If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 20

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Translator: tiredpotats

Editor: Amaris

Isn't it obvious? This brother Chen was the boss. If he says that it was s.p.a.cious, then it must be quite s.p.a.cious!

As they lay down, Ye Chen thought of an ulterior motive. But he also felt embarra.s.sed and turned his back on Ren Jing.

However, Ren Jing kept on facing him, his eyes were looking at his fair-skinned neck, straight back, and attractive waistline without blinking at all…

Well, it is inappropriate to have a bee in your head while you're at a high alt.i.tude.

Ye Chen tried his best to keep himself awake. He still had a mission to take care of!

For seven to eight minutes straight, Ye Chen had a hard time fighting with his eyelids, but he couldn't hold it any longer. He looked at Ren Jing who had been quiet, then asked him under his breath, "Ren Jing, are you asleep?"

Ren Jing had been staring at him without blinking at all, how was he even asleep?

But he didn't make any noise, and kept his eyes shut instead.

Ye Chen thought for awhile, then asked again in a low voice, "Are you asleep?"

Ren Jing did not respond….. So he really had fallen asleep??

Just to make sure, Ye Chen asked the death system, "Is Ren Jing asleep?"

The death system thought in its heart, "I don't know if he's asleep or not, but I'm certain that you want to sleep."

Of course the death system couldn't say that. As a competent system, it could only say, "He is asleep."

"That quick?"

The death system said, "He most likely worked until late last night. It's normal for him to only sleep for four or five hours a day."

Ye Chen believed it and said, "That's right… I have experienced it too, sleeping for only four or five hours. I slept again at noon, though!

That's good, unexpectedly falling asleep just like that!

Ye Chen happily turned around and caught sight of Ren Jing. His heart went thumping again.

Ren Jing's sleeping posture was very well-behaved. The person himself was wholly good looking, making whatever he was doing seems especially beautiful.

Moreover, currently he put his hand under the pillow. He actually looked kinda cute like that.

Ye Chen felt that he had most probably been bewitched, so he immediately threw out that kind of thought out of his mind.

He went over to Ren Jing bit by bit slowly like a snail…

"Hey, how should I get him to hold me when he is asleep?"

The death system responded, "Haven't you two slept together before?"

Ye Chen said as his face became bright red, "I've already told you many times, who would still remember such things!?"

The death system responded, "You could consider snuggling into Ren Jing's arm, then put his hand on your waist…"

Ye Chen's Adam's Apple bobbed, then he said, "It would be very hot."

The death system said, "You could just lower the air conditioner's temperature a bit and it would be fine."

Ye Chen, "……"

He paused for a moment, but then he went to adjust the air conditioner's temperature anyway.

Death system, "……"

This doesn't look promising…

He had adjusted the air conditioner, and the door had been locked, too. He shouldn't move too much anymore or Ren Jing might wake up soon!

Ye Chen recalled "Living As A Big Boss" 30 times, then finally made his way into Ren Jing.

Ye Chen thought it would actually be difficult to hold each other while sleeping. Subsequently, he had approached Ren Jing but Ren Jing had moved "immediately" after he did so. He didn't know what had happened, but he then waited until Ren Jing recovered his quietude. As a result, Ye Chen was now being tightly embraced perfectly in Ren Jing's arms. They were very close and intimate.

Ye Chen's fair complexion turned bright red instantly, then he stuttered in his head, "D-d-d-didn't I say that it's going to be hot!!"

Death system, "……"

My dear, it's not the temperature, it's just your heart.

Forget it. If Ye Chen can't see through Ren Jing, he would have to prepare bricks all the time to get along with him. If Ye Chen can't agree with him, he had to make his own way to get out of an awkward moment.

"Now now, you should sleep." said the death system, "Two hours are going to pa.s.s in a moment."

How could Ye Chen even sleep!

Ren Jing's chest was warm and firm, and his hands on Ye Chen's waist were heavy and warm. Ye Chen was confined in Ren Jing's arms that he was almost out of breath!

It was so so hot that his palms became sweaty all over!

Ye Chen fidget uncomfortably, but Ren Jing suddenly exerted force on his hands. Ye Chen immediately didn't dare to move.

Even though it seemed that Ren Jing had really fallen asleep, he unexpectedly held Ye Chen still in his arms.

