If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 15

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After awhile, Ye Chen resolutely said, “Won’t do it!”

The death system said:” 10 life points ah, after doing you can rest for 10days.”

Ye Chen att.i.tude firmly:” Will not do!

The death system said:” It’s all right, there’s one months to go, maybe you can do it accidentally.”

Ye Chen didn’t want to talk to him and throw him a “hehe”.

The cheeky system is fearless, after catching “hehe” back return to him a “Hey”.

Ye Chen turned a white eye to and quickly turned out the Galaxy.

Two poor people for a while, Ye Chen is calm, he sent Ren Jing back a message “OK” .

Ren Jing replied back so fast:” I’ll pick you up? “

Ye Chen said: “I’m not at home. Go straight to Lanting later.”

The other side was a little late, but it came after awhile: “Well see you at six.”

Ye Chen put down his cell phone, went to wash his face, looked through the mirror at his chicken nest, and he took a bath.

The death system wanted to say: “Mirror ,mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”

But he resisted, for host’s thin skin, he managed to hold back! It’s amazing, I want to play CALL for myself.

After taking a shower he went to the cloakroom to change clothes for tonight. He didn’t live in the house, but the clothes were not lacking. Xiao Liu would arrange people to prepare for the new season of clothes.

Therefore, the clothes in this cloakroom are brand new and the Ye Chen picks the lowest tune.After wearing it, it still feels too “grand”.

He changed one, or a little too paticular about……

The death system is unable to endure: “Never mind, Ren Jing likes whatever you wear.”

Ye Chen blushed: “Scram!”

The death system was afraid that he would be angry, so he tried not to make a sound.

Ye Chen picked and picked, chose the most simple white shirt, and then matched with the jeans. When he went out, he chose a pair of sneakers, and looking very not fastidious.

He was satisfied. When he went downstairs, he saw Xiao Liu. Xiao Liu looked at him for three seconds.

Ye Chen asked him: “What’s wrong?”

Xiao Liu stammered: “No, nothing.”

Ye Chen looked suspiciously: “Staring at me as what? What is wrong?”

Xiao Liu returned to G.o.d: “No, really nothing!” He said that and pulled open the doorway. “Let’s go, it’s going to be late.”

Ye Chen was not too serious, he lifted his foot and got on the car.

Xiao Liu sat in the driver’s seat and relaxed completely.

Brother Chen is really suitable for such a dress, clean, especially small, like a young high school student.

Ye Chen arrived ten minutes earlier. He thought that Ren Jing would be so busy and he would arrive later. As a result, Ren Jing arrived earlier than him.

Lan Ting has very few people tonight. The entire eastern half of the view has not even had half of the people. The nightingale has a sigh of relief, and the heart is full of ambitions.

No,it’s not…

He approached and saw the man in front of the floor-to-ceiling window.

Ren Jing is dressed in a high-profile, very handsome, and the handsome looks are more and more charming because of the soft sunset behind. He looked at Ye Chen, dark eyes flashing, and

seemed to let the evening enter the starry night in advance.

Ye Chen’s heartbeat become fast, but his heartbeat is because of Ren Jing.

If Xiao Liu just marvels at Ye Chen who looks like clean and small. Ren Jing seems to have traveled through time and s.p.a.ce, and returned to that heartbeat of the first meeting.

Ye Chen opened his mouth first: “Here you are.”

Ren Jing got up and pulled the chair to let him sit.

Ye Chen was somewhat uncomfortable: “I will do it myself.”

Ren Jing did not say anything. He was afraid that he would open his mouth and all his emotions would be exposed, so he just smiled.

Such a close smile is extremely lethal, and Ye Chen is somewhat uncontrollable. He hurriedly raised his voice: “waiter…”

No more personal, he is going to explode!

Waiter came to ask about the meals. and both of them had a quiet time.

