If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 12

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Ye Chen is like a chicken: ‘Are you kidding me?!’

The death system said: ‘This system never kids.”

Ye Chen: “Go to your..”

The death system: “I don’t have a sister.”

Ye Chen: @@#¥@@#%¥¥

The death system whistle.

After Ye Chen had sneaked a sneak peek , it still didn’t deflate: “You didn’t say that I have to touch the eight packs in the morning!”

The dead system said: “I didn’t say that you only need to touch one piece.”

Ye Chen to summed up: “…….”

The death system summed up: “Quiet blame, there is nothing to do with the long eight-pack abs?”

This can also blame Ren Jing? This shameless death system!

Ye Chen suffocates and has liver pain.

If it is just an accidental touch, it is absolutely no problem to hand the towel like that. He is sure to let Ren Jing notices nothing.

But touching eight pieces…

This is not something that can be solved unexpectedly! If it is okay to touch the back, he can say that is to help rubbing back, but is there a service for rubbing the abdominal muscles? This is already very special, can be called special service!

Ye Chen is worried, do I want to give up this task?

The inventory that he managed to get, just gave up? Impossible! Besides, the task of tomorrow morning will not be pitted? What if it is more pitted? At that time, he was only a few hours away. It was nat as rich as it is now. If it was not completed at that time…

Ye Chen screamed and felt like eating the pills.

He swayed and saw Gu Xi at the door.

Ye Chen now has a hatred with the abdominal muscles: “When did you get it?”

Even Gu Xi has abdominal muscles, and this day can’t be over!

Gu Xi glanced at him with a good intention: ‘Am I so lazy like you?’

Ye Chen was quite dissatisfied. What was wrong with laziness? A piece of abdominal muscles is king! If someone’s task is to touch his abdominal muscles, it will be done in minutes! What about these spicy chickens? Six or eight pieces, is this not a dead person?

Gu Xi poked his hand and poked him. He laughed and said: “You can be really soft, like marshmallow.”

Ye Chen is itchy and shrinks: “Soft fart, Laozi goes back to fitness.’

Gu Xidao: “Don’t, keep it as it is, your old Gong will definitely touch you and want to eat you.”

Ye Chen was disgusted by him: “Old Gong a ghost!’

Guxi smirked: “Don’t worry, always meet the person, you little virgin.”

Ye Chen was silent.

The death system said : ‘Oh’

Ye Chen is not a virgin anymore, and it’s awkward to avoid this topic.

Because the time is still early, they all plan to go to the hot spring for a while.

Nanshan Hot Spring has a lot of pools, hundreds of large and small.

Ye Chen directly rent it, so it was very empty, but because of the excellent scenery, there was a bit of fun in the misty.

In order to touch the abdominal muscles, the room arranged by Ye Chen is adjacent to Ren Jing, and Gu Xi is adjacent to Ye Chen, so the hot spring pool behind the small courtyard is the same.

When Ye Chen and Gu Xi walked oven Ren Jing had already been in the pool.

They are about to approach, and Gu Xi suddenly stopped.

Ye Chen looked at him: “What happened to you?”

Gu Xi said: “I. um… go to the bathroom.”

Ye Chen gave him a blank eye: ‘What did you do early?”

Gu Xi did not reply him, slipping away flying fast.

Ye Chen has not noticed anything. When the people left, he realized that his life is to be alone with Ren Jing. ? ?

Is Gu Xi really going to the bathroom? Actually not, he is a natural bend, and he is more thorough than Ye Chen.

Although he has no special interest in Renjing, his personality is also good. Even a good man with a beautiful wife and a child sees the first s.e.xy in history, the big beauty stripping clothes in front of them will also have X impulses .

Gu Xi is a normal man, he was shocked by the scene just now.

d.a.m.n, Ren Jing’s body is really good for his mother!

For his own f.u.c.king, he still avoids it!

Besides, he is a GAY, and he has already come out of the cabinet. It is estimated that the scene will be uncomfortable.

As for Ye Chen? He is fine, his s.e.xual orientation has never been exposed.

However Gu Xi feels that Ye Chen is 80%, and the kid is the most annoying. It is true that he is so uncomfortable.

Ye Chen really wanted to run, but… he couldn’t run for a while.

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He…he had to ask the big film emperor to give him the abdominal muscles to touch QAQ…

Ren Jing: He tried to calm his voice: “It’s okay.”

Ye Chen heard him and his ear itch, couldn’t help but scratch it and said: ” How long has it been practiced?” Ren Jing said: ‘Compare to me when I was in junior high school is skinny, in order not to be bullied, I insisted on always exercise.”

“Junior high school…’ Ye Chen was a little sad. When he was in junior high school, he was still quite tall. He was a school tyrant, but why is it worse for him? If he knew that there will be today, he would have definitely exercise hard!

Ye Chen paused his thoughts, trying to change the subject to “track” on by: “Abdominal training is hard, right?”

Flim Emperor laughed at:. “Fortunately, proper diet with reasonable exercise, not hard”

Is not difficult to have Ghost! Ye Chen didn’t believe it. He continued to turn the subject: “I can’t do it…”

Ren Jing’s brain is filled with his flat, smooth belly and charming waistline. He thinks that the one-handed touch is very low: ‘You are very good now.” It was so good, so he would like to hold it again now.

Ye Chen thought that he was talking couteous words, but he couldn’t help but feel a little bit good.

He felt very happy to talk to Ren Jing, and he couldn’t help but be a little bigger. His eyes turned and forced to pull the subject: ‘You see, I don’t have it, so I am very curious, this belly, abdominal muscles… it, it is hard is it?’ The abdominal muscles are not too hard, and there is a place where he is hard to say.

Ye Chen blinked hix eyes, blushing spoke up: “Can I, I

While he was speaking, someone came: “What are you here ah go eat ?.’

Ye Chen: “…..”

Flim Emperor : “…….”

A producer who accidentally walked in was cold on the back: What happened? Why are you swearing? What did he do wrong? ?

A producer made a black question mark, and he snorted: ‘l will go first, you come slowly!”

How come slowly?

Ye Chen and the miraculous brain circuit of Ren Jing are consistent.

Ye Chen is like a deflated ball. It takes time to get courage, and there is no time to give him energy.

He said: “Let’s go, let’s go eat.” He said he was about to get up.

He didn’t soak for a long time, the water temperature was not too hot, but maybe he thought too much when he was soaking, and he was always nervous, so when he gets up he actually black out…

The voice of Ren Jing came from behind: “Be careful.”

When he said that it was too late, Ren Jing grasped his waist and pulled him into his arms.

Ye Chen stabilized hus body and was trying to thank him, but the whole person was stunned because he felt something in a hard state.

What is it that poke of his thigh!

I wonder what it is. He stil hasn’t touched the abdominal muscles. I don’t think we will meet again in this week. I need to study afterall. Postive feedbacks are welcomed.

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