If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 26

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This was simply too shameless, unexpectedly it even wanted to take away a life point!

Ye Chen said, "You dare to be this stingy!?"

The death system picked its nose and said, "Isn't life full of pleasant surprises?"

Ye Chen replied, "There is only torment in the guise of pleasant surprise."

The death system said, "That rhymed quite well, did it not?"

Ye Chen didn't feel like contending with more of its nonsense, so he asked, "You really would deduct a life point?"

The death system replied, "I really would."

Ye Chen said again, "Are you f.u.c.king trying to save me or not?"

"That matter is absolutely true. I offer sincere treatment to all and is fair to the old and young alike."

What could Ye Chen do for having such a naughty kid? He could only acknowledge it. In any case, if it behaved badly again, he would just have to throw it to the wolves to feed them.

He was more concerned about the other thing. "Why was Ren Jing sad?"

The death system responded, “Who knows? You human beings sometimes are the king of the universe, other times as tiny as a needle."

Ye Chen, "……"

Still, the death system gave him a small hint, "He did eat in that restaurant at noon."

Alright…… Ye Chen could almost guess what all this was about.

So it was a misunderstanding? Was he jealous?

But was there anything for Ren Jing to misunderstand and be jealous about?

His relationship with Yu Xingzhe was completely like that of father and son.

——Daddy Yu and Daddy Ye had a huge sneeze together.

Eventually, Ye Chen waited for a taxi, got on it, and went back to the hotel.

He couldn’t handle the heat so he immediately took a bath and changed his clothes.

Ye Chen couldn't help but agree that Yu Xingzhe truly had a good taste. The clothes that he chose for Ye Chen suited him 100%. When Ye Chen changed, he couldn’t help but be a bit c.o.c.ky and thought, 'Brother Chen is so handsome that he might break the heaven!'

After Ye Chen shamelessly showed off his good looks for a while, the doorbell could be heard from outside.

Ye Chen hurriedly open the door.

Ren Jing could be seen standing outside the door. His black eyes swept over Ye Chen's clothes, then he asked in a very flat tone, "You went to shop?"

Ye Chen wanted to say 'Yes, I bought a lot of clothes', but he immediately thought about the random mission and swallowed his words back to his stomach——he mustn't say it. If he did, how would he get Ren Jing to buy him clothes?

Ye Chen hesitated and didn't say anything in the end. Ren Jing's expression became even duller as he changed the subject and said, "I'm going out for a while later, would you be okay to eat by yourself at night?"

Ye Chen replied, "Sure, I'll just eat at the hotel."

Ren Jing responded, "Alright."

Ye Chen asked him, "Did the shooting go well today?"

Ren Jing replied, "It was fine."

Ye Chen asked again, "Will you finish by tomorrow?"

Ren Jing answered, "Yes."

Ye Chen decided to explain the things that happened during the daytime at the restaurant, "I met a friend at noon."

Ren Jing asked, "Was it Yu Xingzhe?"

Ye Chen was startled by his response and asked him back, "Do you know him?"

Ren Jing said, "The circle is very small."

Ye Chen thought for awhile and realized that it was indeed true, Yu Xingzhe could also be regarded as a part of the s...o...b..z. Then he said, "I've known him for as long as I can remember. I knew Gu Xi at around the same time as him, too. When we were still very young, we often played together."

Ren Jing muttered three words under his breath, but Ye Chen couldn't hear it clearly so he asked, "What did you say?"

"It's nothing." said Ren Jing, "I have to go now. You should rest earlier tonight."

Ye Chen asked, "You have to go now?"

Ren Jing couldn't resist him after all. He raised his hand and stroked Ye Chen's head as he stated, "These clothes suit you very well."

Ye Chen was unable to come up with a response.

Ren Jing smiled, gentleness spread across his eyes once again as he said, "……You looked really good."

Ye Chen's heartbeat sped up right away. His cheeks turned bright red, he didn't know where to put his hands, and his mouth didn't know what to say.

Fortunately, Ren Jing had gone away.

Ye Chen felt that he might need to take a bath again. It was so hot!

Upon seeing Ren Jing making his way downstairs, Yang Shen immediately followed him.

Yang Shen said, "Everything has been prepared accordingly."

Ren Jing responded with a grunt.

They returned to the Latin district and continued to pick up the work that was originally halted.

The original schedule was to have all the shots done today and tomorrow, but Ren Jing suddenly proposed to have all the shooting done in one day.

