If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 31

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Translator: tiredpotats

Editor: Amaris

Even if there was no mission, Ye Chen definitely was going to clear things up!

Old Yu actually liked him? This was too unimaginable!

Ye Chen was about to say something, but the person involved had left……

His legs were very long, one step for him was equal to two steps for a normal person. Without waiting for Ye Chen to react, Ren Jing had already gone into the elevator!

The death system reminded him, "Please note, you have to make things clear in front of Ren Jing."


Ye Chen cursed it. "You’re pushing me into a pit!"

The death system said reasonably, "Aren’t you the promiscuous one? You didn’t even close the door, got him to catch you red-handed!"

Ye Chen said, "You’re actually Ren Jing’s system, aren’t you!?"

The death system responded, "I’m your daddy!"

Ye Chen, "Get lost!"

Ye Chen said to Yu Xingzhe, "Ren Jing might have misunderstood. I’ll go look for him first."

Upon saying so, he quickly slipped away.

Yu Xingzhe: f.u.c.k, what’s left to be misunderstood here!?

Ren Jing coming here could be said to be very coincidental.

Originally, the doors of the hotel rooms would close automatically. It was for the sake of the guests' safety and privacy.

But Yu Xingzhe stared at the door for the whole night. It seemed to have created a shadow on his heart, thus, feeling absolutely dissatisfied with the door, he kicked the door hard when he went in. As it turned out, the door was stuck and left opened wide.

Ye Chen was shocked by Yu Xingzhe’s sudden appearance back then, how would he have the time to notice the door? This room was also a suite, when you went inside and turned elsewhere, you wouldn’t be able to see the door anymore.

Hence, what greeted Ren Jing was 'a warmly welcoming door'.

It just so happened that before he knocked on the door, he heard Yu Xingzhe's voice, "An act?"

Followed by that, Ye Chen replied, "That's right, an act!"

Yu Xingzhe asked again in excitement, "You didn't like him?"

Ye Chen said, "How could I possibly like him?"

Imagine what Ren Jing would've thought if he only listened to these sentences without a summary of the previous situation and Gu Xi's name.

Following that, he came inside only to see Ye Chen in his pajamas and Yu Xingzhe whose hair was wet and was wearing a bathrobe.

Yu Xingzhe slept here last night?

Suddenly, his heart was shattered into pieces and he felt like he had fallen into h.e.l.l.

Everything was so sweet before, but it was so painful at that very moment.

An act… So everything was an act?

Why did Ye Chen need to act?

If Ye Chen didn't like him, then that's it. He even said that he won't force Ye Chen. Why did he have to do this to him?

Ren Jing couldn't stay even for a minute more, but he didn't know where to go.

If he lost Ye Chen, what was there for him to care about in this world?

He would have died more than a decade ago.

He would have died long ago.

A wave of despair came surging into him like tides. He stared at Seine River before his eyes and suddenly remembered the river's cold water that was like a snake's tongue. He recalled the slippery feeling of being soaked through his nose and ears.

Ye Chen ran so fast he was out of breath. He couldn't wait for the elevator so he switched to the stairs. Fortunately, he ran very fast and finally caught up with Ren Jing by the river.

"Ren Jing!" Ye Chen called out to him.

Ren Jing's back was stiff. The tall figure of his back basking in the glimmer of dawn looked very depressed. He was like cedar tree without any vitality, standing helplessly solely by itself in a cold and solitary desert.

Ye Chen felt a stab in his heart. He quickened his steps and caught up with Ren Jing, then he said, "It's not like what you think."

Ren Jing stayed silent.

Ye Chen was surprisingly calm at such a critical moment. He didn't know when Ren Jing arrived or how much he had heard, but judging at the situation for the time being, it was definitely a misunderstanding.

Thinking back, it was actually normal for Ren Jing to react that way. Yu Xingzhe looked like he was staying the night, then he said that he liked Ye Chen. It was normal for someone to misunderstand given such circ.u.mstances.

Where should he start to explain from?

Ye Chen made up his heart and decided to explain from the start, "When I woke up, I was checking my friends' circle when Yu Xingzhe sent a message on my WeChat saying that he was in front of my door. I immediately opened the door for him. It was then I realized that he had stayed outside the door the whole night. I didn’t think much and let him in mainly because he reeked of alcohol and let him take a bath……"

Ren Jing’s glabella wrinkled.

Ye Chen said again, "The hotel has a monitoring system, you can check what’s going on back then. I also have the chat records on my WeChat. I am not deceiving you."

In fact, just by him saying so, Ren Jing had already believed most of it.

Ye Chen added, "I also just found out that Yu Xingzhe had always misunderstood that I liked Gu Xi, but my relationship with him isn’t like that at all. Four years ago, I helped Gu Xi with an act for awhile, pretending to confess to him, but Yu Xingzhe took it seriously……"

Ren Jing finally turned around to look at him and said, "So the 'act' that you said before refers to this?"

"Of course," Ye Chen continued, "I told Yu Xingzhe that there’s no way I could like brother Xi…… Who would have thought that he would confess to me out of the blue, I’m… also shocked by that."

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Ren Jing was obviously shocked, too.

Gu Xi said again, "Why don't you just ask A Chen directly?"

Yu Xingzhe immediately understood from the way Gu Xi spoke that he had known about this from a long time ago. He lost his temper in a split second and said, "Gu Xi, are you retrogressing? What kind of person is Ren Jing? Could naive Chen even afford to play around with him?"

Gu Xi said, "Don't judge people through that colorblind gla.s.ses of yours."

Yu Xingzhe said, "Don't play dumb with me. Ye Chen didn't know, did he? Don't tell me you didn’t know about how wealthy Ren Jing is. For a fake and penniless hoodlum like him to be able to be who he is today, he must have used some kind of foul tricks to earn them. Have you never thought like that?"

Gu Xi said, "A Chen has nothing worth coveting."

"Ren Jing may not covet anything, but do you think someone like him would have the heart to love someone again?"

Gu Xi knitted his eyebrows and said, "Whether he had the heart to love or not is not something for us to decide on."

Yu Xingzhe said again, "Could someone like A Chen decide it himself? If Ren Jing tricked him and used him as he pleases, he'd be knocked senseless!"

Gu Xi paused for a moment, then asked him all of a sudden, "Do you like A Chen?"

Yu Xingzhe, "……"

Gu Xi said again, "I've been wondering for years. That time, the reason why you suddenly drifted apart from Ye Chen was because you liked him?"

"Yes," said Yu Xingzhe, "I've liked him since ten years ago."

Gu Xi, "……"

Yu Xingzhe said reluctantly, "If I had known that he didn't like you from the start, I would have……"

"That's enough," Gu Xi interjected, "Don't use me as an excuse. You should've known very well yourself that A Chen only think of you as a friend."

That sentence was enough to stifled Yu Xingzhe that not a single word could come out from his mouth.

This was his real reason for not being able to confess this decade long.

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Ren Jing: I accidentally gulped down ten tons of vinegar.

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