If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 25

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When you were unlucky, misfortune would happen no matter how careful you were.

Gu Xi who was currently on the faraway country Z would really like to give them a call: I beg you, please don't create any trouble for me, my relationship with Ye Chen is simply a pure father and son relationship, alright!?

Let alone Daddy Gu, Baby Chen was confused, too!

What has this situation become!?

Just like that, Yu Xingzhe looked at him then sneered as he said, "You two have slept together since long ago?"

Not waiting for Ye Chen to recover from the shock, he said again in a fret, "f.u.c.k it, I’ll never be able to return home anymore!"

Ye Chen wanted to ask him for an explanation, so he started, "A Zhe……."

Ye Chen hadn't finished his words, but Yu Xingzhe interrupted him and stated, "Whatever, why would I even care about these things? If you like to sleep with him, then do as you wish. But I'll never give you my blessing and I won't attend your wedding. d.a.m.n it, we’re over!"

Ye Chen, "……"

Ye Chen reacted rather slowly towards Yu Xingzhe's words. But could it be that Yu Xingzhe had an unrequited love towards Gu Xi?

But didn't Yu Xingzhe harbored hatred towards Gu Xi for so many years already?

Don't tell me, this was some kind of play like 'because I like you, I'll tease you'?

Couldn't these brats just make up already!?

Ye Chen said carefully, "My relationship with Brother Xi isn't anything like what you're thinking of."

Yu Xingzhe didn't quite catch the latter half of what Ye Chen said. He could only hear the way Ye Chen addressed 'Brother Xi', then he looked at Ye Chen from the side of his eyes as he said, "I’m older than you, too."

Ye Chen, "……"

Someone with reckless fashion sense like him was indeed different from the rest of the people. His brain circuit was poisonous, normal people wouldn't be able to keep up with it!

Yu Xingzhe a.s.serted, "Call me brother Xingzhe!"

Ye Chen was terrified of him that he had gooseb.u.mps and jumped. "Please don't tease me, would you?"

"Who's teasing you?" said Yu Xingzhe, "Why would you call that fatty Gu as brother Xi, but you call me A Zhe?"

Ye Chen suddenly felt he had travelled back in time. It seemed as if he had returned to high school time again…….

Ye Chen said with a forced smile, "You're just three days older than me." Gu Xi was older than him by a year, so it's normal for him to address Gu Xi as brother.

Yu Xingzhe said, "So because I'm older than you just by three days, it's not counted as being older?"

Ye Chen remained silent as he looked at him.

Yu Xingzhe became itchy upon being looked at by Ye Chen that way. He couldn't help but to pinch Ye Chen. The smooth feeling from Ye Chen's skin made him felt much better. Then he said, "Let alone three days, even if it's three seconds, I'm still older than you."

Ye Chen didn't dare to offend him, so he said, "Brother Zhe is good, Brother Zhe is smart, long time no see Brother Zhe."

Ye Chen called him brother, but Yu Xingzhe felt more uncomfortable than before. He groaned, then moved over and looked out of the window.

Ye Chen let out a sigh. He had distressed Yu Xingzhe somehow.

If Yu Xingzhe really had unrequited love for Gu Xi…….

That wouldn’t be an easy thing to deal with.

Gu Xi's heart had long been burned into ash by that sc.u.mbag. Let alone Yu Xingzhe's whole person, there was probably no room for even just a trace of his hair.

Yu Xingzhe himself had probably understood this, which was why he travelled far away from home.

As he thought so, Ye Chen felt that what he did was wrong. He was like a brother to Yu Xingzhe, yet he heartlessly drifted apart from Yu Xingzhe.

Thinking back, Yu Xingzhe was very loyal to him. Ye Chen was able to become the hegemony of the school thanks to Yu Xingzhe's contribution.

Just then, Yu Xingzhe turned his head over and muttered, "It has been so many years, yet you haven’t changed even one bit."

That was right, they had known each other for many years.

Ye Chen laughed as he said, "It's my fault this time."

Yu Xingzhe raised his eyebrows and looked at him, "What?"

Ye Chen said, "It's not easy for me to come to Paris, I should've greeted you first."

Yu Xingzhe was obviously bewildered for a while, but soon he moved out of Ye Chen's sight then snorted coldly and disdainfully.

Ye Chen said again, "Well, it's my fault this time. Next time you go back home, I’ll be the host! I'll make sure that you'll have a good time eating and playing to your heart's content!"

Yu Xingzhe turned his head over and looked at him, then stared at him for no less than three seconds.

Ye Chen felt somewhat puzzled and asked, "What is it?"

Yu Xingzhe's thin lips moved as if wanting to say something, but the last thing that jumped out of his mouth was, "So unsightly."

Ye Chen, "……"

Yu Xingzhe said again, "This won't do, I can't stand the way you dress."

Ye Chen really couldn't understand which part of his shirt was bothersome in his eyes!

Yu Xingzhe raised his voice and said to the driver, "Go to Versace first."

Hence, before they went to grab a meal, Yu Xingzhe wanted to redo Ye Chen's outfit from top to bottom first.

Versace's bright-colored clothes were very suitable for young people. Furthermore, Yu Xingzhe's fashion sense was impeccable and his vision was accurate. He just needed to randomly choose any clothes and Ye Chen already looked absolutely gorgeous after changing.

