If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 54

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Editor: Amaris

I've just warned him yesterday, yet they are having another date today?

Shen Jiaze had never seen such a shameless person before!

They had already been caught in their adultery act, yet they were still acting fearless?

After being enraged for a while, Shen Jiaze felt a bit anxious. Since Gu Xi was also here, what would happen if they b.u.mped into him?

Thinking of how Gu Xi might become heartbroken, Shen Jiaze immediately felt distressed.

I can't let Gu Xi see this. I can't let him see Ye Chen's true colors without any precaution!

It seemed that Shen Jiaze's b.i.t.c.hy disease was gone since he met Gu Xi again. He even went to tidy up his lovers' mess. He was hopeless.

How could Ye Chen know about this nonsense? He followed Ren Jing around happily, behaving very well and obediently, which was very rare.

Ren Jing was meeting with his confidant, so he didn't deliberately conceal his expressions. Ren Jing took care of Ye Chen while discussing things with the confidant. He even had to peel and cut the apple into pieces for Ye Chen.

The confidant was blinded the whole time because of their act. Still, they earnestly reported their work. They were competent a.s.sociates.

Shen Jiaze, who was secretly observing them, felt extremely worn out by now. These two are brazenly having a clandestine love affair, how shameful!

Just then, Ye Chen got up. He told Ren Jing, "I'll go wash my hands, I got juice on it."

Ren Jing thought he had been leaving Ye Chen out in the cold for a bit today, causing Ye Chen to get bored and thus wanted to take a walk. Hence, Ren Jing considerately said, "I'll go with you."

Ye Chen hesitantly replied, "It's alright, I could go by myself…"

Ren Jing said, "I also want to wash my hands."

With that, the two went to the restroom together.

The moment Shen Jiaze saw that scene, he couldn’t help but felt himself enraged again. Cheating couple! They even had to go to the restroom together, they're definitely up to no good!

Once his explosive outburst ended, Shen Jiaze saw that Gu Xi also unexpectedly got up!

Looking at the direction Gu Xi was heading to… he should also be going to the restroom.

Shen Jiaze went into a panic. He'll b.u.mp into them. Gu Xi is definitely going to run into them!

When the time came… Ye Chen wouldn't be able to hide his filthy secret anymore.

I have to prevent that from happening!

Shen Jiaze quickened his steps, blocking the way to the restroom as early as possible.

At first, Gu Xi was in a good mood, he was even humming a ditty with his usual casual expression. But the second he saw Shen Jiaze, his uplifted brows suddenly dropped down and the glimmer of smile in his eyes disappeared, leaving only an indifferent expression.

Shen Jiaze could see it clearly, an extreme pain stabbed right through his heart. But they were not in their youth anymore, so he kept his composure and summoned out the generosity he had kept hidden for years. Shen Jiaze smiled as he said, "What a coincidence, President Gu."

Gu Xi put on a fake smile. "City B is so small that I could run into President Shen everywhere."

Shen Jiaze smiled and exchanged some small talks with Gu Xi on purpose.

But Gu Xi was agitated. He didn't even conceal his disgust towards Shen Jiaze at all. Gu Xi only said a few words, "Excuse me, I need to go to the restroom."

How could Shen Jiaze step aside? Ye Chen and Ren Jing were (still) inside. They were really taking their time, who knew what they were up to.

If Gu Xi went in… Who knew what kind of sight awaited him?

Right at this moment, the sound of someone shouting 'Ow!' could be heard from inside! A splash followed after that scream.

Shen Jiaze's eyes turned green. This cheating couple couldn't be that thirsty that they would do such things inside the restroom, right!?

The one who was really wronged here was Big Darling Ye.

If only Shen Jiaze thought about it… Tch, he didn't. But anyway, Ren Jing wouldn't inconvenience Ye Chen that much.

What actually happened was, when Big Darling was washing his hands, he turned on the faucet too far, causing the water to rush out vigorously. Ye Chen didn't want it to get on his shirt, so he dodged it by stepping backwards. As a result, he nearly tumbled down on the floor which had turned slippery.

