If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 19

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This time, the death system doesn’t really think much about it. After all, they wouldn’t part their kiss. But the sudden sound that was heard in his head made Ye Chen startled right away.

Ye Chen realized that they wouldn’t be able to go if this keeps going.

He immediately pushes Ren Jing away and he also steps away. Then he pushes Ren Jing straight to the door.

Ren Jing said, "Come here."

Ye Chen is too scared to even say half a word.

Ren Jing smiles, this time changing into his originally soft voice, making Ye Chen’s whole body to go soft and said, "Don’t be afraid, I won’t kiss you anymore."

Ye Chen said as he stammered, "Wh-who’s afraid!"

Ren Jing stretches out his hand and drags him along, then said, "Alright, the plane is about to take off, so sit down properly and I’ll put the seatbelt on you."

After awhile, Ye Chen just realized where the smell comes from. He was about to say something, but Ren Jing is so close to him that he could see his hair, so in the end he didn’t dare to say anything. More than anything, he actually wouldn’t dare to breath, because his surrounding is full of Ren Jing’s smell. It’s so pleasant to smell, but he also wouldn’t dare to smell it.

After he puts the safety belt on Ye Chen, Ren Jing kissed him in the forehead again. Then he said with a soft voice like a child, "Why won’t you tell me? Travelling by economy cla.s.s is very exhausting."

Ye Chen: "……"

How would he had the face to say that!

Ren Jing is afraid that he would fly into a rage from shame, so he considerately give him a solution and said, "There are relatively fewer flights to country F so it’s certainly not too sophisticated, but in case of urgency, we have no choice but to choose economy cla.s.s."

Ye Chen quickly cuddles towards him and said, "Right, we can’t help it if there are any urgency!"

Ren Jing is being so considerate that of course he didn’t ask him what the "urgent things" are.

Ye Chen hasn’t really understood the appropriate reason, but he didn’t ask Ren Jing even when he looks at him. He couldn’t help but to let out a sigh.

The plane took off and the two sit tight in their seat. Ye Chen has travelled by plane for so many times already, but it has never been a heartfelt experience like today’s.

It’s weird, his head feels heavy but his feet and heart feels light.

The death system reminded him, "The reward for the mission is pretty good, you know."

Ye Chen gives it a scornful look and said, “You’re so stingy.”

The death system humbly said, "This is obviously just an extra mission." Embracing each other or sleeping for two hours in the plane isn’t a hard thing to do.

Ye Chen sneers and said, "Thanks for not giving me any life mission."

After the plane becomes stable, the flight attendant asks if they wanted a drink. Ye Chen wanted coffee, as for Ren Jing he wanted a fruit tea and also a dessert.

Inside Ye Chen’s tiny heart flashes an urge of wanting to eat macarons.

But things like macaroons is only for loaded people. Even this brother Chen rarely orders it in front of many people because he’d secretly ate them all by himself.

Even though the room is very tight at the moment, the stewardess apparently knows him, so he had to stand up and talk to her!

The stewardess asks him in an intimate way, "Do you need any dessert, sir?"

Ye Chen and the stewardess’ gaze intertwined, his face showing a composed demeanor then he said, "No need."

After saying these words, his heart aches [1].

Not long after, coffee, tea, and macarons are delivered to them.

Ye Chen tried his best not to let his eyes fall into that tender little thing.

But…. He just can’t hold himself!

Ren Jing endured his laugh, then pulled up the door and said so while pretending to be surprised, "It’s not low on fat, so I won’t be able to finish it by myself."

Four macarons are laid in a small plate. The round-shaped one is two times bigger than a cap, and the heart-shaped one is smaller. It’s delicate yet meagre, and it’s high on fat? He hasn’t even saw a gigantic one.

Ren Jing pretends to explain further, "I can’t eat too much sugar."

Ye Chen understood and said promptly, "That’s right, if you’re greedy for it now, you’ll need to go to the gym again later. That would be too much of a problem for you."

Ren Jing is not greedy for the macarons, but he took the blame on him [2].

Ye Chen said, "I rarely eat such things, so I won't eat it."

Ren Jing said, "It's not good to waste it, so won't you help me finish it?"

Ye Chen reluctantly said, "Alright."

How could brother Chen even ate three of these without feeling any guilt? Good thing he left one over.

The "greedy" Ren Jing turned the plate around, then gave all of them back to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen paused for a moment, then said, "…You don't seem to eat any, though?"

Ren Jing said nonsense but with a serious face, "I've ate one."

Ye Chen said, "So, I only ate two of them just now?"

Ren Jing said, "That's right."

Ye Chen looked at Ren Jing who shows a very composed face that he can't help but to believe him. He also thought that he hasn't ate that much, but how sweet would it be if he ate three of it? He's afraid that his teeth is going to rot because of sweetness!

