If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 42

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There were about eight to nine people in the young a.s.sistants' group alone. When added up with the crew……

The number of people were definitely more than enough, there was no need to worry about it further.

Ye Chen felt very happy momentarily. He still felt somewhat nervous since there would be so many people around. His -100 acting skill was going to depreciate a lot more.

In the event that his performance was too unnatural, what to do if the director dislike him?

Brother Chen had never been so nervous because of acting for so many years already.

But now…… He was in a panic!

The director of《Devotion》was Li Fu. He was very experienced. His film wouldn’t necessarily do well in the box office, but they would certainly be shortlisted in the major film festival. He even won an award last time.

Just like this time, he braced himself to try on such a niche theme which others wouldn't dare to shoot.

Since the start, he wanted to have Ren Jing to play the leading role, but Ren Jing didn’t accept (the role). Ren Jing had thoughts of shifting into behind-the-scenes post in recent years, and he really wouldn’t want to take such a role which could outrage people in a glance.

But Ren Jing wanted to work together with Ye Chen in a project, and this theme was undoubtedly the best.

Ren Jing told Li Fu, "I could do it, but I'd like to designate the other actor."

Li Fu thought that Ren Jing would bring in someone new. Even though he felt doubtful, he agreed because he knew that Ren Jing was dedicated (to his work). Even if Ren Jing brought in a new actor, he would pick someone reliable, there should be no problem with their acting skills. Moreover, if he could find a partner he liked, the result would be much better.

But who would have thought that Ren Jing would actually pick Ye Chen.

Of course Li Fu knew who Ye Chen was!

Actually, in terms of appearance, Ye Chen was very suitable to play Zhan Chen's role. His beauty, young, naive and pure appearance was very in line with the personalities of his character.


Their life experiences differed greatly. Zhan Chen had a hard life throughout, yet he still grew up to be a dazzling adult. That kind of acc.u.mulative beauty wasn't something the small dandy Ye Chen could act out.

Sure enough, actors acting their characters out didn't necessarily mean they had to experience everything their characters had, the focus was acting it out.

However…… Half of the entertainment industry knew that our Brother Chen lacked nothing but acting skills.

It was still alright to let him play as himself.

But for him to act? Could we please not talk about such a difficult topic? ?

As a result, Li Fu declined with all his might. He didn't want Ye Chen (to act in his movie) even if he was beaten to death.

Ren Jing very bluntly stated, "If it's not him, then I won't accept the role."

Li Fu, "……"

s.h.i.t, Lao Zi only wanted 'fresh flowers', not the ones under it!

It was a pity that the fresh flowers wouldn't move out of its hotbed. No matter what, it only wanted to be sold in bundle.

What to do now? Li Fu was at a loss that he stayed up all night.

But what Ren Jing said wasn't unreasonable either. He said to Li Fu, "How about this, let's try it out first. If he's alright, then let's sign the contract. If he's no good, then we'll discuss it further."

Li Fu cautiously asked him, "Would it be possible for the discussion to include (the option) that I get only you and not him?"

Ren Jing didn't even pause and answered, "Not a chance."

Director Li burst out crying and became like 180 jin Fatty Gu.

The innocent Gu Xi who had been implicated: Son of a b.i.t.c.h!

In the end, Li Fu accepted. Let's try it, then. If Young Master Ye showed his stiffness to the whole audience and Ren Jing saw his -100 acting skills with his own eyes, he definitely wouldn't want him anymore, right?

When that moment came, he would finally have the chance to reject!

Director Li was like a middle-aged third grade primary school student who was prepared to let someone down at any moment.

The nervous Ye Chen felt much more relaxed upon seeing Ren Jing.

Ren Jing took him to meet Li Fu.

Li Fu looked at these two who walked together from far away. They were really a match, never mind… Although Ye Chen was a bit shorter, (but) as long as he wore something to increase his height, their height disparity shouldn't be that much.

His face added up a big bonus point. When he smiled, he really was nice-looking.

But no matter how many bonus points were added, it couldn't make up for that terrible -100 acting skill!

Li Fu was a person with a strong sense of principle. He would never give in to 'evil'.

