If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 10

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Today’s luck is really good, Ye Chen is beautiful!

He blinked and asked: ‘Are you booking a table?”

Ren Jing’s serious nonsense: “No.”

Ye Chen said: “Lang Ting is hard to book! if you haven’t booked yet, it is for sure no table.”

Ren Jing’s face is difficult: ‘This way.”

Ye Chen said warmly: “Would you like to share the table?”

Ren Jing said: “Wouldn’t it bother you too much?”

Ye Chen said: “How come? Xiao Liu doesn’t like to eat with me, more people are better together.”

Ren Jing smiled: “Then I pay for the meal.”

Ye Chen puts a hand: “No, it’s fine.”

Ren Jing said ‘That’s too embarra.s.sing.”

Ye Chen frowns: “Don’t be so polite.’

Ren Jing’s eyes are all smiles: “I want to ask you.’

Ye Chen ears trembled, but he didn’t think too much. Ren Jing was originally a person who would come to the event, and the initiative to treat guests is normal.

The elevator stopped and arrived to the first floor.

Xiao Liu hurriedly said: “I am going to get the car.”

Yang Sen also said the same thing.

Both Ye Chen and Ren Jing should have arrived.

However, Xiao Liu hurriedly ran out, and a phone call hit Lan Ting: “Hey, help me book a table!”

“Mr. Liu, this time, we have been ..”

“The temporary table is also OK, please be sure to help!”

Although Xiao Liu did not know why Ye Chan wanted to invite Ren Jing to eat, but as a 360-degree uintimate a.s.sistant, it is necessary to get this done.

The call is very embarra.s.sing.

But at the same time, Yang Sen also dialed Lan Ting’s manager’s phone: “Trouble you to concel the booking.”

“Okay, this will be handled for you.’

Anxious Xiao Liu waited for the reply.

“What a coincidence, Mr. Liu, just now a guest has canceled the table, I will book it for you.”

Xiao Liu said, luck is good, or else he will lose face and lose his hair, he quickly said: ‘Thank you, thank you! ”

After the get, Xiao Liu sent a message Ye Chen, Ye Chen sent back to his thumb.

Going outside the door, Ye Chen must be in a car with Ren Jing, but he is embarra.s.sed to speak.

Hesitant for a long time, Ren Jing proposed: “How about we go together?”

Ye Chen eyes brightened.

Either King raised his mouth slightly, giving him find the steps and said: “Anyway, to the same place, no need to waste.”

Chen brother down the stairs began jumping tap down. “Yes, yes, frugality is good moral character”

Yang Sen driving, Xiao Liu took the co-pilot, Ren Jing and Ye Chen sat behind the car.

Ren Jing’s car is quite s.p.a.cious, with a double seat in the back and a small coffee table in the middle, with some doc.u.ment: surface book.

Ye Chen disagreed: “I see things in the car and hurt my eyes.”

Ren Jing: “Well, I won’t see it later.”

Ye Chen always felt that his tone was strange, but he couldn’t say anything strange, but people were so obedient themselves. It is not good to say more.

In a very s.p.a.cious s.p.a.ce, Ye Chen sat a little nervous.

Ren Jing opened, soothing voices washed the nerves like water: “You performed very well today.”

Ye Chen stayed a bit .

Ren Jing said: ‘You don’t have to deliberately cooperate with the lens. If you do your own, the lens will follow you.”

Ye Chen only reacted: Oh, it’s a trial… cough.

After a sigh of relief, he was a little excited: “Guxi is almost smashing me into a dog, saying that my face is like a Iayer of mud stiff like a statue.”

Ren Jing said: ‘l feel very good, very ‘He paused, did not say cute, just said, ‘very infectious.’

He said that the truth is true, he is fascinated, it can be said that it is very infectious.

My brother has never been praised in this life. For a time, I was a little embarra.s.sed: “Yes, okay.”

Ren Jing said a few warm voices, generally speaking skills.

In fact, Gu Xi and Ye Chen have said many times, but Gu Xi’s tone is “houhouhou”, and then began to “mamama”.

At night the left ear went into the right ear , the rest of the night left a bit of sound word.

Ren Jing said this and boasted that it is not too pleasant.

Ye Chen is very useful, and the mood of the first two a.s.sistants is quite complicated.

Xiao Liu: You have a acting skills, and you are not afraid to go to see the ophthalmology.

Yang Sen: This filter is thick enough to run through the heart!

The conversation on the road was very pleasant. After arriving at Lan Ting, Ye Chan was dedicated to picking up expensive dishes and vowed to thank Renjing.

When he finished the meal, he asked Ren Jing: “Drinking?”

Ren Jing: “No, there is work in the afternoon.”

Ye Chen suddenly disappointed: “ls there a job?”

He was afraid that his eight-hour mission could not be completed, but it fell.

In the eyes of others, especially in the eyes of Ren Jing, he became: he was reluctant to be separated from him.

Haven’t eaten dessert yet, Ren Jing is feeling sweet.

Yang Sen was afraid that the main character would be stunned and whispered.

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Ren Jing explained: “It is about half a month to take a publicity photo for Far. It is not appropriate.”

I have known that Ren Jing is very good, but I did not expect to see this.

This kind of promo film is a temperament.

Ye Chen was just a casual look at first. but after a glance. it was already half past three!

When Ren Jing’s work was over, he was wearing a dark suit and his eyebrows had been decorated. The delicate appearance became deep and s.e.xy, his eyes moved down slightly, and it looked like. let him see the human heart jump out. .

Ye Chen is here!

Ren Jing smiled at him: “Wait for me, I will remove makeup.”

Can Ye Chen speak? No, he can’t open his mouth, and the heart is really coming out!

Ren Jing went to change clothes, and it was only after half a day that he came back.

“What time?”

Xiao Liu honestly said: “Three thirty-five.”

At this moment, the sound of the death system sounded: “Congratulations, completed the weekly mission, reward the life point I.”

Completed ! What are you still doing here? Ye Chen took a deep breath and let the heart return to the ground and then ran.

Xiao Liu quickly said: “Don’t say h.e.l.lo to Ren Jing?” Ye Chen said: “This is handed over to you, I will go first!”

Ye Chen ran halfway and was heard.

Gu Xi came to stop: “Hey brother? You come to see me? is there a good thing with wood? I have been hungry for three days!”

Ye Chen said: “Brothers cheer, I am a little urgent, come again the next day and look at you.”

Gu Xi said: ” Hey , why did you just come and leave?”

Ye Chen was so guilty that he was full of minds. He felt that he was so bad, and he couldn’t care too much with his friends.

Now, if you leave a car key, you will run fast: “When you take the car, you can do it all the time.”

The thief of his dog friend, in order to hone his son, buckle the car, purely let him eat .

When Gu Xi looked at the car key, he suddenly felt good: ‘Hey brother walks slowly! Come back soon~~~”

Ye Chen came home all the way, and after opening the air conditioner, the whole heart calmed down.

However, he still has some heartbeat acceleration, carefully recalling the eight hours, he is somewhat square. How do you feel so strange?

Ren Jing was put on the pigeons again, but he was not angry at all, and he was in a good mood.

Ye Chen is too shy, but nothing, slowly, he waited for so long, patient.

Ye Chen stunned and slept for a day, and the next day was woken up by the system.

“Daily mission…”

Ye Chen ignores, brother is also a person with two life points! One b.u.t.ton will not die.

The system finished the words: ‘Touch the abdominal muscles of Ren Jing, pay attention, must be direct contact, can not have any block.”

Ye Chen is sober.

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