If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 34

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There was no doubt that he would certainly have died if he was run over by a car like this. No matter how you looked at it, Ye Chen should have his head bashed and battered by now, dead with grievances remaining.

But nothing had happened to him. He was standing steadily in the hotel's lobby, as if the scene that had just happened was just a dream. He didn't get out of the hotel, didn't see the car, didn't get hit and wasn't sent flying.

But his life points had been deducted!

Ye Chen stood still for a long time before he said in a surprised yet calm voice, "I did four random missions in total; one was when I asked Ren Jing for a good night kiss, the reward was one life point; the other was to embrace and sleep with Ren Jing for two hours and the reward was two life points; the third was to wear the clothes Ren Jing bought for me and the reward was one life point; the fourth one was to let Ren Jing sleep on my lap for one hour, the reward was one life point. Added up with the weekly mission, I obviously had six life points with me. Why was there only one life point left after you deducted four life points?"

Death system, "……"

Is now the right time to be concerned about such things!?

Ye Chen's voice was steady when he asked the death system, "I didn't miscalculate, right?"

Death system, "………………"

Ye Chen raised his eyebrows.

The death system finally said, "You truly didn't……"

Ye Chen added, "That's a relief. That means I have two life points left, right?"

Death system responded, "Yes."

After a long pause, Ye Chen said under his breath, "Thank you."

Death system, "!!!"

Why is it that it somehow couldn't see that sweet and naive person anymore!?

Ye Chen just stayed standing in the hotel (lobby) for awhile. The air-conditioner was blowing strongly into him, but he felt as if he was standing on top of a raging fire, his feet burning.

"Bang!" A loud sound could be heard from outside. Everyone in the hotel suddenly went into a state of shock. The security guards rushed out to check the peculiar noise.

Ye Chen didn't move at all. He had already known what was going on even without going out.

The death system had saved him, but what should have happened had happened.

The car accelerated quickly like how it was supposed to.

This was originally planned to be a 'very unexpected' murder.

It was probably because the driver had mistaken the brake for accelerator. The moment he stepped on the 'brake', the car hit Ye Chen and killed him. The driver himself would not have been able to stop the car and hit the door. If that was how it had happened, the dead could not bear witness, so things would be settled cleanly just like that.

It wasn't surprising that noises came from people around.

"Is that person crazy? He drove straight ahead."

"Did he perhaps confuse the accelerator with the brake?"

"It's too tragic that the speed of the car killed him on the spot."

The thin voices of people whispering were exactly the same with what Ye Chen had guessed.

Ye Chen took a deep breath. All that he could feel was a chill from his heart. He felt a fire burning outside, yet it was freezing cold inside. They collided together, but it calmed him down instead.

The death system knew what was in his mind, so it simply sighed and didn't say anything.

Around that time, Xiao Liu came. He parked his car outside and ran inside first. The moment he saw that Ye Chen was safe, he let out a relieved sigh.

Ye Chen said, "I'd like to return to my room first."

Xiao Liu immediately followed him.

When they returned to the hotel room, Xiao Liu asked nervously, "Brother Chen, do you want to drink some water?"

Ye Chen, "Yes."

Xiao Liu poured warm water to a gla.s.s and handed it to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen drank the water, but it wasn't really useful. The ice in his heart still wouldn't melt, and the fire from outside wasn't extinguished yet.

Xiao Liu still had a lingering fear inside his heart as he said, "Fortunately you were vigilant and didn't step outside."

Ye Chen's lips moved a little, but he didn't say anything in the end.

If he went out, he would have died then.

Xiao Liu carefully looked at him and said, "Do you need me to investigate?"

Ye Chen put down the gla.s.s, his palms on his forehead as he said gloomily, "Even if you investigate, nothing would come up."

It could be no one but Ye Lan who did this.

Since Ye Lan dared to do it, he wouldn't leave any trace behind.

Xiao Liu didn't dare to say anything more. It could be said that he was the first person to know about this. No one knew about this, but he had known from the start.

