If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 49

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Shen Jiaze and Gu Xi were being schemed by people.

Even though at that time he felt that the sky had collapsed, Gu Xi calmed down afterwards, which was a bit absurd.

Gu Xi went to ask his mother and had a few words (with her).

As expected… It was Father Gu who couldn't accept his son coming out of the closet and Shen Jiaze's grandma who cooperated in this matter.

Shen Jiaze's grandma treasured her grandchildren very much. She wouldn't let her grandchildren sleep with a girl who had no status (even if she had one, Grandma still wouldn't let them sleep together. She had a conventional outlook; if they hadn't gotten married, they were not allowed to do so).

And Shen Jiaze himself was being chugged liquor ’till he was too drunk. Could he still freaking do that even though he had been that drunk?

Later, Gu Xi investigated this matter again. At that time, Brother Xinghai was still around, he figured the problem out just by checking a few times.

Indeed, nothing had happened. Shen Jiaze was born with a 'dog nose'. Even though he had become that drunk and incapable, he still could tell that it wasn't Gu Xi who was in the room with him.

The girl was selfish, though. She thought of taking advantage of that night and was pretending that they had done it. It would be nice to be able to take this kind of opportunity. But Shen Jiaze immediately threw her out. He even cursed, "Gu Xi doesn't stink like you!"

Looking at this short video of (what happened at) the corridor, Gu Xi's heart warmed up a lot.

Now that he knew what was going on, he didn’t have to be angry with Shen Jiaze anymore. The two of them should be able to get through the pressure from their families.

Gu Xi obviously had let everything pa.s.s, he didn't even bother about the matter anymore, but Shen Jiaze suddenly began to go crazy…

"Let's go home." Gu Xi spoke. Ye Chen hurriedly collected his train of thoughts back. He asked, "How about I accompany you for a drink?"

Gu Xi glanced at Ye Chen. "With that liquor tolerance of yours?"

Ye Chen acted like a big-head. "What's with it, can't I?"

Gu Xi remarked casually, "You can, you can."

Ye Chen knew his limits, he still couldn't drink as much as Gu Xi. He said suavely, "We could do it like this. For example, if you drink three cups, I'll drink half a cup…"

"Get lost!" Gu Xi said mockingly, "Look at you, growing up a little already!"

Although his smile wasn't that deep, it wasn't as gloomy as the one from a moment ago. Ye Chen felt slightly relieved.

Ye Chen drove Gu Xi home. Once they arrived, Gu Xi said, "I'm alright. It's in the past, what's there for me to be depressed about?"

Would he really be able to get through it?

If Shen Jiaze was an ordinary slag man, Gu Xi would have thrown him out of his mind and would have completely forgotten about him, but Shen Jiaze wasn't.

He gave the most pa.s.sionate first love to Gu Xi. He even lost his overbearing personality. Although…he devoted himself to Gu Xi for a whole lifetime…

But in the end, that kind of feeling ended up like that.

The truest despair wasn't a one-stroke cut-all, but a helpless dull pain.

It was evidently festering, but they were unable to do anything about it.

Quarrelling, having a cold war, then reconciling, going on this cycle.

Gu Xi had relented, had retreated, had given up on most of his principles, only wanting to be together with Shen Jiaze.

But that didn't even work.

In the end, Gu Xi saw the truth… He and Shen Jiaze were not meant to be.

Even though he loved Shen Jiaze dearly, they were not meant to be.

What Ye Chen saw was that it was Shen Jiaze who made trouble out of nothing and Gu Xi was always patient and accommodating——He had never seen Gu Xi being this humble since he was young until now, so he thought that Shen Jiaze was really too much, Shen Jiaze was too much of a slag!

But in reality, it wasn't this which had Gu Xi truly fell apart.

Rather, it was because he had received the most beautiful love which he thought he would always own, but in the end, he was unable to keep it and lost it instead.

If every good thing was destroyed, with Gu Xi's character, he would walk out of it with pride.

But it wasn't.

It was right in front of him, it was at his fingertips, yet he was unable to touch it.

He could only look at it, to look at it for a lifetime.

How would he be willing to?