Ye Chen, "!!!"

The death system reminded him, "Now you need to sleep in each other's arms. You've only reached the goal of embracing each other. You still have to sleep."

Ye Chen, "You're just making it difficult for me!"

"Just close your eyes," said the death system, "Trust me, you're going to be asleep in no time."

But he absolutely couldn't sleep at all!

Despite thinking so, Ye Chen obediently closed his eyes.

Because he thought that he wouldn't be able to fall asleep, he planned on having his muscles and body strained till he gets off the plane.

But then…… One, two, three, four, five minutes later, fatigue came and hit him like a wave. Ye Chen inexplicably felt at ease and fell asleep.

After he became aware of the even breathing from the person in his arms, Ren Jing opened his eyes. There wasn't any hint of drowsiness in them.

That's right, the difference between a movie star and an unknown actor is just too big!

Ren Jing lowered his head and kissed Ye Chen's lips. Because he was afraid that he would wake Ye Chen, he kissed him very lightly. But he felt that it was not enough, so he couldn't help but kiss Ye Chen once again.

Ren Jing kissed Ye Chen repeatedly three times. Every kiss was inadequate for him. They didn't dispel the fire, but made it even more vigorous.

But the place wasn't right……

Even if the place was right, he couldn't do it. He must not move that fast. He must not frighten him. He absolutely must not.

Ren Jing anxiously read the Diamond Sutra. It calmed his tumultuous fire of desire down.

He wanted Ye Chen for an eternity, to last till the end of time.

When Ye Chen woke up after a restful sleep, he was still in a daze. Upon opening his eyes, he saw that handsome face……

He immediately stretched his body and came back to his senses.

"D-d-d-death system?"

The death system suspiciously looked over at him and said, "Lao Zi, please don't casually change my name, will you?"

Ye Chen didn't bother to pay attention to it and said, "Have I completed the mission or not!?"

The death system said honestly, "Congratulations to you for completing the random mission. You get the reward of two life points."

Ye Chen breathed out a sigh of relief, "Not bad, there isn't any danger this time."

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The death system said inside its heart, you have such a pampering husband, how would you even be in danger!?

He didn't feel like going anymore!

But since Ye Chen had said it, a word spoken is past recalling , so he still went out. He only washed his face to make himself sober.

Ye Chen asked the death system, "Um… Why did Ren Jing… Kissed me?"

The death system said, "You were teasing him like that, it was normal for him to do that."

Ye Chen paused for a moment then asked, "There's no way he would like me, right?"

The death system responded, "What do you think?"

Ye Chen, "……"

The death system feared that it might have upset Ye Chen so it said euphemistically, "You don't need to think too much about it. Even if he likes you, that's alright. It will be easier to complete the missions, isn't it?"

Ye Chen wrinkled his brows, "That won't do. It will be too unfair for him."

The death system raised its eyebrows, "How is it unfair for him?"

Ye Chen said seriously, "He likes me but I don't like him, yet I always do things that make him misunderstands. It's honestly not good for him."

The death system couldn't hold back its laughter and laughed out loud.

Ye Chen said, "I'm being serious here!"

"Right, right."

It's very serious, too serious, the greatest joke in the history is here: Ye Chen doesn't like Ren Jing.

But the death system also was in no hurry. It had only been several days, hadn't it?

If Ye Chen could figure it out that quickly, he wouldn't have to deal with it for so many years anymore.

"You should just take it easy." said the death system, "How would Ren Jing fall in love with you that easily? He most likely thinks that you're amusing, so he played with you."

Ye Chen, "……"

Why must it hit him right in his gut!?

But what the death system said also made sense. Who did he think Ren Jing was? He was even nicknamed "the man with extensive experience". Ye Chen only had the slightest idea about what he had done before. For such a person with a fierce style to fall in love with him was impossible.

But then, this was quite a surprise. He used to think that Ren Jing was a straight man, but he never realized that Ren Jing was actually not straight.

But that was quite alright. If he was straight, Ye Chen's life was going to be at stake.

Ye Chen was relieved, but somehow he also felt uneasy.

For now, let's just leave it at that.

Ye Chen didn't want to think too deeply about it. If he thought too much, it would make him feel that the future ahead would be a dark one.

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