Ye Chen was a mess, and waiter asked him about the appetizer. He opened his mouth and said: “Grilled lamb chops…”

Waiter was stunned. Ren Jing took the message: “b.u.t.ter Bureau snail, Ma.r.s.eille fish soup… Grilled

lamb chops.”

He said a little bit, all Ye Chen used to eat, and he loved it.

Ye Chen has not really been so embra.s.sed: “Thank you.”

Ren Jing smiled at him again.

Ye Chen was very uncomfortable.

The atmosphere was soothing when dining, and Ren Jing found a topic, talking and talking, and Ye Chen completely relaxed.

He came to Lanting numerous times, but this is the first time he was nervous.

He can’t say what it feels like. He feels that everything is new tonight, and it’s weird everywhere… The most terrible thing is Ren Jing, always feels that Ren Jing laughs, and he can’t help but bow down to avoid.

He dare not look at Ren Jing as if Pandora’s Box is hidden in his eyes. If he looks at them for too long, he would be tempted to open it.

Ye Chen almost forgot what he was doing tonight, immersed himself in a state of ecstasy, and felt that time pa.s.sed really slowly, and then felt fast for awhile.

Stupefied, until waiter came with a large bouquet of roses.

Ye Chen was completely fascinated. His eyes lit up and he immediately got up and came. His life point to get!

According to the script, this rose is sent by anonymous fans of Ren Jng – this is normal, such a big flim emperor, to be sent flowers by fans is not a trival matter?

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Then Ye Chen can take advantage of the situation…

Ye Chen was lost to death, especially the life point that he was about to get. Ren Jing did not take the initiative to find a topic, so the two people ate extremely embra.s.sed.

The sweet apple pie, which was supposed to be so sweet, was so sour that it couldn’t be eaten at all.

After eating the meal, Ren Jing said: “I will send you home.”

Ye Chen wanted to refuse, but he could not bear the life point, so he could only say: “I will trouble you.”

Silence along the way, the two basically did not talk.

When they arrived at the destination, Ren Jing first got off the car and Ye Chen followed.

Under the thin moonlight, Ye Chen wearing the simplest white shirt is so beautiful that Ren Jing can’t open his eyes.

The doorstep of the house arrived, and Ye Chen completely gave up the struggle. He said feebly: “I will go up.”

“Wait.” Ren Jing shouted at him.

The nightingale looked at him and said: “ls there anything else?”

At this time, a large bouquet of brightly colored roses appeared in the night.

Yang Sen holding the flower, gasped : “It took some time.”

Ren Jing said to him: “I trouble you.’

Yang Sen left, Ren Jing took the bunch of roses and looked at Ye Chen seriously: “This is my first time to send flowers.”

Ye Chen standing on the steps was completely stunned.

There seemed to be a twinkling of stars in Ren Jing’eyes: “Can you accept it?”

Ye Chen froze for half a minute, and the next second he returned to G.o.d, almost robbed of the roses.

At the same time, the sound of the system of death is: “Congratulations, completed the daily task, reward the life point 1.”

Hearing this, the joy is bursting in the chest, and the coners of Ye Chen’s mouth can’t helped but raised. The mood of a cloudy shower all night, came up with countless small flowers at this moment.

Finished and finished!

So happy, happy, happy!

His appearance did not cover, happy and like overflowing. Ren Jing was so excited that his heart beat very fast, he stepped forward, his left hand clasped his back, and kissed his lips sideways.

Oh, the flowers fell on the ground, and Ye Chen opened his eyes wide.

Ren Jing has invaded his mouth and hooked his tongue.

The feeling of crispy and numbness spread all over the body, and Ye Chen felt that he should push him away, but he could not lift his hand.

Being kissed to daze, by the time they parted, Ye Chen’s face was flashed with red

Ren Jing touched his lips again, and Ye Chen finally recovered his strength. He tried to push him away, but unfortunately he saw the people behind him without any effort.

Gu Xi stood in the night, raising his eyebrows and looking at the wall two ha.

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