A blunt knife could grind a person's life. Gu Xi's despair acc.u.mulated little by little, and in the end, they completely burst out.

Ye Chen patted Gu Xi's shoulder and whispered, "You should have a good rest, ignore him for now!"

Gu Xi didn't want to worry Ye Chen. He answered, "Don't worry."

Ye Chen asked again, "How about I keep you company?"

Gu Xi jokingly said, "Keep me company for what, you want to cry together with me?"

Ye Chen, "…"

"Get out, get out." Gu Xi chased him away like a fly. "Bug off now!"

After thinking about it, Ye Chen still went back.

Gu Xi was a strong man. If Ye Chen really kept him company, he was afraid Gu Xi would get more uneasy.

Yu Xingzhe called Ye Chen when he was on his way.

After chattering for some while, Yu Xingzhe couldn't help but ask, "Is that d.a.m.ned fatty alright?"

This extreme tsundere-ness!Ye Chen retracted his lips, but he still answered honestly, "It's not that serious, it has been so long already."

Yu Xingzhe said, "Shen Jiaze went all out in his work, he has made quite a lot of achievements in country M. This time, he's not coming back temporarily, he probably would stay here (for good)."

Ye Chen, "…"

Yu Xingzhe added, "You should advise that fatty to cheer up a bit. Later on, he'll meet Shen Jiaze regularly, so he has to let go."

Ye Chen had a headache. "Why did he want to come back?"

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Yu Xingzhe answered, "He has a huge ambition." The true influence of the Shen Family was still in China. If Shen Jiaze stayed in country M, he would just always be on the edge.

He looked at the time and couldn’t help but feel very disappointed. He tried to go back to sleep again but to no avail.

After enduring until about seven o'clock with difficulty, he couldn’t help but ask Death System, "A new day is here."

The Death System paused. Even though it was a bit reluctant, it still said, "Daily mission: No mission."

Ye Chen, "…"

Death System consoled him, "Don't worry, you have enough life points. It doesn't matter even if you don't do any mission for one or two days, just think of it as a holiday."

But Ye Chen didn't want any holiday.

He sat on the bed for a while. Death System said again, "You should take the initiative and contact him first."

Ye Chen uttered, "It's always me who took the initiative."

Death System, "…"

Ye Chen said again, "Maybe he never wanted to contact me at all."

All this while, for the sake of the System, he always took the initiative. Well, it was actually too much to say that he took the initiative, because it was him who shamelessly stuck himself to Ren Jing.

He had no choice but to always contact Ren Jing first, therefore he had no idea whether Ren Jing ever thought of contacting him or not.

In particular, Ren Jing's character was one who didn't like to offend people. Maybe Ren Jing had no choice but to cater to Ye Chen, maybe he was already bothered by him but couldn't say it, maybe he…

Ye Chen felt that he had been thinking too much. But what if they were true?

After all, it had been two days, Ren Jing didn't even send a single message to him.

Ye Chen felt really upset, really, really upset.

The Death System didn't say anything anymore.

Ye Chen had a really boring day today. He simply lay down and slept until afternoon came. He unexpectedly slept until four o'clock in the afternoon.

Ye Chen opened his eyes. He flipped his cellphone over habitually. In the end, he saw a message which was forwarded to him and immediately opened his eyes wide.

[I feel sorry for my Ren. He still insisted on working even though he has a 40-degree fever… The model worker Movie King is indeed worthy of his name.]

Ren Jing had a fever?

This time, Ye Chen went into a panic. He took out his cellphone and gave Ren Jing a call.

The one who answered was Yang Sen. Ye Chen hurriedly asked, "How is he?"

Yang Sen answered in whispers, "He had just taken the medicine and went to sleep."

Ye Chen anxiously asked, "Where are you?"

After Yang Sen mentioned the place, Ye Chen said, "I'll be right there!"

That amount of foreshadowing the author did about Gu Xi and Shen Jiaze in this chapter is real… Now I kinda want to read their side stories thoroughly and carefully HAHAH

Also r u ready for sick Ren Jing!?!?!? yeAH IM NOT KSKSKSKSKSKS

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