If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 45

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As far as Ye Chen's residence was concerned, it was none of their business whether Mother Ye wanted to come or leave.

In the past, Ye Chen would be astonished to see his mother has come and would immediately let her in.

Yay, Mother has come! The house would be cleaned and the clothes would be washed, furthermore, dinner would be delicious. You could imagine how wonderful it would be!

Ye Chen had to call Queen Mother and begged her to 'visit' him.

Queen Mother had to check her 'schedule'. Only when she sneakily shook her husband off could she accompany her son.

These two playing thieves like this made Ye Chen complain to himself that he was like a teen idol her mother (secretly) raised outside.

But of course he didn't say anything, he feared that he wouldn't be able to bear the legendary couple's fight.

So, today's Ye Chen was very unusual.

For him to not immediately pull his mother into the house for the first time was quite strange!

But Ye Chen was really dumbfounded.

He hadn't prepared himself to introduce Ren Jing to his mother!

Death System couldn't help but remind him. "Haven't you introduced Ren Jing before?"

Ye Chen collected his thoughts and said, "That's true…" He introduced Ren Jing as his friend before…

The Death System rolled its eyes like it always did everyday. "Besides, there are quite a number of people inside the house, Queen Mother would think that it's a friends' gathering.

Ye Chen's eyes brightened up. "That makes sense!"

This was the true form of the saying, 'A neutral third party sees the issue in question more clearly than the involved party'. This problem was not that terrifying.

Gu Xi and Yu Xingzhe were here, he could just tell Mother that this was a small friend gathering! Mom never interfered with his friends, and she wouldn't b.u.t.t in the bustle of young people. When she saw this, she would probably leave promptly.

Ye Chen felt relieved. He immediately smiled and said, "Mom, why did you have time to visit? Did Father went out?"

This kind of tone should… shouldn't be a problem, right?

——Even Brother Chen himself didn't trust his acting skills.

Mother Ye looked at Ye Chen doubtfully. "You didn't hide anyone inside the house, no?"

Ye Chen was startled! Gosh, you're definitely my mother!

Mother Ye stared at him suspiciously. Ye Chen felt guilty and said immediately, "Some of my friends came."

Mother Ye also noticed the shoes laid outside. All of them were men's, there weren’t any women's. Come to think of it, Chen Chen himself wouldn't have the nerve to invite a woman home.

Ye Chen moved forward, grabbed her by her arm, then said in a soft voice, "Mom, you should come back tomorrow. I've asked them to come, it won't be a good idea to just drive them away."

The reason Mother Ye came today was because she missed her son since she had been abroad for half a month. She had always been thinking about Ye Chen. Even though they had a phone call everyday, she knew that there wasn't anyone beside Ye Chen who took care of him. But that was what it felt like to be a mother. No matter what, she was still worried, which was why she wanted to spend more time with her son after returning home.

But today wasn't the right time. When his friends were here, her being the only old woman would only become a hindrance.

She flicked Ye Chen on his forehead and said, "Be good and don't do anything bad."

Ye Chen forced a smile and said, "How could I?" His voice was so stiff that Li Fu would like to expel him from the crew—it would be better for Ye Chen not to act at all!

Even though Queen Mother had some doubts, she didn't think too much about it and was going to leave when someone came out of the house.

Ye Chen had been outside of the door for quite awhile and didn't return. Ren Jing was a bit worried, so he came out to check.

"Chen…" Before he finished saying the latter word, Ren Jing and Queen Mother saw each other face to face.

Ye Chen exploded right on the spot: 'Ahhh, G.o.d, are you trying to kill me!?'

Ren Jing responded first by smiling faintly and sending his regards to Mother Ye, "h.e.l.lo, Auntie."

Mother Ye was immediately nailed on the spot: What about being an old woman, what about not wanting to disturb her son socializing, what about not b.u.t.ting in the gathering of the youngsters… All of them were fleeting!

At this very moment, she was a crazy fan who had just met her idol!

The moment Ye Chen saw his mother's astonished look, he immediately knew… he was done for!

Mom definitely won't leave!

Mother Ye said, "So it was Little Ren who came, I didn't expect that you and Chen Chen would hit it off." She said delightfully. It was amazing, her son and her idol were good friends, she could now see her idol from up close!

Hearing her words, Ye Chen felt diffident. Could… could we please not be the emperor of truth!?

