If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 21

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After nearly 10 hours of long flight, without realizing it, Ye Chen had finally arrived at the destination.

When the plane landed, Charles de Gaulle Airport was right under their nose.

It was not the first time he came to Paris, but this time it felt like a fresh experience for him.

After the arrival lounge there were car-on-demand service and a line of people who seemed to be leisurely making their way to their advancedly booked hotels.

Country F was in the Eastern Area. They were currently observing daylight saving time, which was 6 hours later than Country Z.

The landing time was 8 P.M. in Beijing Time, but it was clear and bright in Paris. It had only been two o'clock in the afternoon here.

Ye Chen asked the death system with a wishful thinking, "The time for the daily mission is still 9:55 right?"

If it was to be 9:55 A.M. in country F, he would be so happy now.

The death system said, "Please don't treat me like an idiot."

Ye Chen retracted his lips.

The death system said again, "Your time of death is 3:55 A.M. in country F."

Ye Chen said, "How stingy."

The death system gave him a flawless supercilious look.

The time difference of only six hours was still comfortable. It was not to the extent of him feeling ill.

Especially since Ye Chen had slept on the plane for a long time, therefore he was already in high spirits now. Yet it was only been afternoon.

He had earned two life points on the plane. Actually, it was alright if he didn't do today's mission. His life was not in danger anyhow.

But today's Ye Chen wasn't whom he used to be. First, he kept on thinking about earning life points for himself. Second, Ren Jing's sudden flight scared him to death. He could catch up with him this time, but what if someday he couldn't catch up to him anymore?

These life points were not enough at all. The very cautious Ye Chen didn't even dare to squander them.

That's why he had to do today's mission. He definitely had to do it!

After he had settled things down, Ren Jing went to see his partner first. He tried to understand the situation and then decided on his itinerary.

When he was about to go, he asked Ye Chen, "Should we go together?"

Ye Chen had to make up a lie for himself, so he said seriously, "You do your business. I also have something urgent to handle first."

Ren Jing said intimately, "I'll be back in no more than two hours."

Ye Chen, "I should be too."

Ren Jing said again, "Do you still want to eat dinner?"

They had eaten dinner on the plane to match dinner time on country Z.

Ye Chen shook his head, "I don't feel like eating, I'm not hungry."

Ren Jing said, "That's good to hear……"

He paused for a moment, then said again, "Do you need me to pick you up?"

"No need, no need." said Ye Chen, "I'm familiar with this place."

Ren Jing responded, "Alright, I'll leave first."

There was some kind of reluctance in his voice.

After Ye Chen sent Ren Jing away, his heart was filled with unexplainable sweetness.

The more he got along with Ren Jing, the more he felt that Ren Jing wasn't a bad person: he had a great personality, a handsome look, and he was particularly very considerate! Maybe…… Those were just rumors, which could not be believed at all.

…… If he really did fall in love with Ren Jing……

Ye Chen took a deep breath and promptly pulled out his train of thought which was going wild!

What kind of problem would Ye Chen have?

He had some childhood friends here in Paris. They grew up in high-end fashion circle, yet they behaved like demons. He hadn't dealt with Gu Xi for some time already, so after these two years Ye Chen became disacquainted with him.

He didn't want to see him, so what should he do, then?

Booking the entire cinema wouldn't be too much of a trouble. As long as you're rich, it would do. This was something that Xiao Liu could arrange even from far away.

The only thing left to be done was how to take Ren Jing to the cinema.

Ye Chen loitered around and ended up not going anywhere. He stayed at the hotel for two hours.

Ren Jing was really on time, he came back at the time he said he was going to be back.

The time now should be 10 o'clock at night on country Z. He could actually go to sleep already.

But the sky was still bright, how would he be able to sleep?

Ren Jing asked Ye Chen, "Would you like to go out for a walk?"

Ye Chen said, "There's nothing for me to see."

Paris wasn't really interesting for Ye Chen because he didn't understand art nor romance. Everytime he came he accompanied Queen Mother to go shopping. But this time he came with Ren Jing, so he naturally wouldn't just get out of his way to buy things.

Ren Jing thought for awhile, then he unexpectedly said the word, "Would you like to watch a movie?"

"Ah!" Ye Chen's eyes suddenly shone brightly.

Ren Jing smiled and said, "Would you like to?"

"I'd like to!" Ye Chen didn't think much and immediately agreed.

How miraculous, why would Ren Jing also wanted to go to watch movies? This was simply too good to be true!

