If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 38

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Brother Chen perfectly demonstrated how easy it was to make money off rich fools.

This man… definitely was pretty well-off too since he could book such seats. He wouldn't regard money as the utmost priority. Still, double fare didn’t sound like a bad idea. He could buy some bags for his wife with that.

Even though he was quite interested, he held himself back and said, "No need, no need, let’s just change our seats. I also thought of booking a seat near the window, but didn’t get it."

Ye Chen opened his eyes wide in surprise, he couldn’t be happier with what just happened. "Thank you very much!" To sum it up, this man was a savior to Ye Chen. Even though the man didn’t want double the fare for the ticket, Ye Chen was still determined to pay it!

The man was quite startled by Ye Chen’s cute face that he hurriedly said, "It’s nothing, hahaha."

Ye Chen was just about to say a few more words so that they could become somewhat acquainted. But in the end, the man had dashed to the other pa.s.sageway……

The other side of the seat was occupied by a girl. The girl asked in puzzlement, "Did you exchange your seat with him?"

Ye Chen immediately said, "I have a companion with me."

The girl thought for awhile before she said, "Oh, did you exchange your seat because you want to sit with your girlfriend?"

Ye Chen, "……"

The girl said meaningfully, "I don’t want to change my seat. I’ve put my luggage here, so I don’t want to move anymore." Those who love to show affections were members of FFF group. She was determined to burn these people and their conscienceless dog abuse ideology!

Ye Chen was stupefied for awhile, thinking of persisting in his efforts.

The girl added, "I’m not short on money. Let alone double fare, even if you say you’re gonna pay 20 times more, I won’t change seat."

Ye Chen, "……"

This girl wouldn’t change her mind no matter what. It seemed that they wouldn’t reach a compromise no matter what.

Just then, Ren Jing came over. He took off his sungla.s.ses and smiled as he said, "h.e.l.lo."

The girl slammed backwards to her seat and immediately stood up, then exclaimed, "R-Re-Ren Jing!"

Ren Jing softly said, "Excuse me, may I change my seat with yours? Mine is over there." He said as he pointed to his seat.

The girl stared blankly at him, unable to say anything for quite a long time.

Ren Jing added, "I'll help you to move your luggage so that it won't bother you."

The girl finally said, "I, I, I…… That's……"

Ren Jing looked at her and smiled.

The girl was so shocked that she was confused. Finally, she said clearly, "Al-alright. Then…… Would you please sign for me?"

Ren Jing replied, "No problem."

The girl immediately rummaged through her bag and asked for a signature. After receiving the signature, she calmed down completely. She began to talk very fast, 'chirping' like a bird about how she really liked Ren Jing, about the many movies she had watched which Ren Jing starred in, about how she was his loyal fan, blablabla, and so on.

Ren Jing was smiling the whole time, using his 360 degrees flawless beauty to make the girl fascinated head over heels for him.

As Ye Chen watched over them, he unexpectedly felt a very sour feeling……

In the past, he hated Ren Jing's face the most. Ren Jing was simply like a flashing light, yet he attracted people's attention, especially teenagers. Boys and girls alike, they screamed like crazy when they saw him.

Even though Ye Chen knew that it was his accomplishments, he just didn’t like it.

He didn't really know why he could dislike Ren Jing in the past, but now he knew very well: it was his envy bubbling up.

The seat problem was solved at last and the girl was filled with joy. She finally realized something, thus she looked at Ye Chen, then at Ren Jing, her eyes opened wide as she said, "You… You two……"

Ren Jing made a (quiet) gesture with his hand, then he said to her, "Could you please keep this a secret?"

Ren Jing saying so could be said to be an indirect acknowledgment!

The girl took a deep breath in excitement. She turned around to look at Ye Chen, staring at him for quite a while before she asked in shock, "Are you two dating?"

Ye Chen, "……" The development of this conversation didn't seem very good. He instinctively felt that Ren Jing would deny it——which was a given. Public figures, especially those like Ren Jing, would normally try to hide their love affair.

But in the end, Ren Jing stated, "I'm still chasing after him."

The girl tried her best to cover her mouth to prevent herself from screaming.

Ye Chen, "……"

The sour feeling which at first covered Ye Chen's chest entirely had now turned into sweet bubbles of milk!

The girl predicted that she would spend nine hours of flight in shock, complete shock.

