If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 44 part1

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Right, right, right, there was nothing wrong with him!

He had to coax Old Yu, but Ye Chen had been quite familiar with this routine.

He asked, "Why are you home for?"

President Yu replied, "My cousin is getting married, and I'll attend the wedding ceremony."

Ye Chen was puzzled and asked again, "Which cousin?" Their families knew each other very well, so if President Yu's cousin was about to get married, he would most likely be invited, too.

Yu Xingzhe tried to force out a reason and said, "My mother's cousin's foster daughter."

Ye Chen, "……"

Yu Xingzhe continued, "What's the matter? Can't I attend? I've loved her dearly since I was young, so is there any problem if I return home to attend her wedding?"

Right, right, right, there was nothing wrong with him!

It was time for Ye Chen to ask more questions.

Ye Chen need not be concerned about President Yu's distant cousin. He still had his own business to talk about.

Ye Chen asked, "Since you've returned, why don't we have dinner together?"

Yu Xingzhe was quite surprised and asked, "So you could be this considerate, too?"

Ye Chen said, "Are you kidding? Since Brother Zhe has returned home, I have to provide warm hospitality!"

Yu Xingzhe raised the corner of his lips and was about to scold him, but in the end he just asked, "Just the two of us?"

"Eh…" Ye Chen immediately stuttered.

Yu Xingzhe was promptly on alert and asked, "Who else?"

Ye Chen said, "It will be too boring with just the two of us, so I will also invite Gu Xi."

Yu Xingzhe rolled his eyes. Alright, this is still acceptable for now.

Yu Xingzhe asked again, "Is there more?"

Ye Chen, "…"

For Ye Chen to pause like this, Yu Xingzhe's heart thumped. "Who else is there? I don't want to see your disreputable friends."

Ye Chen, "…"

Old Yu's heart thumped even more as he exclaimed, "Speak, who else is there!?"

Ye Chen said in a low voice, "…Ren Jing."

Yu Xingzhe, "…"

Ye Chen panicked. He pursed his lips, "The important thing is for me to hold a welcoming dinner for you, I definitely haven't determined whom to invite since long ago!"

The Death System couldn't bear to look at Ye Chen: Silly son, you've just bluntly blurted out such a big truth.

Yu Xingzhe immediately felt he had a clarity inside his heart, "Hahaha, so you've already reserved it long ago then decided to hold a welcoming dinner for me incidentally?"

When Ye Chen was still struggling to think of an answer, President Yu had already exploded, "I'm going back to Paris!"

Ye Chen uttered with a bitter face, "You've just returned."

President Yu who loved his country went online on time. "This is my motherland, I could leave whenever I wanted to!"

I'm afraid his mother in his motherland would beat this naughty child to death!

But Ye Chen had to push through, so he added, "Right, right, right, there's nothing wrong with you. So, I'll see you in the evening?"

Yu Xingzhe replied, "I'm not seeing you!"

Ye Chen said, "I'll send you a message later for the fixed time and place!"

Yu Xingzhe responded, "I won't read it."

Ye Chen insisted, "I'll give you a call."

"I won't answer it."

"I'll call SUN." SUN was President Yu's personal head manager.

Yu Xingzhe blurted out, "If Sun answer, I'll fire him!"

Manager Sun who had been fired at least 365 times a year yet hadn't been successfully fired for six years showed no fear.

Before Ye Chen hung up, he said again, "Brother Zhe, since you've returned, stay for a few more days."

Yu Xingzhe's heart warmed up, but he was still stubborn and reluctant to admit his defeat as he thought: Stay for a few days my s.h.i.t, I'll die of anger sooner or later because of you!

After he had nailed one of his good friends, Ye Chen went to knock on the other one.

Gu Xi asked, "Who else would come?"

Ye Chen didn't dare to say Yu Xingzhe's name. He only said, "I've asked Ren Jing to come."

Gu Xi promptly responded, "I have something to do in the evening."

Ye Chen was getting very infuriated. Each of them were all the same, hindering him from earning life points!