Did he have some kind of mutual understanding with Ren Jing? Ye Chen couldn't help but to feel happy.

But actually, what mutual understanding? Which normal person would like to have 10 hours flight to the legendary City of Romance just to watch a movie?

Normal people's brain circuit wouldn't think this way.

Ren Jing wouldn't be that kind of weirdo.

The reason why he suggested to go to the cinema was just because he was observant.

On their way back from the airport to the hotel, Ye Chen kept looking through his phone. Ren Jing took a glance and discovered that he was checking the movies that are currently playing in nearby cinema.

Thus, he inferred that Ye Chen wanted to watch movies.

Ren Jing simply followed Ye Chen's intention and said so, nothing more.

Ye Chen didn’t care about what kind of movie they would be watching. He simply selected whatever suit the time. He only realized that it was a romance movie when he fetched the ticket.

Hm…… Two grown men booking the entire cinema to watch a romance movie, all by their lonesome!

Fortunately, at this time, the flow of people was relatively spa.r.s.e. Ren Jing wore gla.s.ses and mask, so he was not eye-catching.

Even so, a lot of girls were still looking his way.

Ye Chen mumbled under his breath, "Don't tell me they've recognized you?"

Ren Jing said, "They shouldn't have."

Ye Chen asked, "Then, what are they looking at?"

No one would recognize Ye Chen anyway.

Ren Jing didn't say anything.

What these girls of country F said could probably be interpreted this way, "Lovers, they must be lovers! Their height difference is huge!"

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"Are they from country Z? Asian guys are very cute!"

How he wished that this cup of c.o.ke would be infinite so that they could drink it for a lifetime!

Ye Chen ate and drank, but his heart was still concerned about his important play.

Eating a bucket of popcorn and a cup of c.o.ke were all settled. But what about sitting on his lap and feeding him three pieces of popcorn!?

The cinema was very s.p.a.cious and the seat was very large. It wouldn't be hard for him to go sit on it.

The key was to have the courage to sit down and to give it to Ren Jing!

He's not Liang Jing Ru!

Ye Chen wanted to give sister Jing Ru a call right now! QAQ

After turning around for quite awhile, the movie had pa.s.sed halfway through. If he didn't do anything, the movie was going to be over soon!

He had done a lot to complete half of the mission already, so he couldn't give up halfway.

Ye Chen made up his heart and stood up abruptly.

The death system which was fast asleep immediately gathered back its consciousness and thought: Oh my, an interesting play is about to start!

So Ye Chen intended to sit down just like this? Ren Jing is surely going to be very happy, but Ye Chen might die of shame!

So the death system was still very curious about what Ye Chen was going to do?

The moment he stood up, Ren Jing asked him, "What happened?"

Ye Chen looked at him and he also looked at Ye Chen. In the end, all that he said was, "I'm going to the restroom…"

He had a dispute with the restroom today that he didn't know how many times he went to it anymore!

The death system was feeling delighted for no reason and said, "A lazy person will find XX to delay working".

Ye Chen didn't feel like paying attention to it.

He went to the restroom but ended up taking a turn. Ye Chen took some deep breath and came back with a resolute decision. He decided to go for it!

His seat and Ren Jing's were next to each other; Ren Jing's on the left side and his on the right. It was reasonable that he should go to the right side of the corridor so that he could immediately sit down. After all, they booked the entire cinema so there was no other people but them in there.

But Ye Chen chose to go from the left corridor. He thought that, this way, if he wanted to go back to his seat, he had to go through Ren Jing.

Ren Jing was surprised to see Ye Chen coming over, but he didn't think too much about it. He simply let Ye Chen pa.s.s through the wrong side.

Ye Chen moved bit by bit and finally reached Ren Jing's place.

Ye Chen said, "Um… Excuse me."

Ren Jing leaned sideways and said, "Be careful of your foot."

Be careful? Nope! He definitely mustn't 'be careful'!

Ye Chen closed his eyes, made up his heart, tipped his foot so that he 'stumbled' accurately without fail.


Fortunately it was pitch black here, or else Ye Chen's acting skill was going to be exposed. With a cry of surprise, he sat down on Ren Jing's lap.

Ye Chen's hip met with Ren Jing's thigh. Just how much more delicate could this posture be?

Ren Jing, "……"

Ye Chen, "……"

The death system said, "Ohoho, now you've sat down. But then, how would you feed him popcorn?"

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