If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 100 - Side Story (9) - The Textbook of ‘Scheming Sun' and ‘Tsundere Fish'.

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Chapter 100 - Side Story (9) – The Textbook of ‘Scheming Sun’ and ‘Tsundere Fish’.

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Sure enough, Yu Xingzhe persisted, “I wanted to go to Paris—on my own will—to grow up more, it has nothing to do with that. Do you think I’m such a scaredy-cat that I’d run away just because of such a thing? How ridiculous!”

SUN immediately understood the moment he heard Yu Xingzhe’s words.

Yu Xingzhe was the kind of person who wouldn’t feel comfortable changing his living environment.

He was like a languid kitten which should be pampered and loved by everyone. He should also live in his comfort zone where he could enjoy coziness and feel content.

Yet, Yu Xingzhe suddenly left home and lived alone in an unknown environment. He wouldn’t have done this if not for having been stimulated so badly.

This could only mean one thing: Yu Xingzhe truly liked Ye Chen. He threw away his comfortable life and went to an unfamiliar place because he was afraid he would hurt Ye Chen.

Yu Xingzhe’s decision to leave country Z was the most painful thing to do, at least for him.

Despite that, he had left resolutely.

SUN’s heart sank. He said, “You should rest earlier. I’ll leave in a minute.”

Yu Xingzhe responded with a grunt, still in low spirits.

SUN said, “Good night.”

Although Yu Xingzhe was a little angry, exchanging greetings (with SUN) had grown to be a habit, thus he said sincerely, “Good night.”

Noticing that, SUN’s heart softened a lot. He turned off the lights and adjusted the air conditioner’s setting properly before he turned around and left.

Once he returned home, Yu Xingzhe was praised endlessly by everyone.

For example…

“Little Zhe has grown more and more handsome!”

“It looks like you’re taking good care of your body, too. You must have exercised regularly, haven’t you?”

“I heard that he’s pretty remarkable in his studies, too!”

“He has been involved in company management even at such a young age!”

Mother Yu and Mother Ye were close friends. They also have similar traits, such as treasuring their children dearly.

Mother Yu made modest remarks, “He’s a youngster, after all. A little tidying up here and there is enough to make him look very handsome.” My Zhe Zhe is the most handsome of all, after all.

“This boy has always loved to exercise.” Zhe Zhe unexpectedly works out now, Paris is truly such a miraculous place.

“That’s what learning is all about. This boy is just a bit more quick-witted.” He’s not just remarkable in studies, alright? He’s incredibly remarkable! My Zhe Zhe has gotten the first prize scholarship!

“Since when is he involved with managing the company? His brother is just finding some easy task for him to practice on.” He’s not just involved in managing the company, he directly manages it! Zhe Zhe is the president!

Mother Yu was extremely overjoyed. In fact, she didn’t demand a lot from Yu Xingzhe, she only wanted him to live comfortably. Still, Old Yu’s relatives were too intimidating. In the past 18 years, Yu Xingzhe had always been delicate. When they heard that he went abroad and then returned after k2018;winning success and recognition’, they were all truly overwhelmed!

If it was Yu Xingzhe from the past, he would feel very pleased right now.

Being flattered endlessly like this, he would probably have gotten so c.o.c.ky he would fly to the sky soon.

But now, Yu Xingzhe simply smiled, looked around, and showed some courtesy. He looked appropriately elegant, but actually felt very diffident inside.

When the Ye Family arrived, Ye Chen’s fair-skinned and tiny face appeared before him. Yu Xingzhe could feel his heart skip a beat.

SUN who was standing outside cast a quick glance at Yu Xingzhe.

The two families met and exchanged greetings. Mother Ye naturally wasn’t so stingy as to keep praising Yu Xingzhe.

Others wouldn’t notice it, but SUN could tell. Yu Xingzhe was so nervous that his back was perfectly straight. The smile on his lips was too forced. He kept avoiding eye contact, like he wanted to look at Ye Chen, yet at the same time didn’t dare to.

