If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 23

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Ye Chen's eyes opened wide in surprise for awhile then he said grumpily, "What the h.e.l.l!?"

The death system added just in time, "This mission will last for two days, just complete it within the given time and you're good. Furthermore, your life point won't be deducted for the first day."

Ye Chen had a dumbfounded face and said, "So there's such modus operandi too?"

The death system said, "I have to consider the host too. This mission is more difficult to complete, so if I forced you to complete it in a day, isn't it risking your life?"

Ye Chen, "……"

The death system said again, "I am a considerate system for sustainable development."

Ye Chen called out, "Death system."

The death system made a cute face and said, "Huh, are you calling for me?"

Ye Chen said in one breath, "I want you to go and die!"

Death system, "……"

Ye Chen was very angry. He just said that he liked… Ahhh no, that was not it… He was saying that he would try to like Ren Jing, and as a result, his daily mission changed from teasing to abuse. Wasn't this bullying!?

Grieve? How to make him sad?

What must Ye Chen do so that Ren Jing feel sad!?

Ye Chen was unable to sleep anymore, so he sat on the bed with his legs crossed and began to search on Baidu on how to make people sad.

The information came out in a wide variety, but none of them could be used as a reference.

The death system said faintly, "The keywords you used to search weren't right."

Ye Chen asked, "How so?"

The death system said, "You should search for… How to make your lover grieve for you."

Ye Chen, "……"

He paused for a moment, then spoke as he stumbled over his words, "W-we are not lovers yet."

Oh dear, he already went from 'not lovers' into 'not lovers yet'! The death system felt a little pain in its tooth.

The death system said again, "Trust me, Daddy won't deceive you."

Ye Chen answered, "Of course my dad won't deceive me, but a garbage like you, I can't say for sure…"

Despite him having said so, Ye Chen still changed the keyword. This time, the results that pop out unexpectedly in a row were 'X things you mustn't do as a lover. If you do, you're going to make your lover grieve very much'.

So changing the keyword could actually make things appear……

Ye Chen clicked on them to have a look, then he immediately became speechless.

To hide himself and to pretend to disappear after having a quarrel? Hmmm, he was not sure if Ren Jing would become sad because of something like that, but he was going to hide foreal if that happened!

To simply say that he wanted to break up? Th-they have not even started dating yet!

To rake up the past? There doesn't seem to be anything worth bringing up…

To use his fame and status to threaten the other person? Even the rich Ye family cannot oppose Ren Jing's power……

All of them are unreliable! Ye Chen sulkily turned off his phone and began to think of another way.

Ye Chen pondered for awhile about the people around him. He absolutely couldn't take any reference from Xia Sicheng and Du Ke. These two were deeply attached to each other all the time that they probably didn't know how to depict the word 'grieve'.

As for Gu Xi… Well, that one had gone beyond grieving. One or two ordinary person wouldn't dare to do such matters.

Who was left then…

The rest of his friends were rabbles so they were heartless. For them to grieve for a certain someone? That wouldn't happen.

Right at that moment, his comrade Xiao Liu rushed over to report to him while looking very worn out after a long journey.

Ye Chen immediately caught him and asked, "What could you do that would make your wife sad?"

Xiao Liu replied foolishly, "Ah?"

Ye Chen urged, "Quickly spit it out!"

Xiao Liu deserved to be called 'the great a.s.sistant of China'. He responded promptly, "She'll be sad if I forget to commemorate the day we met, the anniversary of our Wedding Day,

Qi Xi Festival, Christmas, or Halloween."

Ye Chen, "……"

Xiao Liu blinked his eyes.

Ye Chen asked again, "Are there any other things that would make her sad?"

Xiao Liu thought for a moment then said again, "If I forget to buy her the latest seasons' shoes, bags, clothes, or gla.s.ses, she'll be sad, too."

Ye Chen, "……"

Xiao Liu was sharp, so this time he said again without waiting for Ye Chen to ask him, "If I forget to get the autograph of the great movie king and the G.o.d of song Ren Jing for her, she's going to grieve a lot more."

Ye Chen couldn't ask anymore. He patted Xiao Liu on the shoulder and said, "Brother, it's really not easy for you."

Xiao Liu responded, "That's alright. Having a wife means you have to pamper her."

Ye Chen admitted that he was gay, so he couldn't really understand a straight man's view of love.

But Ye Chen quickly turned his head and asked again, "Then, what sort of things could your wife do to you that would make you grieve?"

Xiao Liu deserved to be called a fine model of a good husband, "I wouldn't be sad no matter what my wife did to me."

