If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 48

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Ye Chen told Gu Xi where he was. He had to cooperate with Gu Xi again for a bit.

Yu Xingzhe rolled his eyes. "Ren Jing?" Can these two not throw any dog food just for a minute!?

Ye Chen said that it was Gu Xi, then hurriedly added, "I suspect that Shen Jiaze is back."

Yu Xingzhe reacted for a moment then remembered that Fatty Gu and Shen Jiaze used to have an affair. He asked, "What's going on with them?"

Ye Chen paused for a moment before he stated, "It's a long story! In short, I have to help Gu Xi first."

Yu Xingzhe whispered, "I'm not done with my meal yet…"

Ye Chen apologized. "I'll treat you to a meal some other day?"

Old Yu would really like to ask, "Just the two of us?"

But he didn't have the nerve to ask that. Yu Xingzhe simply waved his hand and said, "Let's go, let's go! Looking at you troublesome people really annoys me!"

Ye Chen immediately went downstairs. Gu Xi had actually been waiting for him there. Gu Xi was probably already on the way when he called.

He drove a particularly dazzling supercar. He also dressed up in a devastatingly handsome look; he was wearing sungla.s.ses, exposing his sharp, fair chin. Gu Xi is the real evildoer.

It had been awhile since Ye Chen saw Gu Xi with this all-out aura, he was not used to it.

Gu Xi looked at Ye Chen, then raised his lips to a smile. His voice was as enchanting as it could be, "Why aren't you out playing with your friends?"

Father, you're clearly the one who called me out! However, Ye Chen still needed to keep his pretense, he had to act like he could not be separated from Gu Xi… Just thinking about it sent shivers down his body. Ye Chen felt like he was really struck by lightning…

When he was still mulling over the problem, the front pa.s.senger seat's door opened and a tall man came down.

He wore a fine-tailored suit, had a handsome feature and composed manner, he was the type of man who made people could not help but look more.

Ye Chen stared at him for awhile, he actually didn't recognize that the man was Shen Jiaze.

In his impression, Shen Jiaze was equivalent to the word 'arrogance'.

Young, flashy, and very evil.

He was absolutely the chief of the delinquents, the type who would bite the owner if he was just a bit careless.

Shen Jiaze was clearly younger than them by two years, yet he unexpectedly had grown more mature than them and was really steady.

Ye Chen was absolutely dumbfounded.

Shen Jiaze threw him a faint smile. "Long time no see."

Ye Chen was even more dumbfounded. In his memory, when they met the last time, the way Shen Jiaze looked at him was filled with killing aura.

But now, his cruelty had disappeared. He was a man of proper etiquette. He had matured to be a charming man.

Time was an amazing thing, it could unexpectedly change someone so much.

Ye Chen greeted Shen Jiaze.

Gu Xi knew about Ye Chen's acting skills very well, so he had to take the initiative to do his part for most of it. Gu Xi approached and pulled Ye Chen's hand, then said softly, "You drank?"

Ye Chen did drink a bit, just a little bit. He simply didn't know what to say. Then, Gu Xi pinched him hard. It was really painful! Ye Chen's eyes immediately brimmed with tears. He looked up to Gu Xi and said, "I only drank a bit."

Gu Xi said, "Next time, don't drink when I'm not there, okay?"

Ye Chen nodded naively.

Gu Xi softly said again, "That's my boy."

Ye Chen was terrified because of these words that he was unable to do anything else. He was really afraid of being exposed so he simply lowered his head. This kind of movement was just right, he really looked like a pitiful little boy who had just admitted he did something wrong.

Shen Jiaze's expression didn't change, he only raised his voice and said, "If Director Gu has something to do, let's meet again next time."

Gu Xi raised his eyebrows and showed his business smile. "I'm sorry, you do know Chen Chen's temper, he loves to act like a spoiled child. If I don't accompany him, he'll sulk again."

Ye Chen: Son of a b.i.t.c.h! Chen, spoiled, child, what the f.u.c.k!!

Gu Xi still kept up the farce and said politely, "Where will President Shen go in a moment? May I give you a ride?"

Shen Jiaze said, "I won't trouble you two, my driver will be here in a moment."

Gu Xi said, "Sounds good. Goodbye, then."

Shen Jiaze responded, "Goodbye."

Gu Xi held Ye Chen's hand, then opened the front pa.s.senger seat's door for him. After he got in the car, Gu Xi fastened Ye Chen's seat belt, and in the end, he deliberately moved closer to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen immediately retreated. He looked at Gu Xi with a frightened face.

Gu Xi glared at him. "What are you retreating for, stretch your hands out!"

Ye Chen felt extremely wronged as he embraced Gu Xi's neck.

The two of them kept their position. From behind, it looked as if they were kissing and intimate.

The smile on Shen Jiaze's lips vanished entirely. He clenched his fingernails on his palm.

After 'kissing' for a while, Gu Xi got up and sat on the driver's seat while being proud of his success.

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The car drove off with a hum, leaving what seemed to be a gorgeous yet cruel smile in the shadow.

Ye Chen Chen was dumbfounded. "What about him? What else could the Demon Lord possibly be?" Yes, this was Shen Jiaze's nickname.

Gu Xi chuckled. "What's with that Demon Lord nickname? He's just a brat."

Ye Chen still remembered Gu Xi's smile at that time. That smile was indescribable, especially beautiful.

Afterwards, Gu Xi said to Ye Chen, "I'm going out with Shen Jiaze."

Ye Chen Chen continued to be dumbfounded. "What the h.e.l.l does going out mean!!"

Gu Xi still somewhat felt embarra.s.sed. "Going out means…going out! We're dating, you got it?"

Ye Chen took a deep breath. "You're kidding me!"

That was the first time Gu Xi ever blushed. He said, "Why would I need to kid with you? I really…like him."

Ye Chen was so shocked he was unable to sleep that night. He felt that the world had collapsed.

How could Gu Xi like Shen Jiaze? Didn't he think of him as a brat?

Actually, Ye Chen understood now. He understood the meaning behind Gu Xi's beautiful smile.

——It was filled with love, a love so abundant it was bursting.

At that time, Ye Chen was afraid that Shen Jiaze would bully Gu Xi, but who would imagine that an arrogant b.a.s.t.a.r.d like him could become so obedient.

Everything that he did afterwards would revolve around 'Gu'. If Gu Xi said that 'the sky is black at noon', then black it was. Not only would he say that it was black, he would also shout to his little brothers, "The sky is black at noon!"

After experiencing all of these, Ye Chen's impression towards Shen Jiaze changed a lot. He isn't that bad.

They got along very sweetly. It was as if they had sketched out most of their future just in two years.

But who would have thought that after Gu Xi graduated, Shen Jiaze had cheated on him.

Until now, Ye Chen still remembered how shocked Gu Xi was when he knew Shen Jiaze had slept with a girl.

He wasn't angry, he wasn't enraged, he was just shocked.

He was so shocked the sky seemed to have collapsed.

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