Good thing that Ren Jing had sharp eyes and nimble fingers, grabbing him right away.

Even so, Ren Jing was still knocked backwards, causing him to step back and b.u.mped against the door, causing the ruckus.

However, in Shen Jiaze's eyes, the two were really 'capable' of doing whatever the h.e.l.l they wanted.

Well, they were now holding each other and there wasn't anyone here either, so Ren Jing snuck a kiss from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen didn't refuse at all. The very obedient Ye Chen was so adorably cute in Ren Jing's eyes, thus he kissed Ye Chen again.

After secretly having their sweet moments for a while, they eventually went out. Hearing the footsteps, Shen Jiaze's heart tightened.

Gu Xi was already burning with anger. "Great barkers are no biters. Shen Jiaze, get out of my way!"

Shen Jiaze had a good hearing, he could pick up that Ren Jing and Ye Chen had just opened the door. If it was just Ye Chen then he could still force out an explanation, but since there were two of them coming out together, they most likely went out after doing a thing or two. With Gu Xi's sharp eyes, he would definitely be able to notice it. At that time, they would be exposed.

What to do now? He had no reason to stop Gu Xi. The restroom only had a single pa.s.sageway, be it going in or out, Gu Xi would still run into them.

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Shen Jiaze caught the part.i.tion behind Gu Xi at a glimpse…

He thought that Ren Jing and Ye Chen had left, but then he saw the two inside a car…

They must be up to no good! Shen Jiaze got angry on behalf of Gu Xi, but then, all that he could do was get angry. He didn't even have the courage to expose the couple.

Ren Jing told Ye Chen, "If you're tired, let me send you home to rest?"

Ye Chen said, "Do you still have to work in the afternoon?"

Ren Jing responded with a grunt.

Ye Chen replied promptly, "I'm not tired!"

Ren Jing smiled as he grabbed the steering wheel and said, "I'll do the work at home."

Ye Chen's eyes brightened up. "Would it be inconvenient?"

Ren Jing, "No worries."

Ye Chen was so sleepy his head kept on dropping. Ren Jing wanted him to sleep more comfortably, thus his suggestion.

Ye Chen was afraid he would disturb Ren Jing, so he said, "I'm not sleepy at all. You do your work, I'll play some games."

Ren Jing leaned over and kissed Ye Chen. "I'm sleepy, too."

Ye Chen's face turned bright red. After Ren Jing let go of him, he turned around uneasily. Right at this time, his eyes met with Shen Jiaze's.

Shen Jiaze was expressionless.

Big Darling Ye, "!!!!!" Five exclamation marks were not enough to express his shock!

As luck would have it, right at this moment, a man walked out of the elevator. His figure was slender, wearing fashionable clothes, his features so delicate that he looked like an evil spirit. Unfortunately, he was really impatient right now, thus his voice was really agitated, "I already said that I liked Gu Xi. Only him. No one else would do!"

Standing beside him was a middle-aged woman. She was very good looking, her appearance was somewhat similar to that man.

It was indeed Yu Xingzhe and Mother Yu who came.

When Mother Yu saw a stranger, she immediately pulled her son. Yu Xingzhe didn't notice Shen Jiaze's presence at all. He said, "Whether you believe it or not, I love him anyway. I don't want anyone but him!"

Who could have thought that after such an 'affectionate confession', the elevator made a 'ding' sound, the person in question appeared before them…

Hi! Sorry for the super late release (again. sorry, all that I did was apologizing these days…). I had exams for a few weeks and it had just ended, so I only got time to translate now. Once again I’m really sorry, I know I was never good enough hahaha.

Anyway, the story will focus on the side characters for a few chapters forward. Main CP will still appear, but they’re more behind the scene. I honestly liked it this way, because I’m a sucker for authors who did side characters’ stories LOL. Don’t get me wrong; I love the main characters with all my heart, but it’s nice to see other characters having their own developments, too. And I think it’s a bit of different approach from the main couple, so it’s to my liking (PS. side couples will have their own side stories after the main story ended, so please look forward to them! ). That’s what I thought, at least.

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