If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 30

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Ren Jing really drank a lot today. When they arrived at the hotel, he needed Yang Shen to support him up to his room.

Ye Chen thought that he would like to give him a hand, but Yang Shen immediately said, "No worries, please just follow."

Even though he was this drunk, Ren Jing still hadn’t let go of Ye Chen’s hand.

Ye Chen felt a bit embarra.s.sed, but Yang Shen didn’t question him at all, nor did the a.s.sistants who helped Ren Jing. It seemed this was something normal that no one need to be surprised or care about.

Ye Chen thought inside his heart: Ren Jing's group of a.s.sistants is really of good quality! Every one of them is steady, reliable, dependable, and competent!

The steady and reliable a.s.sistants who were being 'loved by a.s.sociation' were jumping here and there in the WeChat group, "Looking up close, the darling is even more adorable!"

"That cute wife's looks is simply going to sweeten people!"

"It's a pity that the boss is dead drunk."

"It's a pity+1."

"It's a pity+2."

"It's a pity+……"

"Quit it already. There's no school bus to the kindergarten here."

Luckily for them, Ye Chen had no idea about this 'Big brother Yang and the Young Servants Group', or else he would invade

Tencent Holdings Limited's building and had them ban this group!

Ye Chen slept very early that night. He had a dream. In his dream, there were his grandpa, father and mother, and they were looking at the crescent moon. Ye Chen was wearing a white suit, standing under a cherry blossom tree in full bloom. He was nervous and eager, like he was waiting for someone.

Who was he waiting for?

He was waiting for Ren Jing.

Why was he waiting for Ren Jing?

In his dream, Ye Chen was blushing like those cherry blossom petals that were floating all over the sky.

Ren Jing, Ren Jing……

People were really this interesting. They might be unable to like someone in their whole life, but they might also be so deeply in love that they were unable to extricate themselves just because of a split second glance.

Ye Chen smiled as he waited, his heart was thumping anxiously. He was so happy, as if he was embracing a beautiful sea of flowers.

"What kind of qualifications do you have?"

All of a sudden, a gloomy and cold voice could be heard from the corner.

Ye Chen tensed up and his complexion was pale. He turned around to see that the sea of flowers had turned into an abyss.

Ye Chen stood straight, keeping his composure as he called out, "Brother Lan."

The man sneered at him and said, "Aren't you a foolish one for calling someone who's about to kill you a brother?"

Ye Chen woke up with a start. He gasped heavily, cold sweat was running down his forehead.

He looked around and out of the window. The sun had risen outside, and the sky had turned white like the jade plate washed in thick ink.

Ye Chen took deep breaths and calmed himself down slowly. The feeling of being stared at by a venomous snake faded with the night and his thoughts gradually became clear.

He got up and went into the bathroom to have a cold shower. After that, he finally recovered completely.

The death system pondered for awhile, then decided not to say anything yet.

Ye Chen changed his pajamas, then he grabbed his cellphone to play 'King's Glory'.

Even though the risk of death was high, brother Chen unexpectedly played it well. He was a bit confused, but he managed to use Lu Ban's skill and killed four enemies.

Ye Chen hurriedly sent these to the WeChat group as he arrogantly put his hand on his hips, "What's up with those short legs? Killed them all the same!"

It was a pity that his fraud friends were night owls. None of them was going to see his post this early. He didn't even receive a single 'like'. Brother Chen wasn't happy!

Ye Chen started another round. But in the end, he was being slaughtered seven times by Li Bai. He was so angry that his heart hurt.

A leader can stand tall as required. He was going to be the hero in the next game!

Just when Ye Chen was thinking about starting another round, his cell phone beeped, signaling that there was a new message on his WeChat.

Old Yu (sent a message), "You're awake?"

Ye Chen looked at the time and was shocked. It was still seven o'clock in the morning, yet President Yu had woken up???

A message popped out again from his WeChat, "I saw your post on the group. You only know how to play this early in the morning, huh!"

Ye Chen asked him, "Why did you get up so early?"

Yu Xingzhe replied, "I wanted to."

Ye Chen sent him six likes.

Yu Xingzhe replied quickly, but this time he sent a voice message. "If you're up, quickly open up the door for me."

Ye Chen was dumbfounded for awhile and asked, "The door?"

Yu Xingzhe said in a hoa.r.s.e voice, "Open the door!"

Judging from his way of speaking, he seemed to be extremely angry.

Ye Chen finally responded, "You're in front of my door?"

Yu Xingzhe didn't reply.

