had the chance to walk into Gu Xi's world.

Gu Xi never needed Shen Jiaze in his world, either.

Gu Xi didn't look at him anymore. He simply pulled Yu Xingzhe and walked far away together with him.

Ye Chen, who saw everything that happened with his eyes, had a bewildered look. It seems like somehow, it turns out, apparently,… I'm not needed anymore?

But Ye Chen still tried to explain how he and Ren Jing had been exposed by Shen Jiaze and sent it to Gu Xi.

Gu Xi saw the message after walking out of the parking lot, his mouth twitched in response. But it didn't matter anymore, he could just 'break up' with Ye Chen given this situation.

"It's alright, I've cheated on you, too."

Ye Chen, "…" Why does it feel really weird like this?

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Ren Jing who was currently driving the car asked, "What's going on between Gu Xi and Yu Xingzhe?"

He had plenty of houses, he didn't necessarily have to sleep here.

Even though he had kept watch for nearly seven to eight hours, Shen Jiaze was still sharp. He immediately grabbed Gu Xi, stopping him from going anywhere.

Gu Xi was agitated. "What the h.e.l.l do you want again?"

Shen Jiaze was drunk. His whole body reeked of booze and his eyes looked tired. Then, he embraced Gu Xi with all his might, his voice was unreasonably hoa.r.s.e, "I'm really regretting it."

Hearing these four words, Gu Xi felt that his heart was about to burst.

Regret? It's no use regretting it now!

Following that, Shen Jiaze said again, "If I could go back to six years ago, I'll accept it. I'm willing to accept even if it means I could only become Shen Qingxu's subst.i.tute for my whole life."

At that time, he was still an arrogant brat who didn't want to admit defeat, not willing to become just a subst.i.tute. He wanted Gu Xi and to be together with him.

What was the use? Gu Xi didn't like Shen Qingxu, so Gu Xi kicked him out.

After going around in circles for so many years, Shen Jiaze finally realized that he actually would rather behave himself and become a subst.i.tute. At least, he could stay by Gu Xi's side.

What did he get by stirring things up until now?

His dignity had been swept away, his heart had been trampled badly, yet he was unable to let go.

Perhaps what he should be regretting was encountering Gu Xi ten years ago.

The feeling of a hangover was really unpleasant. Yu Xingzhe hadn’t been this drunk for quite a while already. When he woke up, he desperately pressed his temple. He vaguely remembered that SUN had returned, so he shouted, "SUN?"

No answer.

Where is he? Yu Xingzhe got out of bed as he staggered and looked around.

He's probably in the kitchen. I'm really hungry. SUN's cooking skills are really good, the food he makes is really tasty.

Yu Xingzhe rubbed his stomach and went into the kitchen. In the end, he didn't see a soul in sight.

He isn't here?

Yu Xingzhe was puzzled. Where did he go? Could it be that what happened last night was only a dream? SUN didn't actually come back?

Yu Xingzhe felt uneasy. He tried to look around, but couldn't tell if he was dreaming or not last night.

Was it Old Gu who sent him back?

Yu Xingzhe picked his phone up. He was about to call Gu Xi when he noticed an email.

It was from SUN.

After clicking on it and taking a quick look at its contents, his pupils suddenly shrunk.

It was a letter of resignation.

SUN was going to resign.

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