Ye Chen felt very ashamed to see Li Fu. He took the initiative to say h.e.l.lo and Li Fu also shook hands with him kindly.

Li Fu said, "Did you get to read the script yet?"

Ye Chen, "……"

Ren Jing then continued, "Don't worry, I'll discuss it with him."

Li Fu said again, "Let me do it."

What should he do now? He could only hope that Young Master Ye would immediately drop the ball, and let everyone on the spot… Hm, there was quite a number of people today. In short, as long as Ye Chen terribly perturbed everyone (with his acting), he wouldn't have any load on his mind anymore.

Even if Ren Jing really wouldn't agree with his proposal, Li Fu need not feel remorse. The movie would be completely ruined if Li Fu agreed on the other's proposal to have Ye Chen as Ren Jing's partner.

In fact, the plot of《Devotion》was very simple. It revolved around the emotional entanglement between Zhan Chen and Yan Han for over ten years. There were some taboos in the plot; like how Zhan Chen was a freshman and Yan Han was his mentor, their age gap was nine years apart. Then, Zhan Chen confessed his feelings. He didn't even know how he fell in love with Yan Han, but he was deeply engrossed with Yan Han and tied his whole life to him.

Yan Han was attracted to Zhan Chen, but he had too many concerns about their age, status, and gender.

When a youth was burning with pa.s.sion, they would make a solemn pledge of love. But when their pa.s.sion faded away, they would pull out and look away.

Besides, he didn't want to ruin Zhan Chen's future.

This was doomed to be a road of no return. If Yan Han liked this young boy who was as bright as the morning sun, he would just drag him into the abyss.

In the first year, Yan Han didn't even understand what he himself wanted.

Zhan Chen just liked to see Yan Han, so he would look for him everywhere. He listened to Yan Han's lesson attentively, he would always rush ahead when it came to anything related to Teacher Yan.

Which teacher wouldn't like such a student?

Yan Han also took good care of Zhan Chen. Gradually, they got to know each other better. Once, when they were at the end of an extracurricular activity, they were the last ones to leave. Yan Han invited Zhan Chen to have dinner together. Since then, it was like a switch was turned on. Zhan Chen began to stick closely to Yan Han, following his shadow.

At that time, they still hadn't realized the change and the deepening of their own feelings until Yan Han went abroad to partic.i.p.ate in a scientific research project.

Yan Han went for nearly two months. This separation calmed Yan Han down. Meanwhile, Zhan Chen had no appet.i.te at all. His roommate joked around, saying that he looked like he had been dumped by his girlfriend.

It was an epiphany that awoke a dreamer. Zhan Chen became aware that he actually liked Teacher Yan.

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At nineteen, a boy was in his most impulsive. Zhan Chen feared neither Heaven nor Earth, he just wanted to tell Yan Han about his feelings.

The airport was a special place to him these days.

From Beijing to Paris, from Paris to Beijing, he only stayed in country F for less than three days. But he took a big step, from his heart to Ren Jing's heart.

Ren Jing, Ren Jing, Ren Jing.

Ye Chen whispered Ren Jing's name in his heart. In fact, these three words had lingered in his lips. He wanted to say them, but he was embarra.s.sed to say it out loud.

And now……

He had enough reasons to say it.

Because of Death System and acting, he could say it out loud; he could express his feelings in front of so many people.

He was looking forward to it. He was not nervous, afraid, or worried. He had been looking looking forward to it.

Ye Chen's lips quivered. He poured out the emotions he couldn't hide anymore along with these three words.

Ren Jing, "I like you!"

In an instant, not a single voice could be heard.

It wasn't an embarra.s.sing scene, yet Li Fu was trying his best to suppress his beating heart. What was with this feeling of suddenly wanting to fall in love!?

Li Fu suddenly got up. He never thought that he wouldn't loathe Ye Chen but the great movie king instead.

"Your expression isn't right!" said Li Fu in a hurry. "A Jing, your expression isn't right. You should be shocked and lower your head!"

Author’s Note

The author has something to say:

Please give Director Li some candle. This is only the beginning; the great Movie King Ren will let him experience what it means by unlimited NG.

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