If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 1

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Chapter One

The summer sun leapt from the hotel’s thick curtain gap and landed on a fair slender leg.

The master's leg was thin, the delicate skin was exposed in the dark s.p.a.ce, like the beautiful pearls on the black velvet, white and dazzling.

He slept heavily; his hair fell, and covered his smooth forehead, making his face look smaller.

When the naughty sunshine moved slowly upwards and fell on his waist, he seemed to dream of something. His eyebrows wrinkled.

The next moment, he suddenly opened his eyes.

Ye Chen stayed full for half a minute. He couldn’t move his body. It seemed that all the senses were concentrated on the waist. Accurately speaking, it was concentrated in the hot hands.

The images of last night swept like a tide, and Ye Chen couldn’t help but burst: “f.u.c.k!”

He slept with Ren Jing! d.a.m.n it! The point is that he also enjoyed it!

This is outrageous!

Ye Chen thought of the scenes that are not appropriate for children, the more he thinks the more it became a horror film.

He couldn’t stay for a minute or so. He quietly moved out of bed, when his foot landed on the floor he suddenly took a breath.

Pain, an incomprehensible place hurts him and made him break into a cold sweat.

What a beast! That big thing! You didn't have to do a lot of things like that!

Ye Chen's selective amnesia is in place, and he is completely unaware that he was confusedly shouting for this 'big thing' last night.

He endured the pain and dressed, his head was brushing the barrage: pain and pain, when he was a child and his mother punished him he didn’t feel so much pain in the a.s.s!

It wasn’t easy to get acquainted, and the mobile phone vibrated a few times.

He picked it up and took it with a deep breath: “Hey!”

In the phone came a rather beautiful voice: “What, did you not sleep well?”

Ye Chen lowered his voice and said, “f.u.c.k! d.a.m.n you!”

“Well, what’s the situation? Didn’t you have a good time last night? I think you drank a lot.”

Ye Chen seriously said: “You know I drank too much. Did you look for someone to send me home?”

"Looked for it, Ren Jing and you are in the same community. He just happens to go. So I let him…"

Ye Chen: “…” Mother! Basically, you can’t make friends with GuXi, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

Ye Chen angrily hung up the phone, quickly wore his shoes and ran away.

Unfortunately, this momentum is only supported up to the parking lot. After sitting in the car, he suffered a pain.

It’s terrible. How can you make such a big thing come in?

Ye Chen thought about it all, and he swears: If he gets drunk again then he is a puppy!

After making an oath, he felt that it was not good enough. Then he made his circle of friends bear witness to his motivation.

In a matter of seconds, here’s a series of responses:

Bad friend A: Puppy Good morning.

Bad friend B: Puppy Good morning.

Bad friend C: Puppy Good morning


After repeating a dozen or more, Ye Chen turned off his mobile phone in grief and indignation. He started the car and went away.

When Ye Chen had just gone, the man who had slept had opened his eyes. There was no drowsiness in the black eyes. All were sober and calm.

Ye Chen drove all the way to the road. At the moment, there were not many cars on the road. He was stunned, he fiercely hit the accelerator, and he drove his beautiful sports car to a crazy speed.

The thrill of riding a car made him feel much better, and he felt that what happened last night did not matter. He was just bitten by a dog and all is in the past.

Just thinking so, he suddenly saw a small white flower in front of him.

A kitten?

A kitten on a road?

Ye Chen's pupils slammed, the cha.s.sis of the sports car was very low, and it was almost sticking to the ground. He drove past the small cat.

Although it is a small animal, it can’t die so injustice!

Ye Chen is still very confident about his driving skills. He must slow down first, and then he must lay down the steering wheel a bit, and he can surely pa.s.s around successfully. Now that there are no cars in both lanes, he doesn’t have to worry about coming back.

When he was anxious about it, he had a sudden move at the steering wheel.

Unfortunately, it was already too late. The sensitivity of the steering wheel was unusually high. Even though he hit the brakes, the car slammed straight into the guardrail at the roadside.

The airbag exploded quickly and Ye Chen's sight flashed white and then black.

There is only one sentence left in his head: death, no doubt.

The key to death is very ugly…

After a very long and very brief pause, Ye Chen opened his eyes.

He calmly stopped at the side of the road, the car was extinguished, the fence was intact, and the frightened kitten squealed and shouted.

Ye Chen can’t return to G.o.d for a long time.

He… did not die?

Didn’t the car hit the guardrail? Didn’t he rush down the hill? Shouldn’t he just roll over to die?

Is he dreaming?

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Ye Chen frowned and walked off.

Ye Chen: “…”

"Tips 3: The time limit is ten minutes. After the timeout, you will return to the car and fly out of the guardrail."

Although it is still unclear what exactly is going on, the last sentence of this ghostly thing is deeply stimulating the Ye Chen.

The taste of death, he did not want to taste again.

Ye Chen: “Liu, turn around!”

Xiao Liu: “Ah?”

Ye Chen: “Go to Manloa.”

Xiao Liu was dumbfounded, in broad daylight going to a hotel to do what?

The car rushed to the hotel and Ye Chen asked.

“Is it you who saved me?”


“Who are you?”


Ye Chen: “…system?”

“My name is 'if you don't fall in love, you'll die' system. You can also use my nickname.”

Ye Chen: “Nick…name?”

“Death system.”

Ye Chen: “…”

Changing to ‘death system’ seems a bit easier.

“Friendship reminder, you still have five minutes.”

Just as the car drove into the parking lot, Ye Chen did not delay the time. After he got out of the car, he went straight to the 27th floor.

When he rang the doorbell, he could not help but ask, “Why is the task to kiss Ren Jing?”

He thought that the system would not tell him but then the system answered sincerely: “Because he looks handsome.”

When the door opened and Ye Chen looked up at Ren Jing, he had to admit that what the death system said was the truth.


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