The producer had no objection towards his proposal, but the director was very worried that he asked him several times, "Is your condition alright? Are you tired?"

After all, Ren Jing must be tired after a long journey. The time difference was also inconvenient.

Ren Jing said, "Don't worry. If I seem unable to make it anymore, you could just shout 'stop' promptly."

The staff were a little annoyed at first. After all, they were resting, then they were suddenly called back to work, so they were somewhat irked.

But soon enough, they were left dumbfounded.

There was an aura emitted by Ren Jing that left everyone in awe.

The production team of this film were experienced and knowledgeable, yet they had to acknowledge that Ren Jing’s acting skill was extraordinary and extremely immersive. After getting into his role, he seemed to have stirred the whole production team into a whirlpool; tension, urgency…… It was as if all that the two dimensional script lacked was turned by him into a lively three dimensional experience.

This was an aura that swept the tiredness away, and without them realizing it, the work had been done. Because it was going smoothly without a hitch, not only did they not feel tired, they even felt very thrilled instead.

People were really this weird. When they were stumbling through problems, even the simplest thing could make them upset. But when things were going smoothly to the end, the joyful feeling could neutralize the tiredness on their body.

The director kept on praising Ren Jing to high heaven. People who listened to them speaking in English with such thick accent had a headache.

But Ren Jing simply smiled and listened carefully from first to last.

The director patted him on the shoulder and said two words in a rather poor Chinese, "I'm glad."

The audience laughed at both what they could and couldn't understand.

Ren Jing's group of a.s.sistants were in a bustle as they exclaimed, "Ah, our boss is irritated!”

“From what I've heard, our boss ran across his darling going on a date with someone else?"

"That could not be counted as a date, they were just having a meal together."

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"That guy even bought clothes for him, and they were behaving very intimately. Moreover, they seemed to have some kind of conversation?"

Ye Chen went upstairs to change his clothes first. He wore that white shirt which President Yu disliked very much again. He had no choice but to wear that one since he didn't bring spare clothes with him. He had to wear the ones he had already worn, then.

It didn't take a long time before they arrived at their destination. Ye Chen's chest tightened when he saw the luxurious Italian-style architecture before his eyes.

Then he said, "Let's go to another shop……"

Ren Jing said, "You don't like Versace?"

Ye Chen was about to say that he didn't like it, but then Ren Jing added, "The clothes you wore in the morning looks really good on you, they suits you very well."

Ye Chen was unable to say anything.

Ren Jing got out of the car and opened the door for Ye Chen as he stated, "I wanted to change my style, too. I wanted to try something different once in awhile."

What else could Ye Chen say? He could only bite the bullet and walk into the shop.

What was even more fortunate for Ye Chen was, it was the sales clerk who served him and Yu Xingzhe yesterday who attended to them!

Actually, it was not a coincidence. Although the sales clerk's Chinese was poor, it was good enough for the Europeans.

Him attending to them, it was to show respect to the (Chinese) guests.

After all, Ren Jing was also an exclusive customer.

However, the sales clerk stared at Ye Chen for no less than two seconds.

This cutie…… Why did he come again?

And the point was, he came with a different person this time?

More importantly, why was he still wearing the same clothes he wore yesterday?

All that could come up in the sales clerk's heart was fuss and feathers as he thought, 'This cutie is probably a little cheater!'

Ye Chen himself was feeling awkward too. How should he explain this? How on earth could he convince this sales clerk that he was innocent?

The death system said to him, "I'm afraid you won't have such chance."

Ye Chen, "……"

Fortunately, the standard of service of the sales clerks were very high, so they wouldn't expose the privacy of the guests. They treated Ye Chen warmly and considerately.

Ye Chen could only pretend to be calm.

Ren Jing asked Ye Chen, "Is there anything to your liking?"

Ye Chen didn't dare to make any sound.

Ren Jing pointed to one of the clothes and said, "Try this one."

The moment Ye Chen saw that piece of clothing, it seemed quite familiar to him! Even though he couldn't confirm that it was the same item, it was definitely a set!

Ye Chen went to change his clothes and try it out. When he came out, Ren Jing complimented him, "It looks great on you."

Ye Chen had completed half of the mission (although it hasn't been paid), so he was more concerned about Ren Jing and asked, "Why don't you find something to try?"

"No need." Then Ren Jing immediately said to the sales clerk, "Please give me the same suit in my size."

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