If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 51

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Translator: Nikki

Editor: Amaris

Mother Yu was in shock for a while before coming back to her senses. "It's fine if you don't want to go on a blind date, why must you scare me by saying all this?"

If Yu Xingzhe said that he fell in love with a 'wild' man, Mother Yu would panic and feel that she could no longer hope to have her own grandchildren.

But now… Yu Xingzhe specifically said that it was Gu Xi.

Everyone had long known that Little Gu was gay and had accepted it.

But all these years, Yu Xingzhe's relationship with Gu Xi had always been strained. Even if Yu Xingzhe really liked men, there was no way he would like Gu Xi of all people. Mother Yu was 80% sure that it was simply because he disliked her nagging and thus said those words out of anger.

Yu Xingzhe said to himself, 'Mom, you're really observant, but it's a pity that your son had gone all the way to the bottom!'

He looked at his mother, pausing for a bit before saying, "If you don't believe me, you can go ask Gu Xi and.. oh right, Auntie An (Mother Ye) also knows."

Mother Yu's heart started to race again and she asked, "How does An An know?"

Yu Xingzhe said, "She accidentally found out about us. If it wasn't for the fact that Auntie knew, I wouldn't have told you."

Mother Yu was stupefied.

Yu Xingzhe stood up and got out of the house. It seemed like he was giving his mother some time to gather herself and absorb this information, but in reality he simply wanted to go take a breather outside.

He called Gu Xi. "I came out of the closet."

Gu Xi sighed. "That's great, but you don't have to tell me, I don't care."

Yu Xingzhe chuckled. "Hehe, I told my mom that I like you and that we're together now."

Gu Xi: "!!!"

Yu Xingzhe's mood was very relaxed. "Anyway, we already acted in front of Auntie An, let’s not waste it. Let's keep up the act, I'll rely on you in the future."

Gu Xi exploded. "Dammit, why don't you go and die!"

Yu Xingzhe suddenly lowered his voice and said gently, "It's fine, even if my Dad beats me to death, I'll still tell them that the one I like is you."

Gu Xi: "…" f.u.c.k, he suddenly felt sorry for Ye Chen Chen. Was this fluttering feeling that gave him gooseb.u.mps what Ye Chen felt when he accompanied Gu Xi in the act?

In the Hospital.

After Ye Chen calmed down, he told the Death System, "I'm not doing this mission!"

It's only worth one life point, laozi is not that broke!

How could he help Ren Jing take a bath? Besides, they were still in the hospital, Ren Jing just had an injection and he still had a fever, why should he take a bath!

Ye Chen felt that one should not be so blind in the pursuit of wealth, one had to properly understand the nature of this mission and could not stoop so low for just one life point.

Death System dutifully reminded him, "Although you have seven life points now, don’t say I never remind you, this is still not enough for you to die twice."

Ye Chen: "…" Why were these words so unpleasant to listen to!

Death System: "You still want to give your parents, cousin, and niece life points… They are not the same as your grandpa, giving young people ten life points might not be enough."

Ye Chen: "…"

Death System: "You must learn to live normally, baby. What would you do if one day there aren't any more missions?"

Even if he did not receive a mission, it would still deduct life points. In the past two days where he did not receive missions, Ye Chen still had his two life points deducted.

Put like this, Ye Chen got nervous and decided that he shouldn't give up on such an opportunity to earn even this one life point.

Not to mention the word 'help', how could he suggest a shower to Ren Jing without implying anything implicitly?

No matter how he thought about it, it was simply too bothersome!

Ye Chen unexpectedly peeled the apple very well even though he was doing it absent-mindedly. Such a fresh, big apple was certainly a rarity.

Ye Chen reigned in his thoughts while he used the small knife to cut the apple into smaller pieces to make it easier for Ren Jing to eat.

After eating a slice, Ren Jing said, "It’s very sweet."

Ye Chen's mood immediately improved. "It is! With more vitamin C and carbohydrate, your cold will definitely get better faster!"

Ren Jing asked, "Do you want to eat some too?"

Ye Chen was a bit hungry, so he took a slice and bit into it. The flavor of the apple burst in his mouth and Ye Chen was astonished, "It's really very sweet."

Ren Jing looked at him and felt that Ye Chen's current appearance was sweeter than the apple.

Ren Jing couldn't help but smile, his eyes filled with honey.

Ye Chen gave him another slice.

