If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 17

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In fact Ye Grandpa’s body is not a big problem, that is, geriatric disease,old age, body parts as if rusted in general,anywhere is not good.

Ye house is rich and powerful, but the entire medical environment is like this, and no amount of money is useful.

The death system’s words, Ye Chen understands.

The life point can’t make Grandpa live a hundred years old, but it can add ten years to his original life, and this decade can keep him away from illness.

This is already a miracle!

How can Ye Chen not be tempted? He is willing to let his loved ones live comfortably for ten more years, let it cuts his arm for a change, too!

But now, there are only ten life points, ten life points!

That’s right……Ye Chen remembered: “Isn’t the reward for the monthly mission ten life points?”

The death system: “Yeah, what a coincidence!”

Ye Chen: “…”

Dare to fake again! But it is OK, he can’t wait to kiss the system now. He is cheap. Who can still have a small problem? The key is to rely on it!

Not only saved his life, but now he can still make his grandfather live a healthy life for ten years. He can shout his father to death from now on!

Ye Chen’s real father, who is far away in M country, sneezed heavily.

Ye Chen slept very well, and woke up so refreshed that he couldn't wait to fly to Ren Jing now and brush the life point wildly.

After eating breakfast, Ye Chen returned to the city and had just settled down, Xiao Liu looked for him: “Something happened! Chen ge, something’s wrong!” Ye Chen quickly asked him: “What happened?”

Xiao Liu said: “Du Jie had a car accident!”

”Ah?” Ye Chen grabbed his hand, “Duo Shijie?”

Xiao Liu said: “Yes, Gu Xi has gone to the hospital, you should go and quickly see her. "

Ye Chen said: “Which hospital?”

Xiao Liu said: “Let me drive!”

Ye Chen should be hurriedly.

On the road, Ye Chen asked Xiao Liu about the specific situation. Xiao Liu didn’t know much about it. He only said that the scene was a little scary, but the news was blocked too fast. Although it prevented a bunch of media, it also prevented Xiao Liu from knowing.

Ye Chen and Du Ke are very close. Du Ke's husband also knows him. He quickly called Xia Sicheng's phone and the a.s.sistant of Xia Sicheng answers.

Ye Chen asked about the situation.

Xia Sicheng's a.s.sistant said that he was still in the emergency room, and he did not know the specific situation.

Ye Chen’s heart thundered a bit.

The death system said: “Sorry, your life point can only be used for the loved ones.”

Ye Chen said: “I understand.”

If the life poing can be used casually, then it will be messy.

Ye Chen rushed to the hospital, and Du Ke’s husband, Xia Sicheng was red-eyed outside, so tall man was now fragile like a broken bamboo.

Ye Chen comforted him: “Don’t worry Cheng ge , Shi shijie will surely be all right !” Xia Sicheng said reluctantly: “Let you worry about it…”

At this moment, Gu Xi came. He took the hot water in his hand and handed to Xia Sicheng: “Drink some water, go sit down and rest.”

Xia Sicheng shook his head: “I am fine, I will wait for her.”

These three words are really heart breaking , Gu Xi and Ye Chen are very sad to hear.

The life of beloved is uncertain. If you take it a little bit, you will be bitter. Even if you are comforted, you can't say it.

What Gu Xi and Ye Chen can do is to accompany him.

After an hour, the lights in the emergency room were gone, the doctors came out, and they rushed to ask about her condition.

The attending doctor took off the mask and said: “The patient is out of danger, the calf fracture will take a while to recover, and then…” The doctor said to Xia Sicheng, “The child in her belly can’t be kept.”

Xia Sicheng stiffened, but he soon said: “Ah, it is all right, she is fine.”

Ye Chen stunned , he did not know that Du Ke was pregnant.

In fact, no one knows, even Xia Sicheng and Du Ke do not know, only a month of small life and left before they began to grow up.

Although regrettable and sad, but fortunately Duke is out of danger.

As long as the parents are there, the little angel will definitely come back.

Gu Xi quietly consoled Xia Sicheng and Xia Sicheng has already got up.

After that, they all went to the ward to see Du Ke, Du Ke’s face was pale, but the whole person’s state is not bad, it seems that there is no danger and there would be no worry about life.

At this time, Ye Chen also learned the specific situation.

Du Ke had entertainment last night, and it ended a little late. Because she didn’t drink alcohol, she was closer to home, so she didn’t let the a.s.sistant around and directly drove back. Who would have thought it would be unfortunate to be knocked by a mad car for three or four meters on the road so narrow.

The driver who caused the accident wad drunk and have died on the spot.

Just because you have lived enough, why are you dragging someone? Losing the car in the middle of the night, if there are more cars on the road, not only Du Ke, it is estimated that there will be more people to bury.

Du Ke was afraid of Xia Sicheng and Ye Chen and other people were worried. She laughed and said: “The public service advertis.e.m.e.nt that refused to drunk driving was taken. The result has not been broadcasted and it has been encountered…”

Xia Sicheng could not say a word, only holding her hand.

Du Ke looked at him sideways, whispered : “I’m fine, it’s okay.” Xia Sicheng was still silent , his hand was trembling, trying to hold her hard but dare not , which was also pitiful.

Ye Chen and Gu Xi went out of the ward and both of them slipped to the end of the corridor.

Ye Chen said: “Fortunately, there was no danger, it scared me.”

Gu Xi should have responded, actually lit a cigarette.

Ye Chen’s eyes opened wide: “Didn’t you quit?”

Gu Xi did not smoke, just clips it and watches it burns itself up little by little.

Ye Chen sighed and couldn't speak again.

