If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 50

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Translator: Nikki

Editor: Amaris

After Ye Chen hung up, he quickly called Xiao Liu to come over.

Xiao Liu who had always been on standby confirmed the location with Ye Chen and rushed over immediately.

In roughly ten minutes, Ye Chen arrived at the hospital where Ren Jing was at, he was still sleeping.

Ye Chen didn't dare to barge in, he was afraid that he would disturb Ren Jing.

He asked Yang Sen, "When did the fever start?"

Yang Sen, who had been waiting for Ye Chen to come, explained the situation to him clearly.

Actually, Ren Jing was very busy all this while, especially in country F where he did not get enough sleep so as to squeeze three days' schedule into one. He also immediately went back home afterwards…

When Ye Chen slept on the plane, his sleep was considered extremely comfortable. On the other hand, Ren Jing, who already could not get much sleep, slept even less while hugging Ye Chen. However, with much difficulty, he managed to slip into an uneasy slumber.

Later, he even worked around the clock.

Even if he was a robot, with this high amount of workload, it would get tired as well.

Hearing the story, Ye Chen felt really distressed. "Why did you let him do such things?"

What could Yang Sen say? Ye Chen could only listen to him as he continued, "Even if we say anything, he would not listen to us…" said Yang Sen faintly before carrying on. "Yesterday night, he started to have a fever. I suggested that he take a rest, but he refused to stop working. He was so busy that he didn't even have lunch."

Ye Chen asked anxiously, "Why didn't he eat?"

Yang Sen said, "For the past two years, he has committed himself to eat only one meal a day."

Ye Chen was shocked. "Does he not cherish himself?"

Yang Sen said, his words implying something, "The more accomplishments one has, the more difficulties one has to go through."

Ye Chen felt so distressed he was in a total mess, wishing he could barge in to properly take care of Ren Jing.

Yang Sen deserve to be called 'The Big Brother of the young aides', not wasting this opportunity to render his help with every word and line, "Lately he has been eating his meals on time, especially when you asked to meet him, he eats extremely well."

Ye Chen's heart was both touched and aching at the same time; this feeling could not be described in words.

Ye Chen asked in a low voice, "When he fell sick, why didn't you tell me?"

Yang Sen had been waiting for Ye Chen to say this line. "I wanted to tell you, but A Jing wouldn't allow it, he said that he was afraid he might pa.s.s the cold to you."

Ye Chen, "…"

Yang Sen added, "I think he really wanted to see you. At night, he kept looking at the promotional video from your audition."

That must be the one where he confessed…

Ye Chen blushed, then embarra.s.singly asked, "It's done?"

Yang Sen said, "Only the part with you inside has."

Now Ye Chen understood. The promotional video couldn't have been developed this fast. With the time remaining from the week before, Ren Jing probably went straight out to copy his confession part.

All his previous wayward thoughts immediately vanished like smoke in thin air, Ye Chen only regretted not making the first move to contact Ren Jing first.

Yang Sen said, "It seems like he is going to sleep for awhile more, would you like to take a rest in the room next door?"

Ye Chen shook his head. "I'll stay with him."

Yang Sen hesitated for a while, but Ye Chen hurriedly a.s.sured him, "I promise that I won't disturb him!"

Yang Sen wasn't afraid that Ye Chen would disturb him. Rather, he was afraid that when Ren Jing woke up and saw his darling being surrounded by 'bacteria', he was going to be questioned a lot…

He would have a thousand different explanations, but Ren Jing would know that all of them were simply excuses.

Since…if he really intended to keep Ye Chen in the dark, he would have a thousand and one different ways to do so.

So if the Big Darling appeared before Ren Jing, it was definitely Yang Sen who told him on purpose.

Ren Jing really didn't want Ye Chen to come. Even though he missed Ye Chen a lot, he was even more scared that he would infect Ye Chen.

For the person most important to him, Ren Jing was reluctant to let him experience a small cold.

However, since Ye Chen was around, Ren Jing could not hide it from him anymore.

Big Brother Yang successfully retreated.

Ye Chen entered the ward and sat beside the bed, resting his chin in his hand as he looked thoughtfully and deeply at Ren Jing.

When Ren Jing was awake, he shone as brightly as the sun, attracting thousands to keep their eyes on him. But when he was sleeping peacefully like this, Ren Jing looked completely different.

Who knew his eyelashes were so long, they were so beautiful as they cast shadows on his eyelids, like the wings of a b.u.t.terfly.

Who knew his skin was so good, not overwhelmingly fair, but still silky and healthy. It looked like a cloud which was soaked in sunlight.