Because Ye Chen was the one who asked him to check on that incident.

Half a month ago, his Lamborghini was tampered with. Ye Chen hadn't driven it since then, he didn’t even use his driver anymore. Xiao Liu had to do everything on his own. Whenever Xiao Liu drove his car, he would lock it in the garage upon using it. Not even his girlfriend was allowed to touch it. This was to prevent the same thing from happening again.

From that day on, Ye Chen never acted by himself anymore. He wouldn't even go out to eat and drink with his disreputable friends (alone).

Occasionally, he would bring a bodyguard with him when he went out by himself. Ye Chen was very cautious and solemn. He feared that because he didn't die once, the other party might try to kill him again.

But he was carried away today. After all, nothing had happened for so many days, and it was quite improbable to have another 'clueless accident'.

In addition, thinking about how he would be going to the southern part with Ren Jing and the wonderful journey later, he couldn't wait to get out of the hotel and unexpectedly put himself in danger.

If it was not for the death system, he would have died.

Xiao Liu said, "Brother Chen, this matter… Don't you think it's time to talk about this with your grandfather?"

Ye Chen suddenly turned around to look at him, then he said in an exceptionally serious voice, "You mustn't!"

Xiao Liu seemed to have startled him a fair amount, but this time his heart was thumping as he said, "This was already the second time……"

Ye Chen wriggled his brows and said, "This matter shouldn't be bluntly spoken."

Ye Lan wanted him to die. Of course Ye Chen wouldn't just sit pa.s.sively on his end, but he would need to at least wait until his grandpa's body condition had become stable first.

The death system said, "But hiding it like this won't solve the problem."

How would Ye Chen not know about that?

Ye Lan was bold but cautious when he did something, and was absolutely resolute when he decided on something. Even from these two 'accidents', there was absolutely no evidence that they could be related to him. Although Ye Chen clearly knew that it was Ye Lan who did them, Ye Chen couldn't point his finger at Ye Lan.

Ye Chen could have told his grandpa and his parents about this matter, but he definitely should not do so, at least for now.

If he said it now, it wouldn't solve the problem, it would just make things worse.

His grandpa would definitely believe him, but at the same time, it was just going to break his grandpa's heart.

Ye Chen was his grandpa's grandson, and so was Ye Lan.

The two grandsons causing so much fuss to the point of death, the old man wouldn't be able to stand seeing them like that.

Especially since Ye Chen's uncle, Ye Qing Nian, had pa.s.sed away, Ye Lan was his only relative by blood. Even though he was an illegitimate child, he was still a child of the Ye Family and his grandpa's grandson.

Furthermore, Grandpa Ye owed Ye Lan something in the depth of his heart.

At that time, the old man wouldn't acknowledge Ye Lan's mother no matter what, even to the extent of not wanting to see her face.

Ye Lan's mother made a lot of fuss about this. Ye Qing Nian was so credulous and pliable that she could even incite him to make Ye Chen's aunt infertile.

After knowing what had happened, the old man was really mad and cruelly punished Ye Qing Nian. He cut off his income and expelled him out of the house.

The three of them had a hard time for several years. Later, Ye Lan's mother commited suicide. Ye Qing Nian brought Ye Lan back to Ye Family's house. The old man let them stayed there, but he was still filled with anger and wouldn't look at them at all.

A few years later, Ye Qing Nian had lung cancer. He pa.s.sed away even before he reached forty. Old man Ye aged in the blink of an eye, his health declined rapidly.

He had always disliked Ye Lan, but later felt that this child was really pitiful. He also thought that it was his fault for not settling Ye Lan down properly, so he subconsciously hoped that Ye Lan could grow up well.

In this state of mind, if Ye Chen let the old man knew that Ye Lan was actually rotten deep into his bones that he was insane enough to deliberately murder Ye Chen…… The old man wouldn't be able to stand it.

He could bear this burden himself.

