If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 52

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Warning: Locked chapter on JJWXC. Slight NSFW at a certain part. Proceed at your own risk.

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It was a really pa.s.sionate kiss.

Ren Jing had always treated Ye Chen as his treasure before. Even though he was really affectionate, he would always kiss Ye Chen gently, restraining himself so as not to scare him.

But the kiss now was the most erotic. Through the misty bathroom, the naked Ren Jing and Ye Chen whose clothes were wet by water were not only closely linked by their lips, but also their bodies.

Ye Chen almost forgot how to breathe. He could only gasp for a deep breath after Ren Jing let go of him. He even choked in the end.

After seeing Ye Chen coughing fiercely, Ren Jing felt he was woken up from a dream. He patted Ye Chen's back, trying his best to cover up his upset look as he asked, "You alright?"

Ye Chen coughed until he teared up. He waved his hand and said, "I… I'm okay." His voice was like he had just sobbed.

Ren Jing was really distressed. At first, he was only afraid that he would pa.s.s the cold to Ye Chen, but now he was also afraid Ye Chen would catch a chill. Now he just wanted to kill himself who had just messed things up a moment ago.

"Immediately change your clothes, else you'll catch a chill." Ren Jing said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen felt really aggrieved. He had come this far, wouldn't it be too much of a shame if he just went out now…

But if he stayed here longer…

Ye Chen saw Ren Jing's 'tent', that entire thing was hard, alright!?

Death System started to give even more lousy ideas, "You should take advantage of the affectionate mood, then you could help him to take a bath."

Ye Chen, "…"

Before Ye Chen had the time to think about this serious problem, Ren Jing had let go of him. He grabbed a towel and put it on himself and said again, "You should also take a bath, I'll find suitable clothes for you."

It was Ren Jing who was supposed to take a bath, but now they switched instead…

Seeing Ren Jing about to go out, he panicked and asked, "Didn't you also want to take a bath?"

Ren Jing, "…"

Ye Chen's voice trembled a lot when he said, "L-let's, take a bath, to-together." He stuttered the words badly.

Upon finishing his words, the bathroom seemed to be completely empty for a moment.

After some seconds of an absolutely dubious silence, Ren Jing smiled wryly. "…I'm afraid I won't be able to control myself."

Ye Chen, "!!!"

Ren Jing softly took a breath, then slowly said, "I'm afraid that I…won't be able to control myself and do things that's not supposed to be done here."

Ye Chen felt like he could forever live in the seam already, becoming a man of the seam from now on!

Ren Jing's voice was gentle and filled with attachment, falling into Ye Chen's heart like raindrops in the sound of the dripping water, "Chen Chen, I want to properly love you…at the right time and place."

This feeling of being treasured by someone on the tip of their heart…

Ye Chen felt really, really moved.

Death System was infuriated. According to the plan, it was time for Ye Chen to give birth to his child already, but why were these two not started on it yet!

This was no good, the system can't let it slip. The Death System reminded Ye Chen, "Mission, mission, the bath mission!"

Ye Chen snarled at the system, "It's impossible, ahhhhh!"

Death System, "…"

After Ren Jing went out, Ye Chen took a bath, then came out wrapped in a bath towel.

Old Comrade Yang handled things very steadily. Ye Chen's clothes had been placed accordingly, he simply needed to change.

Ren Jing said, "I'll take a bath first." He was really considerate and gave Ye Chen time to put on the clothes.

Ye Chen leisurely dressed. After he finished changing, Ye Chen realized that the shampoo was accidentally hanging in the towel and he had taken it along with him.

Maybe he was too nervous that he didn't notice the shampoo's lid had been clamped on the towel.

The shampoo was put in a very small bottle, so he wasn't aware that he had brought it out.

But… Now that he had brought it out, what would Ren Jing use?

Ye Chen felt nervous again. 'Should I give it back? Well, I still need to give it back no matter what, right?'

'It's okay…' Ye Chen told himself that he won't do the bath mission anymore. He would just give Ren Jing the shampoo… That was all.

He took a deep breath and finally knocked on the bathroom door.

He got no answer. Ye Chen spontaneously said, "Ren Jing, I accidentally took out the shampoo, so I'll put it back for you…" He whispered so gently that it made Ren Jing who was essentially plagued with abnormal heat become much hotter.

