If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 33

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As soon as Ye Chen came in, Yu Xingzhe hung up.

It could be seen that Yu Xingzhe's heart was filled with sour taste just by a glance. Ye Chen chased Ren Jing out while he was still wearing his pajamas, that proved just how much in a rush he was!

What would Ren Jing even do then? Would that (kind of) slick person jump into the Seine River? Even if you beat me to death, I still doubt he would.

But Yu Xingzhe didn't say anything.

Ye Chen was very straightforward. He looked at Yu Xingzhe and said to his face, "Brother Zhe, regardless if what you said before was a joke or not, I'd like to tell you what I had in mind."

Yu Xingzhe, "……"

In his mind, there was a row of knives in front of him. After ten years of stagnation, they would finally blot out the sky, cover up the earth and then stab him.

As expected, Ye Chen didn't leave even a little room for him to maneuver. What he said was straight to the point without the slightest hesitation, "I've always thought of you as my close brother. Just like brother Xi, you're both my best friends."

Those resolute words fell sharply into the tip of Yu Xingzhe's heart, but they weren't as painful or terrible as he thought they would be.

The knife that hung over his head made his heart trembled with fright more than when it (finally) fell off.

Now everything was over. When his delusion had been crushed out, he felt inexplicably relaxed.


Master Yu was about to explode. He said in anger, "Who's the same as your brother Xi? You obviously regard him higher than me."

Ye Chen, "……"

Yu Xingzhe said resentfully, "You still dare say that you didn’t favor him more?"

Ye Chen gave a wry smile as he said, "That time–"

"Stop saying 'that time', just focus on now." The more Yu Xingzhe thought about it, the angrier he grew, "You wouldn’t even tell me when you’ve come all the way to country F!"

Ye Chen became quite awkward……

Yu Xingzhe said again, "It wasn't until I b.u.mped into Xiao Liu that I knew you were here. I called you three times, but you wouldn’t answer at all!"

Ye Chen said in a low voice, "I… answered you later, didn’t I?"

Yu Xingzhe responded, "You must have answered because Xiao Liu had secretly informed you beforehand!"

President Yu was like Sherlock Holmes, guessing things right at first guess.

What could Ye Chen say? He could only look down at his toes and put on a very ashamed expression.

The moment Yu Xingzhe looked at him like that, he became soft-hearted. He didn’t know that Ren Jing was there, so he gave Ye Chen a good scolding, "You little white-eyed wolf, I’ve cared for you for so many years, you wouldn’t even come to see me for a while, yet you would chase Ren Jing till country F. Now tell me, have you matured even a little? He only came here for three days, do you even need to follow him all the way here?"

Ye Chen was red all over his face. Yu Xingzhe didn’t know that Ren Jing was there. If he knew, t-this conversation was a bit……

Yu Xingzhe added, "You only know to be shy now? Chasing thousands of miles until here…… Why didn’t you feel more embarra.s.sed back then!?" Yu Xingzhe almost said 'chasing your husband thousand miles until here' and was so angry about that, he didn’t want to accept it!

Ye Chen answered respectfully, "T-that’s not it."

"Then, what did you come here for?"

How should Ye Chen explain? After all, in every sense of the word, he did come to chase after Ren Jing……

Ye Chen made a bitter face, then used his eyes to transmit a message: Brother Zhe, I know I'm wrong, I really do, so please let go of me already!

Yu Xingzhe completely didn't realize that he was sweetening his 'love rival' and said again, "Calm yourself down! At least try to get along with him for half a year first. Only after that would I allow you to have a substantial progress with him, you got that?"

Ye Chen, "……"

Yu Xingzhe was afraid Ye Chen didn't understand what he said, so he added seriously, "No confessing, don't let him take advantage of you, and the most important thing is no sleeping together with him!"

Ye Chen would really like to find a seam and drill himself into there QAQ!

President Yu actually elaborated more on the theory of love with that brain of his, "Feelings should be developed slowly. If you rush it, it's going to go away quickly too. Don't exchange solemn vows and pledges while your head is still muddled. You'll suffer when the enthusiasm is over!"

What he said was reasonable. Ye Chen and Ren Jing had only gotten along for half a month at most. For normal couples, they were probably still in the stage of texting ambiguously as both of them slowly searching for mutual feelings.

But they had already……

On the first day, they had a home run, the second day they kissed, the third day they hugged, the fourth day Ren Jing held him up high, the fifth day Ye Chen made chocolate for Ren Jing, the sixth day……

Ye Chen said to death system, "If it were you, would you actually fall in love that quickly?"

The death system said, "You two are about to have a child, yet you're still asking me this."

Ye Chen flipped the table and said, "Would anyone fall in love that fast!?"

The death system's eyes turned white then it said, "Don't listen to that fish, this system is the expert."

Ye Chen roasted it, "You're both the experts in bullheadedness." They were just as bad as each other!

Master Yu recited a never-before-practiced 'cla.s.sic theory on love' for awhile, he then threatened Ye Chen, "Let me tell you, your first time is going to be very painful it will surely made you cry in pain. So listen to me. You. Are. Not. Allowed. To. Sleep. With. Him. Do you hear?"

After that, Yu Xingzhe asked doubtfully, "You two haven't done it, right?" He still remembered that tiny red mark on Ye Chen's neck.

Ye Chen had a guilty conscience, but he thought that if he didn't lie for now, he was going to see a fish brand firework exploding in Paris' sky the next second.

He said hurriedly, "No, no, no, of course we didn't……"

"I know you wouldn't have the nerve to do something like that." Yu Xingzhe felt relieved that his silly son was not in danger of being cheated.

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Just then, Yu Xingzhe's phone rang.

He kept all of those words inside his heart, only pondering them when he was dreaming in the middle of the night till the night turned the day.

The high-speed train they were going to ride in was in the afternoon and it would take about three hours in total. It wasn't too long or too short, it was going to be very relaxing instead.

In the morning, Ren Jing had to say goodbye to the crew and handled some loose ends.

Ye Chen still felt quite embarra.s.sed, so he didn't tag along (to say goodbye). He stayed at the hotel by himself.

At noon, Ye Chen planned to go look for Ren Jing.

He went downstairs earlier and waited for Xiao Liu to come.

The moment he saw a familiar car coming slowly to where he was, Ye Chen walked a few steps forward joyfully.

Xiao Liu was very reliable. He arrived earlier than expected.

Ye Chen came downstairs early. It was at least 10 minutes earlier than the appointed time.

He couldn't stay still in the hotel anymore. He was so excited for the trip that he waited here early.

The car was getting closer and closer. Realizing that it was about to stop, Ye Chen smiled and thought of calling out to Xiao Liu.

But in the end, something surprising happened!

The car which was supposedly stopping slowly suddenly rushed forward and ran into Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was stupefied for awhile. When he had come back to his senses, he couldn't avoid the car anymore.

It was already too close. This kind of car accelerated very fast. Just a step on the accelerator and you could reach 100 yards in an instant.

How would Ye Chen be able to dodge it?

His whole body was sent flying and his mind was completely blank.

He didn't feel any pain, but the sound of the death system resounded in his mind, "……Four life points have been deducted, the remaining life point is one."

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