If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 43 part1

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According to the script's description, Yan Han should be shocked and dumbfounded upon hearing Zhan Chen's unexpected confession.

He probably liked Zhan Chen vaguely, but he never expected that when he heard Zhan Chen's sudden words in such a public place, his heart was inexplicably filled with satisfaction. It even made an absurd feeling surged up from his heart——he felt that Zhan Chen was making fun of him.

So Ren Jing's expression for this scene should be knitting his brows. He should have been surprised at first, then became angry.

But then……

The great Movie King Ren smiled like it was his wedding instead!

What the h.e.l.l! Li Fu was terrified because of the comparison he himself made.

Ren Jing pursed his thin lips, then said to Li Fu, "I'm sorry."

Li Fu actually didn't think much of it. Although Ren Jing's performances had been great until now, what kind of actor didn't have their NG times? It seemed that Ren Jing was (too) surprised this time. After all, who would have thought that Ye Chen could express it so well? Li Fu himself was also terrified, never mind Ren Jing!

The naive director Li was still not aware that his 'nightmare' had just started.

Li Fu gave Ye Chen thumbs up and encouraged him, "Very good, keep it up. That's the feeling."

Ye Chen's eyes widened in surprise. He was so happy it was written all over his face.

He was actually being praised by a famous director. This praise must be recorded and framed. It seemed that his acting career was at its peak!

Death System, "……" Seems he has finally matured a bit!

Ye Chen was very pleased. He hurriedly calculated the profit he was receiving from this deal. He had expressed his true feelings and even unexpectedly got praised, hehehe.

Ren Jing tried his best to take his eyes off Ye Chen. He moved towards Li Fu and said, "This is a good one. Maybe we should immediately shoot a promotional video."

Li Fu responded, "Alright!"

He really didn't expect that Ye Chen would be this reliable. Even though there were still some flaws, it wouldn't matter much. Instead, he had shown the puerility of a young and inexperienced boy, adding up his character's bonus point.

It was also necessary to make a promotional video after the leading actors had been decided.

Since everyone was in a good shape, Li Fu was also willing to immediately shoot the PV.

Li Fu didn't instruct Ren Jing anymore. Ren Jing was an 'experienced movie king', such close-up shot was something he could easily take care of.

Ye Chen was a bit far from them, so he didn't know what Ren Jing and Li Fu discussed.

He was bubbling beautifully when he stated, "Ququ, say the word again."

Death System, "……"

Ye Chen urged, "Hurry up, hurry up!"

The Death System rolled its eyes and repeated its words again, "Congratulations, you've completed the monthly mission. You got the reward of ten life points."

Ye Chen's eyes completely morphed into crescent moon shape, then he added, "Say it again."

Death System, "……"

Ye Chen begged, "Repeat it one last time!"

The Death System then repeated it for the third time. Ye Chen was stunned for a few moments before he reiterated, "Again…"

Death System flared up, "Get losttttt!!!" Just when he had finally matured a bit!

Ye Chen was extremely happy like he just won five billion dollars or lottery ticket.

Li Fu came over to talk to Ye Chen about the PV.

Ye Chen felt like he might burst with happiness that he immediately nodded, "Of course, I'll do what director Li wants me to."

What an obedient boy, thought Li Fu. He felt that he was probably wearing colored gla.s.ses before, that he could misunderstand this child like that.

They couldn't just make do with what they had if they were to shoot a PV. They needed to arrange the scene, prepare the background actors, and the crews were definitely going to be very busy.

Ye Chen also needed to get his hair stylized and makeup put on.

Half an hour later, the crews were in place. Ye Chen obviously felt quite nervous. The reason was none other than himself. Even though he had been praised, he really had no idea how he had acted before. It seemed like he didn't do anything special and it just pa.s.sed like that, so he was very uncertain about himself.

What should he do if it didn't go well this time? Wouldn't that be disappointing?

Ye Chen tried to lift his spirits up, but sometimes it would be like this. The more serious he got, the more nervous he became, and the more likely he was to make mistakes.

A deliberate act was needed to act in such a play, but for Ye Chen with his -100 skills, being deliberate practically meant he would become stiff.

Li Fu couldn't help but feel a bit nervous looking at Ye Chen in this state: Last time wasn't just a 'flash in the pan' which will wither away when dawn comes, right?

Ye Chen was nervous, Li Fu was nervous, and the other actor was also nervous: I'll hear Chen Chen's confession again, how delightful.

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When everything was ready, the deputy director shouted, "Action!"

Ren Jing took a deep breath, then came over to apologize. "I'm sorry."

Li Fu looked at him with hidden bitterness, "A Jing, are you holding some kind of grudge against me?"

Ren Jing, "…"

Li Fu's heart was pained as he said, "It's not the first time we've worked together, so how is it that you cannot express that kind of feeling? Shocked, inconceivable, angry, aren't these the easiest to express?"

On the contrary, the 'mistake' that Ren Jing presented were the most difficult to express in front of the camera. That kind of subtle happiness, the one you wanted to hide but couldn't, and that sweet bubbling atmosphere… That expression was obviously much more difficult to express!

As Ren Jing was about to say something, Ye Chen came over. He took a look at Ren Jing then said with a rather worried voice, "Is it still no good?"

Li Fu's manner towards him turned 180 degrees around. He praised Ye Chen with all his might, "Little Ye's performance was really good, you're getting better and better. I would've thought that you really like Ren Jing!"

Ye Chen, "!!!"

Ren Jing couldn't keep the corner of his lips down anymore.

Li Fu emotionally thought that he was about to shoot this movie using S&M deep love method, so after he gave some advice to Ye Chen, he began to glare at Ren Jing.

Ye Chen couldn't help but speak on behalf of Ren Jing, "He had been on the plane all night yesterday, he was probably still tired. The jet lag was still there."

Li Fu squinted his eyes and stared at Ren Jing: Does he? Why do I feel like he was in high spirits instead?

Ye Chen continued, "He was very tired recently, he probably didn't get much sleep." As he said so, he felt quite distressed, too.

Ren Jing had been enduring the whole morning, but now that he had seen Ye Chen's expression, he really couldn't hold back anymore.

Ren Jing said to Li Fu, "I'm probably a bit tired. I'll go revise for a bit."

What could Li Fu do? This was the 'Movie King' he had chosen himself. Even if he kneeled before him, he had to continue the shooting.

Ren Jing proposed, "I'll go back to the lounge and think about it for awhile."

Li Fu waved his hand and said, "Go ahead."

Ren Jing looked at Ye Chen. He tried his best to hold his voice, or else it would have revived even the dead, "Would you like to have a rest, too?"

Ye Chen actually would like to say this: I'm not tired, not even a bit.

But as Ren Jing blinked at him, something unexpected happened. Ye Chen said, "Yes…"

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