If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 13

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You don’t really know what it is?

Of course, he knows that after all, he has been made to die by it.Ah, it’s half dead and not alive!

How hard is Ren Jing?

Straight man, how hard you have become such a straight man!

Ye Chen felt that his three views were shaking.

He did not dare to move, and Ren Jing did not dare to move.

He took the thin waist and tried to force him . He wanted to

scare him .

This taste is hard to say. Of course, he can’t say it on the mouth, but somewhere is honest, so he can’t do anything right now.

The posture that the two kept at this time was quite terrible.

Ye Chen is back to the scene, because he was almost wrestled and was

placed on the waist by Ren Jing. He doesn’t know if the buoyancy of the water is too great or the strength of the scene is too big. Anyway, Ye Chen is now floating from the ground. The entire upper body is exposed, and the white skin as beautiful as the silky pearls.

According to the length of the hand on his waist, the owner of the hand is more beautiful. He is behind Ye Chen, and the fascination in a pair of black eyes does not need to be covered. He wants to lean forward and kiss his neck.

At such a critical time, the key is to be an important moment to be embarra.s.sed, and the elder brother is unprecedentedly wit! “The death system, give it to me!” He squinted at the death system.

The death system: “Oh, no, I am not too embarra.s.sed to see.”

Ye Chen: This is a spicy chicken system!

He calmed down and asked: “The touch in the mission is not limited to my hand touch?”

The death system understood, and he was reluctant to say: “No.”

Ye Chen was happy: ” So, as long as it is any part of my body that touches

the abdominal muscles of Ren Jing?”

The death system is not open to Sendao: “Yes, your b.u.t.tock are also OK.”

The power of Ye Chen seems to be overdone, and Ren Jing is stunned by the whole, and even his hand is released.

Now the body part of Ye Chen that is the closest to the sacred muscle is his… Well, the elegant point is the hip.

Ye Chen is relieved.

The death system is not reconciled: “Are you sure you want to do this?You

don’t regret on it later.”

Ye Chen’s focus is: “The contact surface is big, I can’t call eight packs, but…!

….! but now that the head office.”

The death system was underway to bad heart:” To be safe, you’d better move a move, rub rub, this would certainly be able to touch it a hundred percent”!

Ye Chen said: “System, you swear?”

The death system said: “You don’t listen, the task fails, don’t blame me.”

Although he think this spicy chicken is certainly not good, but Ye Chen carefully pondered, he still feels necessary, such a good opportunity to miss again, this task of touching the abdominal muscles is afraid to be yellow!

Ye Chen took a deep breath: “I am up!”

The death system is laughing: “Come on!”

They talked for a long time, but in reality they were just blinking.

Ye Chen was moving. At first, Ren Jing thought that he was going to run. He

couldn’t help but put more force, but who would thought that Ye Chen did not run and leaned back, the two people’s bodies were not in contact, but this is closely attached!

The sleek place was stuck on his lower abdomen…

A sinister fire lit in his heart, and Ren Jing’s hand was uncontrollably become strong.

Ye Chen hurts, and Ren Jing has a strong hold. Whoever thinks that Ye Chen is actually stunned…

The death system look at the show: “If you can’t live, you can’t live.Ren Jing does not push you down. I will write my name backwards! “

He thought that nothing could be done, and he could get back to work.

As a result, the death system seriously overestimated Ren Jing.

Ye Chen grasps the opportunity like a slippery fish, and quickly walks away, far from the great

stick. “Oh…”

The death system is amazed.

When Ye Chen ran far away, he asked him with a rough voice: “How? Fi

nish it!” If it wasn’t finished, he would shake the system to his neck!

The death system is far away from the dazzling Ren Da Ying Emperor, and

his face is angry: it can’t be done! The duck to the mouth can also fly away, and Dad is really breaking your heart!

Ye Chen touched his red face and shouted at him: “Quickly give your father a life!”

Can the death system be smashed? I can only reverse my name… Hey!

“Congratulations, the daily task is completed, rewarding the life point I.”

Ye Chen heard his teeth: “What’s wrong, Are you not happy when I complete the task?”

The death system is smiling: “Happy, so happy!”

This exaggerated expression and more exaggerated tone…

Ye Chen is too lazy to care for him, anyway, he is satisfied,

that is, the lower body is a little hot, all the places that have been in contact with

Ren Jing are hot, especially the thigh, that one by one. At that time, he almost thought that

Ren Jing came in….. Stop and stop! Ye Chen quickly rushed away the yellow waste in his head.

Gu Xi waited for him for a long time. He came out and looked for him: “What’s wrong with you?”

Ye Chrn blushes and looks at him with wet eyes: “What? Nothing!”

Gu Xi stared at him for a long time, sharp: ” Be honest, who were you with?

What is the face? It can’t be of this spring!” It is reasonable to say that Ye Chen should

be with Ren Jing, but Gu Xi first felt that Ye Chen was annoyed, and let the hotspring. And then met someone else.

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Ye Chenwas somewhat guilty, but he had to hold on. He was about to

Ye Chen is also miserable QAQ!

After that, it is very common.

The usual dinner, the usual talk, Ye Chen is naturally not sensitive to the numbers, he listened til he feels sleepy, after a while, secretly went to the hot springs to play games.

After playing for a while, Ye Chen suddenly woke up.

Run, you have to run quickly!

Waiting for Gu Xi and Ren Jing, he is absolutely a pill!

It is not mentioned in the scenery, that is, Gu Xi will also ask him to be a sieve.

At night, a phone call called his manager Xiao Liu, and the two drove home and hurried home.

The death system is too lazy to despise him: run and run, one or two, no more!

Ye Chen didn’t dare to go back to his No. I house (fear that Guxi was

knocking on the door early in the morning) and went directly to the No. 6 house. This place was bought only a while ago. Gu Xi did not know the specific location.

He turned off his mobile phone, rolled his quilt and slept, slept very fast, and

dreamed, but this dream… very colorful.

After waking up, he went to wash his underwear silently.

The death system said: “There is no thief in the thief.”

Ye Chen screamed and shouted : “Can you see my dream?”

The death system: “Do I need to? Guess and guess, it is definitely a follow-up to the hot spring. Ren Jing gives…’ The banned words are omitted here.

Ye Chen sighed. It seems that he really is unable to see his dream. He really dreamed of the hot spring follow-up, but it was not so explosive, at most… it was kissed, then… um… touched it… stop and stop! YE Chencontinued to wash the underwear carefully.

“Busy” in the morning, when Ye Chen snacks to eat breakfast, ask the system: “What is the task today?” This tone is like a successful wind and waves, facing

the successful people in life.

The death system: “It’s not time yet.”

Ye Chen thought about it: “I said, can you not keep on watching the scene?”

The death system said : “Do you want to kiss and hold high with others?”

Ye Chen said,:”What? I didn’t say anything.”

The death system showed a satisfied smile.

Ye Chen thought about it, and he was not willing to ask: “Why do you

want to lock in the scene at the beginning?”


The death syatem is about to speak, but soon sighed with gloating.

Ye Chen suddenly had a bad feeling.

The death system: “Daily mission: Please let Ren Jing send you ninety-nine roses.”

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