If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 2

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Chapter Two

The appearance of the man in front of him has already been praised countless times by the countless fangirls.

His pure handsome face is nothing, what's scary is the artistic ability; he often recited a poem or write a soft article, it only took some minutes to brainwash the humans; their brains turning into residue powder.

Ye Chen even though annoyed to the person, has to admit that Ren Jing's face is at the pinnacle of the entertainment scene nowadays.

Especially when Ren Jing was seventeen years old.

With a film critic’s description: the youthful beauty of Ren Jing is extremely destructive, as if the poppy in the hills, in the scorching sun, will be the coquettish and dangerous beauty show incisively and vividly.

Ten years later, after many amazing trophies, Ren Jing's more devastating personal charisma emerged.

Twenty-seven-year-old Ren Jing conceived the youthful delicate feminine beauty and now completely transformed into a perfect male G.o.d in the hearts of thousands of girls.

Countless people were fascinated by him and countless people were crazy for him, but Ye Chen felt that he had a mask on his face and a distracting mask.

“Friendly reminder, you still have three minutes.”

Ye Chen finally remembered his "business"!

Kissing Ren Jing? This is not difficult, first a strong wave.

The brother-in-law is an activist and says that if you do it, you will want to get a domineering start. Stand on your tip toes and do a wall slam.

As a result, it was not enough and he was pressed by a slender finger.

Ye Chen suffocate in liver pain: too tall! Too f.u.c.king disrespectful!

Death system: “I think you’re a little lower on the take-off.”

Ye Chen was silent and became violent: “What take-off?!”

Death system: “Oh, it’s the heels.”

Ye Chen: “…”

Death system is quite straightforward: “I personally think your heels are not enough, better jump into his arms, your legs clamp his waist, your arms around his neck, such a kiss he certainly will not refuse.”

Ye Chen: “I have a something to say…”

Death system: “Improperly speaking.”

Ye Chen: “MMP!”

Death system: “You have two minutes left.”

People have to bow their heads under the eaves. He has to endure!

He looked at Ren Jing helplessly.

Ren Jing’s eyelids flashed with a very subtle smile. He spoke, and his voice sounded awkward: “What’s wrong?” Saying that, he lifted his finger on Ye Chen's forehead and asked, “What is it?”

He was kind enough to give a beautiful step to Ye Chen, but Ye Chen needed to tread on the steps, rather than go down.

He swallowed and said: “I dropped something…”

Ren Jing stood aside: “Come in.”

Ye Chen didn’t want to go in. There were all traces of the two being so drunk. Although he was drunk, he had no loss of memory. Last night, he remembered but not too clear. In particular, Ren Jing only casually wore a bathrobe. Looks so erotic, he is afraid … … ah … is worried about their wolf side will do something wrong.

As a principled man, one mistake can be forgiven but two are not!

Ye Chen earnestly said: “Not going in.”

Ren Jing is particularly good-natured: “Then you tell me what you dropped; I’ll go and get it for you.”

Ye Chen was a bit tangled for a moment: “That, can you get closer to me?”

No attack can be interfered with.

Ren Jing looked at him for a while. He actually leaned slightly and got closer to him.

This is very lethal. Even though Ye Chen is annoyed with him, even though he can’t stand this face, after all, he’s not a 24K pure straight man…

Ye Chen’s face was a little hot, but his life was very important. He closed his eyes and reached out with a hand. He actually circled Ren Jing’s neck quite accurately.

This time you can’t run! He closed his eyes as he comes nearer.

The result was unexpectedly regenerated. When Ren Jing suddenly stood straight, Ye Chen was shoved forward with a great force. His whole body fell into Ren Jing’s arms.

Ren Jing held his waist with one hand and tried to stabilize him. As a result, his hand felt too good. He thought of the last night’s affair and looked at the red cheeks of his man. He couldn’t hold back the other hand and also helped up.


The light sound of the heavy door closing allowed a hot-hearted person to return to G.o.d.