He yelled at the phone, "Never mind your G.o.dd.a.m.n business, come here now! Old Yu has just returned, let us hold a welcoming dinner for him!"

The moment Gu Xi heard that name, he stated even more seriously, "I have something to do in the evening. It's particularly urgent, it won't do if I don't go. It's about my directing career."

Ye Chen asked, "What is it? I'd like to hear about it."

Gu Xi who didn't really have any business, "…"

Ye Chen immediately flipped out. "Fatty Gu, if you don't come tonight, I'll hang myself at your door!"

Gu Xi felt bitterness inside his heart and thought: Who the f.u.c.k would like to go there just to swallow dog food!?

The people had finally been rounded up after a fashion, but the important thing was the mission of having Ye Chen to cook by himself.

As a man who could burn the kettle just by boiling water, cooking would be too difficult for him.

Ye Chen who still had a wishful thinking asked, "Does chocolate count as a dish?" It was the only thing he could do anyways.

Death System said, "You could go to Zhihu and ask that question, see whether or not you'll receive hundreds of r.e.t.a.r.ded t.i.tles."

Ye Chen, "…"

Death System said, "You could just make some fried dishes. No one is forcing you to go so far as to make a Manchu Han Imperial Feast, right?"

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Ye Chen mustered his courage. What Death System said was reasonable. He could just make some fried dishes. Even Queen Mother who was the daughter of an affluent family did a good job on that, why couldn't he?

Ye Chen, "……" Is it that awfully spicy? QAQ

If the kitten could talk, it would probably say: It is! qaq

The Death System gave him a supercilious look, "If you were ever thrown into the ancient times, I'm afraid you could never get married."

Ye Chen, "p.i.s.s off!"

Death System added, "It's alright, this could do. It's enough to complete the mission."

Ye Chen said, "What should I do if Ren Jing didn't want to eat it?" The mission would only be completed if Ren Jing ate it.

Death System thought inside its heart, 'Even if you cooked a plate of braisedRed Cap White Oranda fishfor Ren Jing, he would still eat it.'

But it didn't say anything. Ye Chen's cheeks reddened again, "E-even if he really wouldn't dislike it, I couldn't just push him into a pit just like this anyways."

Death System inexplicably felt as if it had swallowed a mouthful of dog food. It pondered: 'My silly son isn't good at cooking, but he could produce a rich amount of dog food, he could provide it for the single dogs all over the world!'

After Ye Chen had endlessly studied and trained hard until five o'clock in the afternoon, the red and yellowish thing didn’t look that horrible anymore.

Somehow, it could be recognized as stir-fried eggs with tomatoes……

Ye Chen sighed and said, "Time is running out."

At that moment, his cellphone rang.

Ye Chen immediately picked it up. It was a call from Ren Jing.

He couldn't help but raised his lips even before he answered the call.

Ren Jing said, "I'm downstairs. Where would you like to eat?

Ye Chen was a bit nervous when he said, "How about having one at my house?"

The other person on the phone was obviously stunned.

Ye Chen promptly added, "I… I've cooked a dish by myself, so how about having a taste of homemade food?"

Ren Jing finally said a word after quite some time, "Alright." He really couldn't say more than that, since his throat had felt sticky with sweetness.

Ye Chen said again, "Um, I've also invited Gu Xi and Yu Xingzhe to come."

After being sweetened so much, Ren Jing was able to speak regularly again, "President Yu had returned?"

Ye Chen replied, "Yeah, he came back today."

Ren Jing didn't say anything.

Ye Chen voiced out, "They're my best friends, and I'd like to introduce you to them so that you could get to know each other better."

The melted sugar flowed down to Ren Jing's chest. Minutes later, it had sweetened the bottom of his heart. Ren Jing's voice became like that of a honey, "Open the door for me."

Ye Chen responded, "Coming!"

He got up and went to open the door. When Ye Chen was about to arrive at the door, he realized that he had thrown his clothes onto the sofa. He hurriedly collected them in a flash, then he finally opened the door after a fashion.

Ren Jing was standing by the door and smiling at him.


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