If his grandpa was still healthy like before, then Ye Chen wouldn't have worried and would just tell him directly. Or it was better to say that if grandpa was still the same as before, Ye Lan wouldn't have gone crazy until this point.

But grandpa was already old, he had aged, he wasn't who he was anymore.

With grandpa's physical condition right now, there were some truths which he should not know.

Ye Chen took a deep breath. He couldn't tell his parents about this, either.

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His parents loved him so much that they would shed all pretense of cordiality for his safety, regardless of what the consequences might be. Ye Lan was only aiming at him now and wasn't capable to do more.

But now, upon being embraced tightly like this, he suddenly felt his hands and feet were cold. It was the acc.u.mulation of chilliness and coldness deep down in his heart that spread around, which wasn't a bad thing.

Ren Jing's voice trembled as he said, "Chen Chen."

Ye Chen's nose was sore and his eyes were burning hot.

Ren Jing didn't say anything else, only whispering his name.

Xiao Liu who stood on the other side wished that he was an invisible person…… Well, even though he wasn't invisible, he seemed to be regarded as an invisible person already.

But he was puzzled. How was it that Movie King Ren seemed like he knew something?

In fact, Ren Jing didn't know anything at all. If he knew, things might have run wildly into an uncontrollable direction.

Ren Jing was about to come back (to the hotel) to pick Ye Chen up. On his way back, his heart suddenly jumped, an unspeakable fear rushed up from behind like a poisonous snake, seizing his whole nerves in an instant.

He could see Ye Chen, soaked in a pool of blood, his fair skin lost its color, his beautiful eyes now filled with helplessness, his feeble chest stopped breathing, and what was more, he saw his rosy lips were no longer red in color and were turning purple……

It was just a flash, but it felt like a nightmare wrapping around his head.

Ren Jing asked the driver to stop at the roadside, then he sat at the driver's seat and rushed back to the hotel in an unimaginable speed.

The accident downstairs made him frown and he walked faster. He rushed upstairs and pressed the doorbell. The moment he saw Ye Chen, he felt as if his fear of gangrene vanished in a split second.

Ren Jing embraced Ye Chen in his arms, unable to put his emotions into words. He could only call out his name in a soft voice.

Ye Chen asked the death system, "What happened to Ren Jing?"

Death system answered, "It was probably a psychological link between lovers. He saw the moment of your 'death'."

Ye Chen opened his eyes wide and said, "How could that be?"

Death system responded, "Even I exist. What would be impossible?"

Ye Chen, "……"

He was unable to refute anymore.

Soon, Ye Chen's heart which had been cold and quiet because of the gloom now warmed up again, then he thought: Are lovers with telepathic connections considered rare in this world?

The death system rolled its eyes as it thought: He believed it!

Ren Jing let go of Ye Chen, then he asked under his breath, "Did I scare you?"

Ye Chen asked him instead, "What happened to you?"

The moment Ren Jing was about to say something, the death system's sound could be heard in Ye Chen's head, "Random mission: Continue having physical contact with Ren Jing, reward will be generated according to the duration: three hours for one life point and so on, up to a maximum of nine hours."

Author’s Note

The author has something to say:

After thinking about it all night, I still don't think it was right.

The plot didn't change, but the way I described things was very problematic.

In fact, there are different opinions about writing, but I've always believed the writer's style is extremely important. If their style wasn't well thought out, even reasonable things would become unreasonable, even if it was logical, it would become illogical.

Even though I wrote that Ye Chen was "sweet and naive", I have no intention of treating him unfairly. Upon writing him, I hoped that he would be well. The characters that I loved also loved you, so I hoped that all of us could be happy.

It's impossible for me to change things up without changing the settings, but some of them will be explained later in the next chapters. I'll talk about them in advance, consider the readers' perspective, and let everyone know more. With this, I hope everyone could make a more appropriate judgement.

Please don't fight, I really loved all of you, I hope that everyone is well so that you could read joyfully and be happy everyday. That way, I would feel very content. Smooches!

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