But then, Ye Chen joyfully took the last piece, feeling very satisfied after eating it.

Does Ren Jing need to eat any macarons? No, he doesn't need any of it. All that he need is to look at Ye Chen who seemed to be entirely drown in a sea of macarons, who is his never-ending sweetness.

The Death System who watches over them acts like a father and said with bitter heart, "Lao Zi, are you really that easy to please? Both of you are feeding me dog food, isn't that too much!?"

After eating sweets and drinking tea, Ren Jing asked Ye Chen again, "Do you want some tea?"

Having a dessert with a cup of tea would be very wonderful for him.

Ye Chen took a glance at the charcoal coffee in front of him and immediately make a sour face.

He'd better die than drinking that bitter thing. If it wasn't for pretending, he wouldn't have ordered it regularly.

It's also not easy for him whenever he needs to drink medicine.

Ren Jing said again, "After eating sweet things, drinking tea would make you more refreshed."

Ye Chen hesitates for awhile, then said, "Alright then."

After that, he exchanged his drink with Ren Jing.

Still, fruit tea is the best. Pa.s.sion fruit tea has a lot of seeds and it's quite sour, but still good.

After they finished eating and drinking, the flight attendant came and tidy things up. Ren Jing swapped their things again.

Placed in front of Ye Chen are empty cup which used to have charcoal coffee, empty plate, and tea set.

Ye Chen wasn't impressed. Even though he's always been annoyed by Ren Jing because he feels that he's a hypocrite, Ye Chen thinks that he shouldn't be fancying him too much after he's been kissed all over and understood that his character wasn't really good!

Ren Jing wouldn't want Ye Chen to get bored so they talks. Ye Chen is actually like a small chatterbox that Ren Jing can't help but to slightly smile upon seeing that. Ye Chen just wouldn't stop talking happily.

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The flight attendant came again to ask about lunch, and Ye Chen is left puzzled then he thought, "Didn't we had snacks just now, and we're already having lunch? Who would be able to eat that much?"

Hence, they didn't ask. If they ask, they'd just offend the pa.s.senger.

The stewardess didn't ask, so of course Ye Chen would be too embarra.s.sed to take the initiative to ask.

Soon, the flight attendant left. Ye Chen had to think of another way.

The part.i.tion in the middle wouldn't rise by itself, so when Ye Chen sat on the bed, he could only see Ren Jing crossing his legs from the other side.

Ren Jing thought for awhile, then said, "This seat… Has some pretty good functions."

Ye Chen's eyes brightens. He definitely know, but for now, he had to pretend that he doesn't!

It's time to test his acting skill. Brother Chen, you definitely can do it! You're an actor anyway (somehow!).

Ye Chen asked "suspiciously", "What kind of functions?"

Ren Jing simply smiled and said earnestly, "The two chairs should be able to be merged together."

Ye Chen opened his eyes in "amazement", then said, "So it can be like that?"

He hopes that he's not being too fake.

Ren Jing thought about how could he be this cute.

He pulled Ye Chen over and give him a good kiss.

Ren Jing asked, "Do you want to see it? It's interesting."

"Alright." Though he has seen it for a lot of times, he puts on a look of antic.i.p.ation, "What should we do to make them merge together?"

Ren Jing pressed a b.u.t.ton and said, "Just like this."

Half of the part.i.tion in the middle goes down, then both of their chairs moved horizontally and merged together.

Ye Chen keeps on pretending of being "amazed" and said, "Awesome!"

Ren Jing curved his lips into a thin smile, "We're going to sleep just like this?"

"Sounds good." After saying so, Ye Chen just realized he might have spoken too lively, so he immediately goes back into being reserved and said, "It'll be more s.p.a.cious like this."

This s.p.a.cious thing, though called "double bed", is in fact very narrow. If there is a part.i.tion then it's alright, but now there is no more. They're going to stay close together like this for every single minute even after they fall asleep!

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[1] The raw said that Ye Chen is "他的心在滴血"after speaking with the stewardess. This part is quite confusing for me as I'm not sure what he's feeling and why he felt so, but if translated directly, it says that his heart is "dripping blood / bleeding". It probably means that he's… Angry? Sad? Because he cannot say that he wanted macarons. Ugh gonna use all of the munmun I had just to build a kingdom of sweets just for him sksksksksksk

[2] 实力背锅: I actually didn't understood this phrase at all, but upon searching through the web, I discovered that it means "to take the blame for somebody."

[3] 七窍玲珑玻璃心: An idiom (I think) which is describing a person’s delicate and exquisite personality. It refers to people’s changeability and inner complexity, too.

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