Upon seeing the gorgeous Ye Chen, Yu Xingzhe's eyes brightened up and he unconsciously picked more pieces of clothing……

Ye Chen couldn’t hold back his thoughts and blurted out, "I would just change to this, so don’t pick more!"

Yu Xingzhe ignored him and continued to set the world to rights.

The sales clerk that followed them whispered to Ye Chen in poor Chinese, "The main point is that Mister looks gorgeous wearing this. President Yu has a good fashion sense, which is why the store has always regarded President Yu as our valued customer. He seems to enjoy busying himself endlessly picking this and that, the great president probably will provide for you since you are such a cutie."

Ye Chen didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Would he care about the account of a few pieces of clothing? No matter how you look at it, something like that would be bad for their relationship, alright!?

What Ye Chen worried about the most was Yu Xingzhe's bad temper. Yu Xingzhe wouldn't stop giving Ye Chen clothes to try on that Ye Chen was physically and mentally tired after a few tries!

Money was a trivial matter, the important thing was the tiredness!

The pitiful Ye Chen didn’t dare to say much. If he did, he was going to be regarded as the cute 'mistress' who said 'No, no, don't spend any more money on me, I won't be trying anymore clothes'.

An hour later Ye Chen said, "Big Brother, I am hungry."

Yu Xingzhe finally restrained his enthusiasm then glared at Ye Chen and said, "Since you kept on acting like a small white gourd, I won't buy clothes for you anymore. I'll just order some for you and sent it over."

Ye Chen ignored the first half of Yu Xingzhe's words and only addressed the latter half, "That's Xiao Liu's job."

Yu Xingzhe said, "You're brave enough to trust that straight man's aesthetics?"

Ye Chen thought inside his heart, 'It has nothing to do with whether he's straight or not, but your aesthetics could only be divided into two types; one is Yu Xingzhe's and the other is ordinary people's!'

Fortunately, Yu Xingzhe was still aware of the time and said, "Let's go, I'll take you to get some delicious food. We'll see if we can try some more clothes later."

Ye Chen "……"

Yu Xingzhe then grumbled, "That Fatty Gu only needs to take care of his own diet, so why does he need to treat you harshly?"

The moment Ye Chen heard those words, he tried to explain, "This has nothing to do with Gu Xi."

They didn't even live together……. Besides, Gu Xi hadn’t gone on a diet for a long time already! How many years has it been since he was thin?

But Yu Xingzhe thought that Ye Chen was defending Gu Xi instead, so he waved his hand as he said, "Whatever, I'm not willing to hear whatever you have to say."

Ye Chen had no choice but to shut up.

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When they arrived at the restaurant, it was almost half past one already. Ye Chen was so hungry that he felt he could eat a horse, he just wanted to eat right away.

"Oi, are you still capable of supporting yourself up or not!?"

Yu Xingzhe's mind was in a complete mess as he was drunk and roared, "Me? Not capable!? f.u.c.k, what make you think I can’t do it!?"

Ye Chen, "……"

Yu Xingzhe suddenly added, "I can’t, yeah, I can’t do it. So stop comparing me to him!"

Ye Chen thought, 'What is the meaning of his words even……'

Ye Chen tried to help the drunkard out of the elevator, but was hindered by Yu Xingzhe's big body so he gasped for breath.

Yu Xingzhe actually had an overbearing personality. Now that he drank too much, he became even more overbearing. He straightened up abruptly then whined to Ye Chen, "I told you to come and look for me when you came here!"

Ye Chen, "……"

Yu Xingzhe mumbled, "If you don't tell me your reason, I'm not moving!"

Ye Chen thought with the corner of his mouth drawn out, 'Alright, now I'm scared.'

Yu Xingzhe said again ferociously, "You better not be thinking of running away!"

Ye Chen didn't want to be the source of attention, so he had no choice but to listen to this drunkard and said, "That's right, I especially took this trip to come and find you, I wanted you to invite me to have a French meal, then insult me for the whole day……."

Yu Xingzhe only heard half of what Ye Chen said, but he already felt very pleased.

He quietened down, then Ye Chen was finally able to drag him into the car.

This guy really couldn't handle his liquor. He fell asleep the moment he was in the car. Well, him dozing off was a good thing, it was less worry for Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was so tired that he was covered with sweat. Then, the driver asked him, "Mr. Ye, shall I take you back to your hotel?"

Ye Chen didn't want to be involved with this drunkard anymore, so he said, "I still have some things to do, you should send President Yu back first."

The driver responded with a nod.

When Ye Chen was ready to call for a taxi to get back to the hotel, he heard the faint voice of the death system, "Congratulations to you for completing the daily mission, you get two life points."

"It's completed?" Ye Chen asked with a confused face, "What's the circ.u.mstances this time?"

The death system replied cryptically, "Ren Jing was aggrieved."

Ye Chen asked again, "I haven't met him in person though, how could he be hurt??"

The death system laughed loudly.

Ye Chen thought for awhile, then he finally understood and said, "Don't tell me…… Ren Jing was also in that restaurant?"

But the death system stated instead, "Random mission, wear the clothes that Ren Jing bought for you, the reward after completion is one life point. If you failed, one life point will be deducted."

Ye Chen, "!!!"

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