It was a big apple, but after the two shared it amongst themselves, they longed for more.

Ye Chen couldn't help but ask, "Would you like to have another one?"

Ren Jing actually felt full, but he could tell that Ye Chen still wanted to eat so he replied, "Sure."

Ye Chen hurriedly went to take and peel another apple.

The two people didn't do much, just continued to eat apples and made small talk, but time went by so fast that they didn't even notice that an hour had already pa.s.sed.

Before the injection could take effect, Ren Jing started to sweat, signaling that the fever was going away.

Ye Chen had not noticed the sweat yet and even pa.s.sed a blanket to Ren Jing. "Cover yourself well, don't catch a cold."

Ren Jing moved a little, but he didn't struggle.

Ye Chen looked at him for a while before slowly realizing, "You're sweating already?"

Where was he sweating? Movie King Ren's whole body felt like it was soaked in water, it was sticky but didn’t feel that uncomfortable.

Ye Chen hurriedly said, "Ah, your fever is going down! How is it, are you feeling better now?"

Ren Jing wiped away the sweat and said earnestly, "I already feel much better, the apples really did work."

"…" Ye Chen said in an embarra.s.sed manner, "It's the IV drip that worked."

Looking at the two of them who were going to make another round of whispering sweet nothings to one another, Death System hurriedly reminded Ye Chen, "This is a great opportunity, you should hurry get Ren Jing to take a shower."

Ye Chen: "Oh, right!"

Ye Chen broke the Death System's old fatherly heart!

Ye Chen 'naturally' asked, "Do you want to take a shower?"

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Ren Jing hesitated for a while.

After saying such a sentence, Ye Chen felt that he was an idiot. What the h.e.l.l did he need to test, since when did shower water need to be tested? Even then, it wasn't like Ren Jing couldn't move, why would he need Ye Chen to test the water?

But he had said it out. If he just ran out now, wouldn't that be too dumb?

Ye Chen's face reddened and his sight was blurry. Ye Chen's appearance when he was at a loss was truly attractive in Ren Jing's eyes.

Ren Jing lowered his voice and said, "I can do it myself." He didn't dare to let Ye Chen stay, that would be too challenging.

But Ye Chen didn't want to leave! He insisted, "I'll do it… What if the water temperature isn't right? It would be bad if you catch a cold again."

This reason was so far-fetched that only Ren Jing would believe him.

Ye Chen braced himself and stepped forward. Though, the closer he was, the more nervous he got. Ren Jing was so tall, it wasn't obvious when he wore clothes but when he took them off, he really was built. I'm so envious, how could his figure be this good?

Ye Chen's thoughts started to wander until he started to recall that time when they were intimate.

Even though he was drunk, in fact…what he should've remembered, he remembered them all.

Ye Chen could still remember that he had to try very hard before he could be embraced by Ren Jing, and he also recalled how dazzling it was when he was being done by that body…

Stop right there! Stop thinking about that!

Ye Chen, with his thoughts in a hideous mess, walked to the shower head… How did one test the water temperature? Yep, by turning on the water and letting the water flow out.

The left side was hot water, and the right was cold, so it was best to turn it to the middle.

Indeed, it was exactly like that!

Ye Chen felt that he had grasped the situation, but he still forgot the most important thing.

There were three shower heads, one on the side, one above him, and the last one in front of him, facing downwards. He could even adjust the valve to choose which one to use.

But now, the valve was exactly pointing above.

If Ye Chen were to just pull it…

Ren Jing reminded him, "Be careful…"

Even though Ren Jing only said these two words, Ye Chen's hand trembled, it made him turn on the faucet accidentally.

Water came splashing down from the shower head. Brother Chen's clothes were soaked to the bone.

He lifted his head up, looking at Ren Jing in confusion…

Ren Jing's eyes suddenly turned dark.

Death System stretched its hand: My dear son, you'll be taken to bed sooner or later after you've washed yourself clean.

Ye Chen only wore a simple white tee. Now that water had poured on it, it was completely wet, and the originally loose shirt was now stuck to his body.

This exposed his thin shoulder, slim waist, and that faintly discernible light pink thing on his chest…

This was much more enticing than when he wore clothes!

Ye Chen felt so stupid he wanted to cry, he really wanted to find a hole to squeeze into.

In the end, Ye Chen couldn't even move an inch. Ren Jing had approached him in one large stride, and in the steamy bathroom, he pushed Ye Chen to the wall and kissed him.

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