Before Ren Jing could say anything, Ye Chen's head peeked in.

"I-I'm putting it here!"

Ye Chen was about to run away after finishing his words, but just one second before he did so, Death System stated, "Oh dear, look who's taking a bath with cold water."

Cold water?

Ye Chen suddenly raised his head, and sure enough, he saw that the water from the shower didn't have any steam.

Ren Jing currently has a cold and he even has a high fever, why is he taking a cold water shower!?

Ye Chen panicked. He took a sudden big stride forward and tested the water with his hand.

So cold!

Ye Chen hurriedly pulled his hand back, then he looked at Ren Jing angrily. "Why did you use cold water!?"

Ren Jing bowed his head and said quietly, "It doesn't work even with cold water."

Ye Chen followed Ren Jing's sight downwards and saw that 'big guy' was raised and was standing erect. He was completely stupefied.

That being said… was Ren Jing actually trying to decrease his internal heat!?

But… But…

Ren Jing stated, "You should go out, it'll be fine after I take a bath."

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Fine my s.h.i.t, this will worsen your condition instead!

On the next day, the mission appeared right on time. It was an easy one; to tell Ren Jing a joke to make him happy.

This might be difficult for others, because Ren Jing was a serious fellow, not everyone got to see him express his happiness.

But for Ye Chen, this was completely a supplementary mission. Let alone telling jokes, as long as he was before Ren Jing's eyes, Old Ren would already be over the moon.

Therefore, it was completed without Ye Chen knowing it.

On the third day, the mission was also a supplementary one; to take a photo together with Ren Jing.

Ye Chen immediately picked up his cellphone, snapped two pictures, and took some two-shots of super handsome guys who might break the sky.

Ren Jing said, "Could you send it to me?"

Ye Chen, "No problem!" As he sent the photo to Ren Jing's WeChat, Death System released another random mission. "Send that photo to your Moments."

Ye Chen, "…"

Death System knew that this mission was an easy one, so it pretended to be generous. "It's alright if you wanted to give up on it, it'll be refreshed tomorrow anyway."

Ye Chen, "p.i.s.s off!"

He calmly posted it to his Moments, adding a few words within. [Working together with Movie King Ren on a new movie. Hoping to achieve good results.]

Ding dong, the mission was completed just like that. Since the missions were getting much easier, our brother Chen had now become a young expert at completing missions!

Nevertheless, Ye Chen's Moments still exploded a bit.

Ye Chen's disreputable friends were all reacting the same way: jaw dropped because of shock.

Queen Mother replied in a second: [Excellent!]

Queen Mother had no idea that it was a movie about same-gender relationship, she only thought that it was a movie directed by Director Gu.

In the afternoon, Ren Jing had completely recovered. He told Ye Chen, "How about having dinner together in the evening?"

Ye Chen, "Sure, I'll make the reservation!" He had to properly supplement Ren Jing (with good food) since he had been sick for so many days already.

They went out together and headed to the restaurant.

Today was Sat.u.r.day, so there were many people coming and going in great numbers. Ren Jing didn't avoid them much, he simply went upstairs with Ye Chen confidently.

This was the advantage of starring in a movie together. It was normal for co-workers to have meals together and the like. It didn't matter if someone took a picture of them, they could seize the opportunity to build up the momentum for the new movie.

When they were in the elevator, because there were only the two of them there, Ren Jing held Ye Chen's hand.

Ye Chen was shy yet happy. He amiably let Ren Jing hold his hand.

The more obedient Ye Chen was, the more Ren Jing liked it. Ren Jing couldn't help but leaned closer and kissed Ye Chen gently on the forehead.

Right at this moment, the elevator door opened. Although it was quite a distance away, Shen Jiaze saw Ye Chen at first glance. Furthermore, he also saw that there was a man who was holding hands with Ye Chen and kissed him.

I’m not sure whether to mark this chapter as NSFW or not cause… there’s literally nothing described in details? Sure, there’s this “I’ll help u usin’ mi hand” but that’s all to it… It wasn’t that NSFW, at least for me, but who knows, rite…

Also if u ask me if there would be any realz NSFW chapters in the future: Hmmmmmmm~ Who knoooows~?

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