Who knew his upper lips were slightly lifted. Usually, no one could notice, but this was picked up by Ye Chen, who felt Ren Jing's lips looked really nice, and wanted to kiss him.

Ye Chen kept looking at Ren Jing, doing nothing as he continued staring at him.

The previous day when he was playing games pa.s.sed very slowly and yet, two hours pa.s.sed in a blink of an eye (today).

Ye Chen felt like he had just blinked.

When the nurse stole a glance at him as she withdrew the needle, Ye Chen got nervous, but then thought that since Yang Sen had chosen this hospital, it must be a reliable one, so he started to calm down.

He then generously smiled at the nurse.

The nurse screamed internally: 'Oh my, oh my, how cute!'

The Brother Chen who still thought of himself as very handsome asked the nurse, "Please be more gentle, try to let him sleep a while more."

Unfortunately, the moment Ye Chen started to talk, as if he had a detector, Ren Jing woke up from his sleep.

Ye Chen was still staring at the needle tip nervously.

The nurse's skills were really good. After doing it smoothly, she said, "Don't worry, it won’t hurt."

Since she was saying it to Ye Chen, he felt a bit embarra.s.sed. "I'm not afraid that it would hurt him, um… He isn't afraid of pain!"

The nurse tried her best to hold back her smile and said, "I will go first, I still have matters to attend to."

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Ye Chen profusely nodded.

Ren Jing was actually taken aback for a moment.

How could Ye Chen even dare to do such a thing? As their lips interlocked, his mind was filled with only one thought: 'So hot, Ren Jing's mouth was so hot…'

Movie King Ren's composure was out of ordinary, he could unexpectedly control himself even in this kind of situation. He lightly pushed Ye Chen away and said, "I might really pa.s.s on the cold to you."

Despite our Brother Chen's boundless courage, he used it up with that one breath and could only behave like a quail.

"Ding dong." Death System's cheap sound resounded. "Random mission: help Ren Jing take a bath. The reward for completing the mission is one life point."

Ye Chen, "!!!"

Despite returning to his country for only two days, President Yu was already being missed by his mother like he was away for his whole life.

Mother Yu was the most pitiful parent in the whole world, caring for her son to the point of causing him trouble but only ever nagging him about one thing, "Zhe Zhe, x.x.x is a nice lady. Mother has seen her before, she is very tender and fair-skinned, very good looking. If she was standing by your side, both of you would look like the ideal couple!"

Yu Xingzhe, "I don't like her."

Mother Yu was even more determined. "That x.x.x is also very pretty, and she happens to study abroad in Paris, you two…"

Yu Xingzhe, "I have met her in Paris, she's very pretty."

"Exactly, exactly!" Mother Yu's eyes shone, then she hurriedly said, "Do you want to…"

Yu Xingzhe added, "I ran into her thrice and she has changed her boyfriends five times within that time."

Mother Yu, "…" It sounded a bit too different from the information she got…

Still, this could not defeat Mother Yu's desire to hold her future grandchildren, thus she continued to 'recommend' girls to her son, even naming out all the ladies who were of the same age with Yu Xingzhe that Mother Yu knew of.

Old Yu originally didn't have a good temper. His whole life's worth of patience had already been given to tolerate his mother's nagging, but now his patience was already at its limit.

He had indeed reached a suitable marriageable age. Even if he didn't return back to his country, his mother would go to Paris just to set up an blind date for him. She wouldn't let the matter drop as long as she still hasn’t found a suitable wife for Yu Xingzhe .

He simply could not get married!

Feeling more and more upset with the failure of his secret love and his mother's constant nagging, Yu Xingzhe could not help but open his mouth and said, "Mom, I already have someone I like!"

"Ah? You have someone you like?" To tell the truth, Mother Yu wasn't entirely happy when she heard the news. She understood the current trends, and this year, it was only her son who was still…

After spitting out such words, Yu Xingzhe did feel a bit regretful, but the words were already on the tip of his tongue. Feeling the sudden impulse, he decided to come out of the closet!

Wasn't Fatty Gu pushing him into a pit? A pit would always be a pit, so he might as well went along with him!

Yu Xingzhe, "I like Gu Xi, we're a couple now!"

Mother Yu, "!!!"

The author has something to say:

I already told you, this is a big drama, Old Yu's CP is going to lose his control soon, hahaha!

Ah, I also got a (fake) cold, I always thought that eating some white nutrient fluid could reduce fever~~~


Here comes nurse Chen to save the day~~

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