Ye Chen hurriedly climbed out of his bed and went to the door. He could see Yu Xingzhe from the peephole.

He immediately opened the door and said, "Why did you come here so early?"

Yu Xingzhe got into the room and said, "I'm thirsty, fetch me a gla.s.s of water."

Ye Chen poured a gla.s.s of water for him. Ye Chen reacted as he walked over.

Yu Xingzhe was still wearing the clothes he wore yesterday. His hair was messy. He looked like he didn't return home last night.

Ye Chen's heart thumped, then he asked Yu Xingzhe, "Last night, did you–"

Yu Xingzhe said instead, "Give me the water."

Ye Chen gave him the gla.s.s of water.

Yu Xingzhe drank the water with his head tilted backwards. He seemed to be really thirsty.

Ye Chen didn’t dare to ask. Did Yu Xingzhe stayed outside his door last night? But why would he do that?

Yu Xingzhe obviously didn’t want him to ask, so he announced, "I’ll take a bath."

Ye Chen said, "Alright, alright, I’ll get you a change of clothes."

He knew Yu Xingzhe’s temper very well. Yu Xingzhe was a typical Virgo with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and hence terminal stage mysophobia. If he let Yu Xingzhe wore last night’s clothes, it would be no different from being killed to Yu Xingzhe. Not to mention that his whole body reeked of alcohol.

Yu Xingzhe took a bath and changed his clothes. He was a lot more refreshed now, but he was still not that awake. There were faint dark circles under his eyes.

As Ye Chen felt hesitant to, he didn’t ask. But it was clear that Yu Xingzhe didn’t sleep at all last night.

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"Would you like some more water?"

Yu Xingzhe had a face full of doubt.

Ye Chen thought about it seriously. After a while, he recalled something.

He seemed to have 'confessed' to Gu Xi.

It was probably four years ago, he couldn’t remember it clearly anymore. That time, Gu Xi was being abused by a sc.u.m til he was very worn out. But he didn’t want to throw his dignity away.

He was in a desperate plight and found Ye Chen on the way. He got Ye Chen to accompany him to put on an act.

That act was then shown to the sc.u.m.

This was probably how the scenario looked like to that sc.u.m: Ye Chen confessed to Gu Xi. Gu Xi suddenly realized that his 'true love' has always been by his side. Gu Xi was so 'moved' he felt he could die, he hugged Ye Chen and promised that he would take good care of Ye Chen.

The sc.u.m couldn't believe what he saw. He still had the guts to find and asked Gu Xi, "You don't need me anymore?"

At that moment, Gu Xi said in an absolutely aggressive tone, "p.i.s.s off, don't let me see your face anymore!"

Afterwards, the sc.u.m and Gu Xi brokeaway. Gu Xi felt lost for a long time, but short-term pain was better than long-term pain. Sooner or later, time would surely heal the pain and he would walk out of it.

But he didn't expect that Yu Xingzhe also saw that scene at that time……

The whole entertainment industry is dissatisfied with the fact that someone with Ye Chen's acting skills could deceive two men at one go.

Ye Chen said to Yu Xingzhe, "Do you know Shen Jiaze?"

Yu Xingzhe thought for awhile then said, "He's a nodding acquaintance."

Ye Chen paused for a moment before he said, "Well, Gu Xi have dated him before, but they parted on bad terms. Shen Jiazhe was such a sc.u.m deep until his bone and Gu Xi was so angry about that, so he cooperated with me to do an act."

Yu Xingzhe was stunned for a moment, then he asked, "An act??"

Ye Chen, "That's right, an act!"

Yu Xingzhe grabbed his shoulder fiercely as he said, "You didn't like him?"

Ye Chen replied, "Yeah, how could I possibly like him?"

Yu Xingzhe knitted his eyebrows, his lips quivered slightly. A lump of words were stuck in his throat, but in the end, he couldn't say them out.

Ye Chen warily asked him, "Do you…… like brother Xi?"

Upon hearing him saying so, Yu Xingzhe was stupefied. He then declared, "I like you!"

Ye Chen's eyes widened in surprise. All he could say was, "Ah?"

What the actual h.e.l.l??

However, what was even worse was yet to come. A stunning yet cold voice sounded out from behind, "Am I disturbing both of you?"

Ye Chen turned around to see Ren Jing who was standing by the door.

Death system, "It's a good habit to always close the door behind you, dear son."

Ye Chen, "!!!"

The death system said, "Daily mission, clear things up with Yu Xingzhe in front of Ren Jing."

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