Ren Jing was up to snuff, he reacted right away and said, "I'm lucky today and happened to meet him. A Chen's close friend had returned from Paris, so he asked Director Gu to come to his place. At that time, I was together with Director Gu, thus he asked me in pa.s.sing."

This could be called a reason which truly made sense!

Ye Chen would really like to give Ren Jing a big thumbs up, but of course he didn't even dare to look at him because he felt very, very diffident.

Mother Ye didn't care whether it was coincidence or not, or if it was in pa.s.sing. After all, Ren Jing was here, she wouldn't miss such an opportunity!

She asked Ye Chen, "Paris? Did Xingzhe come home?"

Ye Chen could only nod and admitted, "Yeah…"

Mother Ye said again, "Why didn't you tell me earlier? Since he had returned, I should go in to see him."

Ye Chen wanted to cry but had no tears: It was exactly because I'm afraid you would go in that I didn't tell you!

Mother Ye and Mother Yu were close sisters, which was why she liked Yu Xingzhe a lot. If she heard that Yu Xingzhe had come back, she would definitely come in to see him, which was why Ye Chen didn't dare to say anything.

Hearing the ruckus outside, Gu Xi and Yu Xingzhe also came out.

Each of them said h.e.l.lo to Mother Ye. Mother Ye had always been close to them, so there was more reason for her to stay. "It's just the four of you?"

Ye Chen didn't want to say anything.

However, there were still his 'bad teammates' who were troublemakers. Even if he didn't want to say anything, they would help him answer.

As soon as Yu Xingzhe saw Mother Ye, he was immediately beaming with delight! This was really a big boss who had come, he definitely had to convince Mother Ye to stay. With Auntie Ye keeping her watch on them, he would like to see if Little Ye Chen still dared to throw more dog food!

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"Just the four of us!" Then, President Yu invited Mother Ye. "Since Auntie had come, then don't just leave. There aren't any outsiders anyway, so let's have lunch together!"

Old Yu had been critically hit 10000 times and became Old Salted Yu.

Ren Jing lifted his lips. He was so happy that he was unable to hide his expression.

Ye Chen thought about it for awhile, then immediately looked at Ren Jing again as he explained, "It's not that I don't want to tell my mother. It's just that the timing isn't right, so I'd like to wait some more…"

Not waiting for him to finish his words, Ren Jing stated, "I know." He lowered his voice, then covered the back of Ye Chen's hand, covering his whole hand.

Ye Chen felt sweet inside his heart. He wanted to pull out, yet reluctant to. But if he didn't pull out, he was afraid they were going to be seen by his mother, making him feel at a loss.

Gu Xi and Old Salted Yu, "…"

They really want to shout: 'Auntie, quickly come out and catch! This! Couple! In! The! Act!'

Death System's voice resounded, "Attention! The mission this time would involve counting. If your brain isn't working well, you won't be able to complete this mission!"

Ye Chen, "…There's another random mission?"

Death System, "That's right."

"The frequency of the random missions appearing is pretty high lately."

"Don't wanna do it? Then forget it, I won't give you any."

"I'll do it, I'll do it!" How could Ye Chen give up on the great chance to collect life points?

The Death System snickered despicably. "There are 16 pieces of tomatoes and 24 pieces of eggs in the stir-fried eggs with tomatoes you made by yourself. The random mission is: Ren Jing had to eat 78.125% of the tomatoes and 90% of the eggs. The rest of the stir-fried eggs with tomatoes should be shared amongst three more people, excluding you."

Death System took a breather before it continued. "The basic reward is one life point, then the additional reward is generated according to the completion percentage. The smaller the error, the more the reward will be, with a total of four life points."

Ye Chen felt like cursing someone, but then he could only get infuriated at himself.

Five life points! What a stupendous sum!

Death System added another condition, "Picking up the food for Ren Jing will allow for an increase in the success percentage of the mission."

Ye Chen said doubtfully, "That last line was definitely the one you set up yourself!"

The Death System said, "Believe it or not, I could tell you in advance; 90% out of 24 is 21.6."

What a stupid host, now he had to experience the fascinating absurdity of decimal point!

Author's Note

The author has something to say:

Chief Long and Cruel Long had ran off, I am Sweet Long. There would be two more Longs who would come and go in the evening, smooches!


Firstly, I'd like to sincerely apologize for the super late update. My condition isn't getting any better so I'm resting for most of the time. Worse, my shoulder pain returned (WHY) and it obviously didn't made me feel any better. I'll try my best not to make the same mistake anymore in the future.

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