After taking their places, Ye Chen was worried so he said, "This isn't very good……"

Even though Ren Jing had asked her to keep it a secret, would she really do it? She was neither a relative nor a friend, she would probably post it on Weibo as soon as she got off the plane.

Ren Jing said, "Do you mind?"

Ye Chen stayed quiet.

Ren Jing immediately understood. He smiled as he said, "It's alright. We could just say that it is a promotion for the new movie."

Ye Chen thought for awhile and realized, 'Oh, that's right!' It should be alright even if the girl leaked it out. After all, the movie they were going to shoot later would contain same-gender relationships. They would play as the leading roles, so it should be alright to promote it in advance.

Ren Jing doing this was not unprecedented.

As expected, Ren Jing never acted rashly.

Death system said, "I think he's serious."

Ye Chen responded, "Huh?"

Death system, "Ren Jing really wouldn't mind telling the world about your relationship."

Ye Chen, "……"

The death system continued, "Yet, you mind."

Ye Chen, "!!!"

Ye Chen suddenly realized: Ohmy G.o.d, have I unconsciously stabbed Ren Jing right in his heart?

So, according to death system's thoughts…… Ren Jing wouldn't mind having his future ruined because of this, yet Ye Chen minded it……

Ye Chen promptly said, "I-I don't mind!"

Ren Jing stared at him.

Ye Chen panicked, pouring out, "Um, I'd like to tell my family first."

Ren Jing was startled.

Ye Chen's thought was blank upon saying so.

Ren Jing suddenly held Ye Chen's hand, he looked at Ye Chen earnestly and said, "What do you mean by that?"

Ye Chen blushed furiously, but seeing Ren Jing's eyes which were full of expectation, he couldn't help but said, "I don't want to let my parents know about our matter this way. I want to tell them on my own, but…… It would be better to wait a while." First, he had to train his body to become a bit stronger so that he wouldn't die if he was spanked by his dad. And of course, he had to save more life points to strengthen grandpa's heart. He didn’t want anything to happen in case if he got angry……

Ren Jing curved his lips, a glimmer of smile spreading all over his eyes as he said, "Don't worry, I won't let them know."

Ye Chen was too afraid to look into Ren Jing's eyes.

But Ren Jing lifted Ye Chen's face instead, then he said, "Chen Chen."

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Ye Chen became soft all over his bones upon being called like that!

But this was life, how could everything go so smoothly?

An hour before the plane landed, Ren Jing also fell asleep.

As soon as he slept, his hands wrapping around Ye Chen became quite loose.

Ye Chen who was completely asleep revealed another masterstroke of his——bad sleeping posture.

He felt that it was hot, so he turned over and rolled out of Ren Jing's arms. He probably thought that he was in a King Size bed, so he turned around twice.

As a result, his head b.u.mped into the sliding door.

"Ow!" Ye Chen screamed.

Ren Jing suddenly opened his eyes. Seeing that Ye Chen had rolled out of his arms, he immediately pulled him back.

Ye Chen covered his head as he kept on groaning.

Ren Jing was a bit worried, so he asked, "Did you hit your head? Does it hurt?"

Ye Chen was already wide awake. He rubbed his forehead as he opened his eyes.

Ren Jing looked at Ye Chen anxiously.

Ye Chen's heart warmed up. He immediately replied, "No worries, it doesn't hurt."

Ren Jing kissed his forehead as he said, "It's my fault for not holding you tightly."

"Ah?" Ye Chen said anxiously. "Did I just roll out of your arms?"

Ren Jing, "……" Ye Chen did roll out of his arms.

Thinking about that scene of Ye Chen rolling out, Ren Jing felt that it was absolutely cute.

Ye Chen immediately asked the death system, "Heyyyyyy…"

The death system said lazily, "The last three hours had been interrupted."

Ye Chen took a deep breath as he asked again, "How many minutes short was it?"

Death system replied, "Ten minutes short, I think."

Ye Chen felt so regretful that he wanted to hit his head on the door again!

Death system said, "It's alright, it's only around five o'clock in country Z, which is more than four hours before 9:45. I could just release the daily mission later."

Ye Chen tried to get his spirit up. There was still enough time for him.

But the problem was…… Would he be able to stick to Ren Jing for another three hours after they get off the plane?

Furthermore, after the plane landed, a short message came into his cellphone.

[Queen Mother: Mom is back, so come to the Capital Airport at 7:00. Come and pick me up, my dear! (*  ̄3)(ε ̄ *)]

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