Ye Chen took the initiative to greet Yu Xingzhe, “Brother Zhe, long time no see.”

The moment Yu Xingzhe heard Ye Chen calling him ‘Brother Zhe’, the tip of his ears turned slightly red. He clearly paused for a moment before replying in an indifferent tone, “Mn, long time no see.”

Yu Xingzhe didn’t look into Ye Chen’s eyes when he spoke. Ye Chen seemed to be somewhat disappointed and wanted to say a few more words to him, but Yu Xingzhe couldn’t stay around Ye Chen any longer, so he turned around and went to where his father was.

Father Yu and Father Ye were chatting about economic and political issues. Since Yu Xingzhe had been taken care of (more like being disciplined) by SUN, he was more or less influenced by him and had his own views on these issues… Well, they were SUN’s views.

The two fathers found what Yu Xingzhe said rather interesting, thus they happily dragged him along to join their ‘gang’. The three men chatted quite joyfully.

Poor Ye Chen didn’t know even a single thing about these topics, thus he couldn’t keep up with their conversations at all. He could only stand there pitifully.

Actually, Yu Xingzhe wasn’t much interested in these things. Firstly, he didn’t dare to talk too much to Ye Chen. Secondly, he was a human, after all; he subconsciously wanted to show off, especially in front of ‘the person he liked’. Yu Xingzhe used to know nothing about these things, too, but now he was an ‘elite returning home’. Being able to show off in front of Ye Chen for a while didn’t sound bad at all.

As a result, Yu Xingzhe decided to speak with fervor and conviction to both fathers. Ye Chen became more puzzled the more he listened to them, completely baffled from beginning to end.

SUN who observed from afar could understand very well that Ye Chen didn’t like Yu Xingzhe. They were not suitable to be together, either.

Soon, the dinner party ended and Yu Xingzhe didn’t get the chance to see Ye Chen anymore.

SUN considerately asked Yu Xingzhe, “Shall I make an appointment for you to meet with Mr. Ye?”

It would have been better if SUN didn’t ask, because now that he already did…

Yu Xingzhe promptly replied, “No, no, no! I won’t meet him!”

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SUN said, “It isn’t everyday you return home. You should have a get-together as friends.”

Another example was when SUN accidentally quoted an example of how ‘a lot of brothers fall out with each other after confessing’.

SUN even hinted at one of the Ye Family’s problems, such as Old Man Ye who was in poor health. If he knew that his obedient grandson was going out with a man, it might infuriate him.

In short, all kinds of Yu Xingzhe’s views were silently altered by SUN.

Did it work?

It worked pretty well.

About one year later, Yu Xingzhe suddenly told SUN, “I don’t think I could go on like this.”

SUN pretended that he didn’t understand. He simply smiled tenderly and said, “Hm?”

Yu Xingzhe, “I want to completely forget about Ye Chen and leave this feeling behind. I mustn’t ruin Ye Chen’s life!”

SUN’s smile extended into his eyes. His pair of azure eyes were bright and clear like the blue sky.

Seeing that, Yu Xingzhe was stunned that he nearly forgot what he was about to say.

SUN said warmly, “Don’t worry, take your time.”

Yu Xingzhe inexplicably felt his heart thump for a moment. He averted his gaze and said, “In any case, that’s it. I’m sure I could do it!”

SUN didn’t say anything in response. He simply leaned over Yu Xingzhe.

Yu Xingzhe couldn’t help but lean backwards.

SUN took Yu Xingzhe’s cellphone from beside his leg and said softly, “It’s out of battery, let me charge it for you.”

So he’s thinking of taking my cellphone… Right, otherwise, what else was he about to do?

Has Old Yu truly been enlightened?

Did SUN’s ‘perfect’ plan truly work that well?


A month later, Yu Xingzhe accepted a pa.s.sionate confession from a foreign girl.

Yu Xingzhe: What is the way to get over this feeling quickly? SUN told me that starting a new relationship is the quickest way!

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