Ye Chen rolled his eyes and said, "Even if she cuckolded you, you wouldn't be sad?"

Xiao Liu smiled, "That would not make me feel sad, more like murderous."

Ye Chen was totally speechless.

Xiao Liu thought for awhile, then said, "There were times when I was grieving, though."

Ye Chen hurriedly inquired, "Please tell me about it, I'd like to hear."

Xiao Liu explained, "Last time, when her mother was in critical condition, she forced herself to smile when she was at the hospital during the day, but she kept crying secretly at night. Watching her being like that pained me a lot."

Ye Chen, "……"

Xiao Liu softened his voice considerably, "Whenever she pretended to cry, I felt that it's funny and coaxed her happily, but when she cried foreal, I really didn't know how to coax her."

Ye Chen let out a sigh and said, "I'm honestly not doing anything on this Paris trip. You go and take a stroll on Montaigne Avenue tomorrow. Bring back some gifts for her. Just swipe my card to buy whatever you like."

Xiao Liu said in confusion, "Eh……"

Ye Chen added, "Um…… Buy some for my mom, too……"

Xiao Liu knew Ye Chen's temper very well so he laughed and unhesitatingly replied, "I'll thank brother Chen first!"

Ye Chen patted him on the shoulder and said, "Well, it's not easy for you either!"

Xiao Liu was toyed with by Ye Chen early in the morning till he didn't know whether to laugh or cry, not realizing what Ye Chen was scheming.

Ye Chen loitered around in his room for half a day until Ren Jing sent him a message, "Are you awake?"

Ye Chen replied, "I've been awake since early in the morning."

"Let's have breakfast?"

Ye Chen's mood inexplicably became good as he replied again, "Okay."

Just as he sent the message, a doorbell could be heard from outside.

Xiao Liu hurriedly opened the door.

Ren Jing wasn't surprised to see Xiao Liu. Ren Jing greeted him.

Xiao Liu also said h.e.l.lo to Ren Jing then he said, "Brother Chen is inside."

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Ren Jing went into the room. He caught sight of Ye Chen still wearing pajamas.

Ye Chen was thin-skinned, so Ren Jing didn’t want him to feel uneasy.

The breakfast was pretty good. There was no need to worry about food when you came to country F, especially for those who liked sweet foods. French desserts would be enough to make your mind and body feel delighted.

When he was eating, the death system was still deliberating the mission for Ye Chen and said, "You should think over my suggestion."

Ye Chen didn’t bother to mind it.

The death system said again, "Since you've agreed that you wanna go, you could just take back your words. It'll definitely make Ren Jing sad."

Ye Chen said, "That would make me a flake."

The death system said again, "Well, would that make you sad?"

Ye Chen tried to put himself in that situation and said, "It would…"

The death system said, "It's decided then. If you could be sad, Ren Jing would surely going to grieve till he felt like dying."

Ye Chen was still reluctant to do so.

The death system said again, "How about you do it like this, you don't go, once the mission is completed you go. Sounds good?"

Ye Chen, "……"

The death system said as it stretched out its hand, "Daddy could only help you this far."

Though Ye Chen was still hesitant, he felt slightly affected emotionally.

The mission this time sounded easy; two days become one, the reward was two life points, it seemed to be pretty good.

But on the other hand, if he failed, it meant that the mission failed for two consecutive days, and he was going to lose two life points.

That was also why he was not willing to give up on it……

What about if he give it a shot?

He was so absorbed in his thoughts that he was not aware of the jam on his mouth. Ren Jing got up and wiped it for him.

When they looked at each other, Ye Chen couldn't spit out the words that had been at the tip of his tongue.

The death system tried to stimulate him, "Look at you, just a bit more and you'll succeed, I promise!"

Ye Chen made up his mind, put down his knife and fork and said, "I won't go to the Latin district."

Ren Jing was clearly dumbfounded, so he obviously did not respond.

Ye Chen said again, "I'm just bothered by film-making. It's not that interesting either, so I'm not going."

The result of this was rather excessive. After saying so, Ye Chen felt guilty so he took a few sneaky glances at Ren Jing——He was not sure if Ren Jing was aggrieved or not because of this mission, but Ye Chen felt sad on behalf of him.

As a result……

Ren Jing smiled, then said in a doting voice, "Honestly, I didn't want you to go either. It's hot and crowded, and I also wouldn't have time to accompany you. It would be better if you don't go."

Ye Chen, "……"

"Well……" said the death system, "Let alone feeling sad, Ren Jing's current state of mind is: 100% happy."

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