The same love that began in high school, Xia Sicheng put Du Ke in his heart for 10 years like a day . What about Gu Xi? But he was trempled into the mud, stepped on his face and embra.s.sed to the extreme.

Do not compare, by contrast, old wounds are cruelly opened and b.l.o.o.d.y.

Ye Chen patted him on the shoulder.

Gu Xi extinguished his cigarette in the ashtray and laughed and said: “It’s okay, how long has it been?”

Unfortunately, for a long time, you can’t forget it!

Ye Chen could not comfort him . Gu Xi is very proud. He would rather stand on the thorns and be pierced in his feet than kneel in the clouds and weep humbly.

It was not long before Xia Sicheng called Gu Xi and Ye Chen to enter.

Du Ke said directly: “Seeing that “First Love” is about to broadcast and I have become like this…” She wanted to cancel the contract with the crew and let Gu Xi find another actress.

By all accounts, this is also normal, although the heroine is fixed, but since it has not been broadcasted, the loss is not large, and can play by someone else.

But Gu Xi said: “Get well and when you are in good health, let’s broadcast it.”

Du Ke was shocked: “This…”

Gu Xi said: “I don’t want anyone except you, and I have waited this drama for three years, and it doesn’t matter if I wait for another half a year ."

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Du Ke said: "But the producer…"

Ren Jing asked him: “Are you still in the hospital?”

Ye Chen said: “I have already come back.”

Ren Jing asked Du Ke’s condition, and Ye Chentold him honestly.

After talking about the business, Ye Chen began to feel a little nervous . Do they have direct appointment, a direct appointment or a direct appointmen ……

He was hesitating and Ren Jing spoke first:. “I am on a temporary busniess trip to the country F. ”

Ye Chen’s eyes opend wide and said: “Ah?”

Ren Jing said: “I booked in the morning, I need to go, I will come back as soon as possible.”

Ye Chen’s voice trembled: “How long? When will you come back? Right away?” Although he asked this question, but his heart has been empty. He(RJ) had to fly to Country F for at least 11 hours, even if he went back immediately, he would have to fly one day and one night! What can he(YC) do with his mission!

Ren Jing's voice is particularly gentle: “Come back in three days at most ."

Three days! ! !

Ye Chen thought you can collect my corpse when you come back!

Ye Chen quickly asked him: “Where are you now? What time is the flight?”

Ren Jing told him.

Looking at the time , Ye Chen really has two eyes and one black eye.

Ren Jing is boarding in less than two hours!

Ye Chen hurriedly said: “I will hang up the phone first, I am in a hurry.” Without waiting for Ren Jing to speak Ye Chen hung up.

Ye Chen quickly contacted Xiao Liu: ” Ming Ge Ming Ge , hurry book me a ticket to fly to F country , flight number is x.x.xXX, economy cla.s.s is also OK, there are seats on the line!”

Xiao Liu was shuddered by Ye Chen’s announcement: “What happened? Why are you in such a hurry?”

Ye Chen said: “Hurry help me book, time is very fast , It is too late!”

One hour before the plane took off, there is no way to book a ticket, even if there is a seat but once Xiao Liu has a relationship here, the time is still barely earlier, after he tossed a pa.s.s, he really booked a ticket for Ye Chen!

However, the fare for this economy cla.s.s is comparable to that of the first cla.s.s booked in advance…

Despite this Ye Chen packed up a few clothes and took important items to kill the airport.

Fortunately, the road was not blocked, plus he was closer, so he arrived at the airport half an hour later.

It's not easy for Ye Chen to be exhausted and panting.

He gasped and called Ren Jing: “Where are you?” Ren Jing trembled and asked him: “Are you coming to the airport?”

Ye Chen said: “Well, just arrived, have you pa.s.sed the security check?”

Ren Jing said: “Not yet…” His heart is about to jump out, Ye Chen came to send him? Just leaving for three days, he actually ran to the airport to send him?

Thinking of this, the corners of Ren Jing’s mouth couldn't help but rise . Everyone of his a.s.sistants felt ten thousand electric shocks ! Hair is trembling with electricity!

Ye Chen rushed over and stood in front of Ren Jing and gasped: “Huh… Fortunately, I caught up.”

Ren Jing’s gaze can sweeten people: “I will come back soon, no need to see me off specifically.” When Ye Chen heard this, he suddenly felt embra.s.sed.

This misunderstanding… is getting bigger and bigger…

Notes (please read) I used Ge, Shije and Lao Tzu as I thought most people know theif meanings. If you don’t know , please comment, I will answer them.

I edited a word in last chapter where Gu Xi said Ren Jing’s nick name. Ren Jing’s nick name is 人精 (meaning man with extensive experience, it is prounounced as Rén Jïng) . This is what Ye Chen wrote in his contact for Ren Jing’s number.

It was a little confusing in last chapter. Ye Chen didn’t like Ren Jing first. He just lied to Gu Xi because Gu Xi didn’t believe his story. And said he liked Ren Jing. He is now doing these for life point , he hasn’t realized his feelings or knows Ren Jing’s feelings. Gu Xi didn’t like Xia Sicheng in highschool. He just remembered bad memories. I read as I translated so I didn’t know ahead. But I think Gu Xi’s bad memories are because of another person,not Xia Sicheng.

Ok I thought about posting this on my boyfriend’s Zen birthday which is tomorrow. But this chapter is really interesting so I can’t wait and posted it. Can’t wait for Ren Jing’s reaction to Ye Chen following him in next chapters. Thank you very much for the comments. I have nothing to do but I can’t promised a regular update. Sorry please bear with me. Positive feedbacks are welcomed. I really need it. I spent last night and this whole morning on this chapter.

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