If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 11

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Touch! Touching the abdominal muscles?

Ye Chen : “My grandfather!”

The death system: “Your taste is really heavy.”

Ye Chen sighs want to remove the system.

The death system comforts the white brothers and brothers: “You should be thankful, fortunately, there are abdominal muscles in Ren Jing, or “

Ye Chen licked his mouth and pumped it: “Doesn’t he have abdominal muscles, my mission will not be finished?” ”

The death system: ‘You can consider helping him to make abdominal muscles within 24 hours.”

Ye Chen dissatified: “A piece of abdominal muscles is also good as abdominal muscles!”

The death system: “Like you?”

Ye Chen : People are hard to tear down, big brother!

The system also afraid that after over stimulation host shame suicide, in slowed tone: “This task is not difficult, and a touch on the abdominal muscles between straight men and not sprouting sister who touched each other almost chest thing?”

Ye Chen is not moved: “You also said that it is a ‘straight man” He stressed the tone of the latter two words.

The death system to clear the suspicion: “Ren Jing is a straight man, you can also be a straight man.”

Ye Chen: “How do you feel that you are fooling me?”

The death system: “How dare I? Smile.”

The smile that he read is too unscrupulous! !

Ye Chen couldn’t sleep, he got up and washed, and he brushed his electric toothbrush into his mouth: he couldn’t give up this task. He couldn’t easily have inventory, and he couldn’t waste it the next day.

It’s too bad to think about the death at 9:55, and you can’t get stuck in that strange circle.

Abdominal muscles… Touch…

Speaking of it, he seems to have touched it?

Well, Ye Chen’s face was red and red, and after washing his mouth, he washed his face with cold water.

After washing his face, Ye Chen looked at himself in the mirror and cheered: “Come on! You can do it!”

These days, Ren Jing did not send him a WeChat, and Ye Chen took out his mobile phone and turned it around for a long time. Poke, hesitate to hesitate.

The death system came up with a sentence: “Let’s give it a shot, not to mention the abdominal muscles, even XX has beentouched.’

Ye Chen faintly said: “Are you giving me 1 00,000 life points?” To be true, he really doesn’t mind. Going to strengthen the position, anyway… that was once.

The deathsystem: ‘You ya.”

“Rolling roll,” Ye Chen rolled his eyes: ‘! We did not jerk”

Ye Chen tangled for a long time, he finally sent a letter last micro-: ‘? “Are you free today”

Ye Chen quickly received a reply, but it wasn’t Ren Jing’s: “h.e.l.lo, Mr. Ye Chen, Jing Ge is in a meeting. You can tell me anything about it. When he comes out. I will tell him.’

Ye Chen threw the phone, not very happy: What time is it going to meet? I am not busy with you.

Ye Chen had to go to dinner first. He just finished eating and the phone rang.

Looking down, Ye Chen almost didn’t lie.

Why did you call? Go back to WeChat!

Ye Chen didn’t want to talk to Renjing, but considering that there are people asking for it now, then… Ye Chen answered.

The voice of Ren Jing is as always, it makes people feel awkward: ‘ls there something?”

Ye Chen said : “Nothing.”

On the other side of the phone, Ren Jing raised his mouth and whispered: “l saw the WeChat you sent me “

Ye Chen quickly said: “Do you have any arrangements today?”

Ren Jing ignored Yang Sen’s pile of “to do” and seriously said: “Nothing.’

Hearing the sound of Yang Sen’s mouth .

Ye Chen sighed with relief: “That’s great.” Ren Jing wanted to say that he want to meet, and

Ye Chen first said: “This is the case, “First Love” is about to start shooting, Gu Xi wants to ask the whole group to go to the hot springs, so I want to ask your time schedule.’

Ren Jing took a moment, but he quickly asked: “At night?”

Ye Chen decided: “Yes, at night!”

Ren Jing looked at Yang Sen, Yang Sen was seen by him. It’s not clear.

However Ren Jing soon laughed and laughed to the death: ‘Well, I am waiting for you.”

Waiting for me, why should I wait for Gu Xi! Ah, it’s not right, you can’t wait for Gu Xi, Ye Chen’s brain is knotted, and the mouth is still stuttering: “See you at night.” Then he hurriedly hang up the phone.

Ren Jing looked at the phone as if he could see the red cheeks on the screen.

He couldn’t help but smiled, and Yang Sen wanted to shun the house. The sour smell of love, do you want to abuse the single dog?

Ren Jing asked Yang Sen: “At night, Gu Xi is about to make a meal together to eat?”

Yang Sen said: “Yes, just set.”

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Ren Jing mouth corner smile become wider.

Ye Chen pretends to be inadvertently: “What’s wrong?”

Ren Jing in the hot spring paused.

Ye Chen explained: “I just pa.s.sed by, Yang Sen is not here”

Ren Jing said: “I don’t have a bath towel here.”

Ye Chen quickly said: “Wait, let me go and get it for you.”

Ren Jing said: ‘Good.”

Ye Chen had a bath towel in his hand, but he pretended to go next door. Then run back and knock on the door.

Ren Jing opened the door for him .

Although Ye Chen was psychologically prepared, he still took a deep breath, and people were really mad at people.

Even if you grow taller, your body is still so good. It’s really unreasonable!

Ye Chen didn’t dare to look at it and handed the bath towel out.

Because the two were close, his fingers hidden under the bath towel inadvertently touched the belly of Ren Jing.

Unblocked contact has become!

It’s so smooth!

Ye Chen gave him a bath towel and turned around, a heart pounding, not knowing whether it was excited or nervous.

“How is it?” Ye Chen asked the system, “What about my life?”

The death system: “The mission is not completed, where is the life point?”

Ye Chen barked suddenly: “I obviously came across! And it is a direct touch! “

The death system faintly said: “You are met, but Ren Jing does not only have a piece of abdominal muscles.”

Ye Chen widen his eyes:

The death system said: ‘Touch the abdominal muscles it is eight pieces to touch.”

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