Yes, before, Ren Jing had his hands on the door, they were now all put on the waist of Ye Chen, so the door automatically closed.

The problem is… The house card is still inside the house.

The cool air of the air-conditioner blew over the corridor. Ye Chen responded: “You didn’t take the room card?”

Ren Jing said helplessly: “I thought you would come in.”

Ye Chen: “…”

It’s not going to work! Although you can go to the front desk to get the room card but Ren Jing is dressed like this. Don’t say downstairs, even in the corridor to walk a lap, by which tenants to see, casually take a picture; tomorrow on the headlines will fry in minutes!

Ren Jing asked: “Where is your a.s.sistant? Live next door?”

Ren Jing: “Still on the way.”

“Where did you come from?”

Ren Jing: “North City.”

Ye Chen listened: “Now at this point, still need two hours.”

Ren Jing's expression did not change, only showed a very light smile.

Ye Chen said: “In this way, I’ll go and give you a room card to open the door. You wait first.”

He was about to run when the system kindly reminded: “You still have less than two minutes.”

Ye Chen quickly stopped. He turned to look at Ren Jing and hesitated for three seconds before he finally said: “Is it a favor to help you?” ”

He does not want to take advantage of somebody, but if he doesn't do it, his poor life will not be guaranteed!

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Ren Jing nodded: “Yes, a very big favor.”

Ye Chen was strong and calm: “The time is late. I should go back.”

Ren Jing also wanted to say something. Ye Chen couldn’t dare to stay. The task was completed. He really had no reason to stay here!

He did not wait for what Ren Jing was going to say, he took the opportunity to turn and run, this looks like he was too shy and fled.

Ren Jing saw it for a long time and only felt itchy in his heart.

Ye Chen returned to the car and felt hot, he said: “Turn up the air conditioning!”

Liu took a look at the temperature on the panel that had been adjusted to 18° he silently adjusted it again.

In this way, after a long time, Ye Chen calmed down.

Xiao Liu reported to him on today’s trip, and Ye Chen obviously half listened.

He has always played the amateur in the entertainment industry. He has many people who bow to him, and he has more close friends. This makes the shove to him not too much. In general, his career is quite smooth. Just because Ye Chen is too lazy and there is no ambition, the resources are in front of him but he chooses to ignore it.

Xiao Liu also knows that he has a temper, and the schedule he arranged for him has always been just right: it’s mainly fun and making money is not important. After all, Ye Chen's family has lots of money.

Ye Chen asked: “The car was sent away?”

Xiao Liu said: “Arranged the tow to pull away.”

This was Ye Chen's order. He didn’t want to let any innocent person die for him.

Ye Chen replied, “Remember to tell me the results.”

Liu said: “Sure.”

Ye Chen was bored, opened his mobile phone and was trying to open the black, but he heard the WeChat tone.

Ren Jing: In the car?

Ye Chen almost dropped the phone!

His brain is full of questions – he actually has Renjing’s WeChat?! When did this happen?!

Soon Ren Jing sent another one: the first time is not to let you kiss, but just outside, we should avoid it.

Ye Chen's face that had just cooled was hot again. What Ren Jing explained is about the "domineering kiss." At that time, Ren Jing pressed him with his fingers…

Really lost his face, and holding the mobile phone was like holding a hot potato.

Soon, Ren Jing sent another one: why… you want to kiss me?

After staring at these six words for a long time, Ye Chen couldn't take it anymore. He was afraid that Ren Jing will send another set of frightening words to him, he opened WeChat. His move was as fierce as a tiger. He looked and deleted the chat records and…

Ren Jing sent another one: “Are you free at night?”

Replying to him: Ye Chen opened the friend verification; you are not his (her) friend. Please send the friend authentication request first, when the other side confirms, you can chat.


MMP! – a slang curse word which literally means ‘Your mother is a prost.i.tute!’ also equivalent to SOB.

Ye Chen = ‘Nightingale’ so if you read Night or Nightingale, I probably missed it. XD

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